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The Peter Serafinowicz Show  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: The Peter Serafinowicz Show
Video type: TV Series
A series of sketches by British comedian Peter Serafinowicz
Series cast summary:
Peter Serafinowicz Peter Serafinowicz - Various 7 episodes, 2007-2008
Paul Putner Paul Putner - Various 7 episodes, 2007-2008
Belinda Stewart-Wilson Belinda Stewart-Wilson - Various 7 episodes, 2007-2008
Bronagh Gallagher Bronagh Gallagher - Various 6 episodes, 2007
Alex Lowe Alex Lowe - Various 6 episodes, 2007
Catherine Shepherd Catherine Shepherd - Various 6 episodes, 2007
Sanjeev Kohli Sanjeev Kohli - Various 4 episodes, 2007
Benedict Wong Benedict Wong - Various 4 episodes, 2007
Sarah Alexander Sarah Alexander - Various 2 episodes, 2007
Matt Berry Matt Berry - Various 2 episodes, 2007
Lewis Macleod Lewis Macleod - Various 2 episodes, 2007
Chris Obi Chris Obi - Various 2 episodes, 2007

Unlike most sketch comedy shows, this one does not use a laugh track. However, the BBC added them for the "Best Of" and "Christmas" specials.

Peter Serafinowicz and Kevin Macleod both provided voices in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" (1999) for Darth Maul and Sebulba, respectively.

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    I don't laugh out loud at comedies very often. Whether its a TV show or film I tend to enjoy and chuckle than in fits of laughter. Oh how that changed last night when I watched The Peter Serafinowicz Show. It started of gently and I enjoyed the first few sketches. As I was watching the Al Pachino Sketch came on.... I haven't cried with laughter at something for a long time but I was in bits. I won't spoil the sketch but believe me its hilarious! A great show well worth sitting down and watching on a Thurs Night.. Well Done BBC for picking up a fresh and original comedy show!!!

    I am hoping the trend of exec's at TV channels continue to wade through the drivel that is on YouTube etc in order to find real gems.
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    I signed up for this site just to comment as the only other comment here says this show is rubbish. I haven't laughed at anything on TV as much as I laughed at this for years. Ringo Remembers Goldfinger, Poison Sockets, A Guide to Modern Life, Butterfield Direct, Kitchen Gun, Clone House...I could go on and on about my favourites. He is amazingly observant, and his impressions are frighteningly accurate. Anyone who has watched Look Around You will definitely get this. There are a few sketches are, let's say, hit or miss. Like Michael-6, you either get that or you don't.But I would highly recommend watching this show! He is definitely a real talent.
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    I can not express how impressed, blown away, and inspired I was by viewing some of the skits from Peter Serafinowicz Show on YOUTUBE. I think the actors and skits are incredible!! Like some of the other reviews mentioned,"I HARLDY EVER LAUGH OUT LOUD FROM TELEVISION SHOWS But this show made me literally laugh out loud!!" Each skit is just as impressive and funny as the other. I read one guys "bad" review and got so upset I had to join IMD just to comment because I cannot comprehend how some one cannot even chuckle at anything that this man does. I am so use to watching the same plain and stale comedy that when I watched these skits they had my full attention because I didn't know where it was going to take me and I knew I was in store for a fun journey with a lot of laughs. Each one is in a playful happy mood that is enjoyable to watch and laugh at, not mean spirited.

    FINAL REVIEW: Great actors,Great comedy show!
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    Peter Serafinowicz is an extremely talented guy. I wasn't aware of how good he is at comedy until I watched this show. The range of characters he plays are nearly all hilarious and superbly acted. The sketches are a mixed bag - ranging from good to brilliant. There are plenty of standout characters that really stick in the mind.

    Sadly, the show wasn't given a second series. I can only guess it failed due to lack of publicity and the time it aired. The BBC really should have given it a second chance, because it's an excellent show, that deserved a chance to attract a big audience.

