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Belly of the Bulldog (2015) HD online

Belly of the Bulldog (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller / War
Original Title: Belly of the Bulldog
Director: Nick Gillespie
Writers: Nick Gillespie
Released: 2015
Budget: £1,000,000
Duration: 1h 28min
Video type: Movie
With nowhere else to hide, a group of mercenaries and their two prisoners take cover inside a long abandoned Bulldog tank. But, while they try to keep the forces outside at bay, the real enemy is already among them, locked inside the 'Belly of the Bulldog'.


Credited cast:
Rupert Evans Rupert Evans - Reeves
Steve Garry Steve Garry - Gantz
Deirdre Mullins Deirdre Mullins - Karlsson
Michael Smiley Michael Smiley - Capper
Gordon Kennedy Gordon Kennedy - Smith
April Pearson April Pearson - Annabella
Tom Meeten Tom Meeten - Evans
Alex Rose March Alex Rose March - Young Girl
Georgina Beedle Georgina Beedle - Prisoner
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Todd Bruce Todd Bruce - Mercenary
Sara Dee Sara Dee - Research Team

The "tank" is a old British FV432 Mk.3 Bulldog Armored Personnel Carrier (APC).

As the characters enter vehicle in the movie, a FV432 APC, they state that there is only room for six people. In actuality the vehicle has a crew of two (driver and commander) and a passenger compartment which holds 10.

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    Please go directly to hell for doing away with the comments section. Three or four genuine discussions relating to this film would have saved me an hour and a half that I could have spent in far more productive manners, such as burning myself with a hot iron, throwing cards at a hat or perhaps lodging carrots in my eyes to improve my eyesight. But, decorum and rules dictate I review this movie, hence, I will. Something barely logical happens to people we can not relate to in a situation so contrived it borders on a Sesame Street cartoon only to be resolved by an ending so preposterous that only a cinematic sadist could enjoy it and nothing is resolved. There ya' go. Let me answer your most important question first: Rupert Evans does NOT save this film. God bless his heart, he tries, but he is unable to pull this sinking disaster from the cold abyss of stupidity. Do I blame the director? Some. Do I blame the script writer? Some. (They are the same person, go figure.) Mostly though, I blame IMDb for taking away the comment section and saving me from 90 minutes of cinematic purgatory.
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    It is half suggested by the end of the film that this is about a group of soldiers and civilians being used as guinea pigs for an orange powder super soldier drug called Kratos that heals injuries in some people and just kills others but sends everyone mad.

    We join the party mid story. They seem to be taking the situation too seriously for it to be an exercise but know too little about anything for it to be an episode from an actual conflict with a history. For all they eventually reveal about their situation and motives they may as well all be acting on instinct with amnesia. They find a car that won't start because the engine has been replaced with something that makes all who behold it vomit, you won't find out what. They find a farm shed with headless bodies in it. They run away from a teleporting guy in a cloak and gas mask who is bullet proof, nobody seems to know why. They randomly wander across an abandoned tank and get locked in it for the rest of the film, then find all their own scrappy personnel files in it, plus a few glass tubes of Kratos. There is a facially mutilated body with dog tags seemingly belonging to a platoon member who has already died miles before. The doctor keeps shooting people up with stuff that the leader is making secret notes on, but he doesn't know why. One guy takes an actual lovingly photographed sloppy bowel dump. A prisoner finds a gun and kills most of the survivors. Guys in full hazmat suits with one guy in a pinstripe suit and a splash mask turn up and flame thrower the tank.

    There is a theory that every story has been told, and so now we are reduced to remakes for ever. Or, some people make mood films with bits of stories mashed up and let the audience do the hard work, because actual comprehensible stories are so last decade.

    The monster in the publicity photos only appears in a choppy dream sequence.
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    I was intrigued by the premise and decided to give it a try. What a huge disappointment.

    This movie is bad on many levels. Just a few:

    • None of the characters are remotely likable. They are either jerks, poorly-written, or bland as hell. - Almost all of the acting is really poor. Particularly bad are George Kennedy as Smith and Tom Mateen as Evans. Ever, Rupert Evans, who is decent in The Man in the High Castle, can't muster a good effort. - Most of the story makes no sense and very little of substance seems to happen.

    Please, don't torture yourself by watching this movie - it is that bad!
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    Given writer, Nick Gillespie's pedigree (e.g. Kill List, Sightseers) I was hopeful of an entertaining story.

    The film starts with a "jolt"; five minutes in I found myself reaching for the DVD box to read the synopsis, in order to try and "work out" what the opening point of the film was (the box confirmed - I can't think of a time I've ever had to do this before in all my years of watching films, though).

    What followed for the rest of the film somewhat reminded me of being a participant of a paint-balling contest, without the "excitement" of actually being there.