    It will now be seen as a very very cult classic. I can only hope that Peter gets another chance to front a comedy sketch show.
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    I just started watching and peter is so funny and he is a very good impressionist. If i hadn't watched Friday Night with Johnathan Ross i wouldn't of known he did the voice for Darth Mall in star wars. He is a very good impressionist i cant wait to see his next episode. I like wen he does 0 news that is so good and his wig is awesome. Pete is a genius for making his own show up. I saw him in Shaun of the dead and he was awesome in that. Im so glad he got his own show. I just remember he played Darth Vader in his first episodes so that was good seeing has he did the voice for Darth mall. Man i haven't watched star wars in years. So yeah if you have seen him in films and liked him this is the show for you:)
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    The only places I knew the comedian before was a programme my Mum and brothers watched called Hardware, but I knew him better in Shaun of the Dead, and playing Terry Wogan in a Comic Relief Blankety Blank spoof, and now the really good Peter Serafinowicz has his own show. When it first started I thought it was quite a clever mix of ridiculous, obvious and long-awaited (can't believe no-one did it before) comedy, and as it continued it just became a very entertaining sketch show. Characters in the show include: Brian Butterfield, the rubbish fat advertiser; O! News, with really camp newscaster Kennedy St. King; Acting Masterclass sketches with impressions of Sir Michael Caine, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Ralph Fiennes, Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando (with the body of Jabba the Hutt); A Guide to Modern Life, the spoof British self-help programmes, e.g. Let's... Get Married, Have a Baby, Have an Orgy and others, all narrated by Simon Pegg; Buy It Channel, different occurrences happen with this spoof of those loathsome shopping channel shows; Michael-6, the talk show hosted by the robotic host, who almost always malfunctions and secretes white fluid from his mouth, BBN News, with the newsreader getting buzzed every time he says something incorrect; Ringo Remembers, short documentaries with Ringo Starr reminiscing about the other Beatle members or himself; Sex line spoofs where you can talk to pirates, zombies, Basil Fawlty impersonators, drunks and others; parodies of magazines with various (and usually ridiculous or unrelated) subjects; spoofs of famous detectives such as Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Marple, Columbo and others; and many one-off sketches of pop-culture programmes and films, e.g. The Weakest Link, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Star Wars, Laurel and Hardy, The X Factor, Big Brother and others. Also starring Little Britain's Paul Putner, Catherine Shepherd and Belinda Stewart-Wilson. A very good show, I look forward to more from it. Very good!
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    Best known for his supporting role in Spaced and of course his voice work as Darth Maul, Peter Serafinowicz gets his own show here. Shown as part of BBC2's comedy night (Thursday), the show is a mix of impressions and sketches. I taped this show for four weeks before starting to watch it and even had had a glass or two of a lovely Spanish red wine before starting to watch this. I mention this because even in this very relaxed and amiable state, this show failed to generate more than two or three laughs across the three episodes I gave it before giving it up as a bad idea.

    I love his character and deliver in Spaced and his impressions are uncanny at times but it is the material itself that lets Serafinowicz down because it simply is not very funny. Too often the sketches aim at easy targets so that, even if they hit them bang in the middle, it is still only amusing, never hilarious or even funny. A good example is the shopping channel sections or the 1970's Government films – both are amusing but they are so obvious in some regards that they do little more than raise a chuckle. Out of three episodes the only sketch that I actually enjoyed was the one with Darth Vader in a failed office romance – and even then it was only OK.

    His impressions are great though. Caine, Pacino, De Niro, Nick Cage and a great Alan Alda (who is shoehorned in) all sound great, even if he doesn't always look as convincing as he sounds. Without the material to support his impressions though, he might as well do each of them sounding like he is in a tiled bathroom speaking down a toilet roll. A shame then, because I had hoped for at least something from someone associated with the great Spaced but sadly this impressions and sketch show just falls flat minute after minute and it is telling of the quality that I considered a vague chuckle to be a high point.
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    Every sketch is a hit. The only criticism I have is there wasn't another season.
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    Rollers from Abdun

    Peter Serafinowicz (full disclosure, I cut-and-pasted his name innit): from the moment he walks into the dark, solemn Actors Studio as Rigsby-from-Rising-Damp playing Ralph Fiennes, you know that you're in for a high concept comedy treat. In a way, I feel like a tiny fule even writing this review. If you've watched _any_ non-lowest-donominator, non-rubbish British or Yank comedy in the last two decades, you will have seen him at least once steal the show just playing a bit part. Hippies? Parks and Rec? Alan Partridge? Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy? You _know_ his solo show is going to be good, meaty fun. Impression-wise, he's like a darker, more compelling Aleister McGowan. Favourite sketch? John and Yoko (played by a bloke) with their original version of 'Imagine', just praising wealth and consumerism, Ringo looking on incredulous. Look, just buy it. It's only a quid in CEX.
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    Probably one of the funniest sketch-format comedy TV show I have ever watched (and this list includes Mr Show, A Bit Of Fry and Laurie, Big Train...).

    I think it's a shame that it isn't given the credit it deserves and that it only aired for 7 episodes.

    I will not enter into too much details about the show (because English is not my main language and I would probably not do the show justice) but if you ever get the occasion, watch this near-perfect comedy program !

    Mr Serafinowicz is a truly talented actor and comedian, I wish he would be recommissioned for another series some day.
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    What a pile of rubbish. I have only watched the first episode - I haven't wasted my time on any more. It was mixture of the really obvious (punchlines signposted right at the start of the sketch, for instance) and the downright weird (Kitchen Gun!!!).

    There were only two things which mad me laugh in the first episode. The impression of Alan Alda was absolutely uncanny. The other was the robot presenter of the Jeremy Kyle-type show: "I detect that you have a p***s".

    The bloke does have some talent, I admit. His Terry Wogan (as exhibited on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" last night, is also spot on.