    This is certainly a step backwards from previous efforts, perhaps, due to budget constraints?

    Without spoiling the ending, I'd just say that whilst Kill List left you pondering things, this one just doesn't seem to mean anything at all; to me anyway.

    Hopefully the next film will be better.
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    This movie was so bad that I had to create an IMDb account just to serve my discontent.

    This is one of those films that cause you to think that you should be a director since some are willing to invest in nonsense.

    The script was horrible. The acting was horrible. The plot was horrible. The directing was horrible.

    At the end, it appeared as though the writer was attempting to reach for something on par with Jacob's Ladder, but slipped on the first rung; landing face-first in a pool of mud never to rise again.
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    Like others, I created an account just so I could review this movie.

    You're dropped into the story somewhere in the middle, with no clue what is going on. Made no sense at all, I kept watching with hopes that the story would come about. It never did.

    Please do not watch this garbage. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.
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    I'm so sick of finding movies on Netflix that are rated 4 stars or more, and in reality, are nothing higher than zero. In this case, that rating has to be false as no viewer with half a brain would rate it more than a 1, if that? My God, what an awful movie. There's not much I can add that hasn't already been written. Disastrous plot, terrible acting, atrocious dialog, etc., etc. I still have no idea what was going on, or why. And to top it off, I don't care! Avoid this at all cost.
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    The acting was fair, Gordon Kennedy keeps popping up, but having seen the ending coming a mile off after 10 minutes I only watched to the end for the slim chance of being proved wrong. I was not. The film started off mysteriously, asking the viewer to draw their own plot lines with weak special effects and oddball performances. Too much too soon. Perhaps it was my own fault for watching 'Darkest Day' about a month previous and expecting something different, nothing was - except the acting which was immensely improved but pi**ed away by the tired old plot. Shot with competence but no real flair for suspense, character building or even editing the film promised far more than it had to give.

    I tried
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    My quick rating - 4.0/10. Well, that was a movie where it ended and my thought was "ok, take it or leave it" it certainly didn't have any strong points. The acting was "there", the dialogue was non-existent without using the f-word. Sentences often made absolutely no sense when uttered. Not sure why this is considered a "horror" either. Barely a psychological thriller really. I only gave it a 4 because I appreciated the claustrophobic feeling these people must've endured and the poorly acted insanity it would bring out. Slight side note, I read a review that compared it to "Dog Soldiers" and I have no idea what that reviewer was smoking, but it doesn't even hold a candle to that movie. Almost an insult putting them in the same sentence.
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    Whenever I see such a horrible, horrible movie I can't help but wonder why people make such total waste of time cinema?! Why would anyone produce and star in this awful movie? Low budget does not mean to throw non-watchable motion pictures at our faces! The only thing I can say about this movie is that the scene of one of the characters taking a dump truly represents it! Pure crap! Unbelievable characters with no background or depth, ridiculous plot, unexplained events, motives, actions, doped girl that just wakes up to scream and is put to sleep all the time and stupid end and the list of absurdities go on and on and on, let alone that 80% of the dialogue is the F word! I never saw a movie in which all characters keep swearing all the time using this word in almost each sentence they utter! Stop making such awful, infuriating movies for God's sake!
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    Please do not waste your time on this movie, it will only leave you angry. This movie should not be put on any streaming services or rental companies, and should be destroyed immediately. If it should slip through and be made available to the public, it should come with a mandatory warning label stronger than is on a pack of cigarettes. It is full of mistakes, and/or at least things/events that simply cannot happen, and Im sure the producer was aware of it and didn't even care, and the producer should be banned from ever making another movie, and should seek therapy. And it has to be the lowest budget movie ever made, thanks to some army surplus store items. Do your self a huge favor and skip right over this one, or go into Netflix watch a couple of minutes of it, or let it run while you are taking a bathroom break, and then come back stop it and rate it with the lowest setting Netflix has to offer, and that is not nearly low enough, but it will help people AKA future victims that look at the ratings to just skip over this tanked turd, and not waste over an hour of their life on such crap. This movie is so awful that I felt compelled to open an IMDb account just to send this warning. You would be way better off using your time organizing your sock drawer, instead of wasting your time on this trash hole, and it would be by far more entertaining.
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    Nothing is real and everything is horrible: that seems to be the message.

    It starts as if it were a tale about mercenaries in some near-future or alternate world in which independent band of mercenaries fight each other. We follow a band with two hooded captives called 'The Cargo'. The mercenaries seem to be expecting payment for them.

    Then they behave like silly kids, getting themselves stuck in the tank without taking the simplest precautions with what is a visibly deteriorated machine.

    Then we get the typical smart-Alec scriptwriter twist - maybe nothing is real. Strengthened when a man with a massive leg injury the previous day is able to dance about on the tank.

    Or maybe it is real. The end suggest this, with monsters commanded by an apparent human treating the people like experimental animals. Of course it resembles a profoundly ignorant person's vision of what science might be, not science as it might be practiced even by people with no human concerns.

    Wish I had not wasted time with it. Any fool can set a riddle with no solution.
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    The "F" word was used more than anything else. I stayed with it expecting to find out what was going on & what they were running from. It never explained anything. Then they got locked in the tank & that was the gist of it. The ending only gave a fraction of what was needed to piece this worthless movie together. It would have been watchable if the screenwriter added some meat to it. Dead bodies, puking, & taking a dump. That's about it.
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    The actors are trying so hard to make the best of a terrible script and the forced visuals hover somewhere between 1 to 0 dimensional. With my constant sense of 'Have I missed something here?', at first I thought the film was operating within some realm of higher concept that was beyond the limit of my intelligence - but really it was just clunky and confusing. I'm unsure of what else to say other than next time focus on story and dialogue and don't throw the budget at props, costumes and smoke machines as if that's all that really matters and will mask how poor everything else is. If the budget of 1 million is true, it was wasted. FYI the DVD cover is very misleading as it almost looks like the film was made by someone else rather than the person who actually did it.
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    Mysterious Wrench

    I'm not some cinema snob who enjoys pontificating over this or that nugget of art in a film. I'm just a guy who enjoys a decently entertaining movie. "Tank 432" was absolutely *not* a decently entertaining movie. Not just a somewhat poor plot, but no real plot at all. Unless "run and hide" qualifies as a plot. Curious; can you have a "plot spoiler" in a review when the movie has no plot? Or the "plot" was spoiled by the person who wrote the screenplay?

    >>Warning: the following gives a detailed description of the nuances of the plot. Read at your own risk. In fact, watch the movie at your own risk.<<

    Two-dimensional characters run over hill and dale in the English countryside, cursing and screaming and shooting. From where to where? From someone or something? Who knows? Then we have some hiding, with yet more cursing and screaming and arguing and shooting, and... whatever. It was a confused, hot mess from start to finish. I stuck with it only to see if it would *finally* pull together and make sense at the end, or have a twist like some M. Night Shyamalan wannabe movie. No such luck.

    If you have guests that are overstaying their welcome, fire this up on Netflix. They will soon make excuses why they have to leave. Guaranteed.
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    My reviews will not be bashing or telling you whats bad . I' want to review what was done well in a movie and I just can't find any reason to suggest you watch this movie. I really would like to say an actor gave a good performance, the score was great, the location was attractive....but there is just no reason to pay to go see this.Its in English and it is 88 minutes long.Its British and had a minimal budget. It stars Rupert Evans and Steve Garry who also did Samuel and Emily vs the world in 2013.Rupert Evans has done extensive television work .Co- star Deidre Mullins has starred in both television shows Man Down and the Frankenstein Chronicles.
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    This is the worst movie I've seen in years. Why did I continue watching? Because I felt there had to be improvements and explanations coming if only I stayed a few minutes longer. I was wrong. It starts fine, but accumulates mysteries, stacking one atop another, for 80 minutes and answers almost none of them. From the beginning, I asked myself "Why did (character) do/say that?" Never explained. Repeated repeatedly over the entire course of the 88 minutes. It's too late for me... save yourself.
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    Mitars Riders

    (WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS A MINOR SPOILER FOR THE FILM.) "Tank 432" (2015) is alternately boring and confusing. To be fair, its surreal story aspects are necessary to the plot, but I don't think that redeems the movie much.

    Don't let the poster's image of the tank and the soldier fool you -- there's a little bit of action as the film opens, but most of the movie takes place inside the titular abandoned tank, which remains stationary throughout most of the story. (The protagonists are trapped inside it by a jammed door. ) Thereafter, the unease and claustrophobia they feel are soon felt by the audience. Maybe that suggests skilled film- making on a certain level, but it certainly doesn't make for an entertaining viewing experience.

    The film is quite slow. Furthermore, writer-director Nick Gillespie appears to assemble the components of several mysteries as subplots, and then leaves those smaller mysteries with little in the way of an explanation.

    I'd rate this movie a 1 out of 10, and that's only because Rupert Evans is a very good actor.
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    Like another reviewer, I created an acct just to leave feedback about this awful movie. After watching it, my wife looked at me and said "That's a hour and a half of my life that I wasted." Seriously, the story line and plot are so bad and incoherent, it's as if a group of 7th grade boys made it up as the movie was being filmed! What I wanna know is this: Did someone actually get paid to write this script and direct this crap? Do yourself a favor, if u are inclined to watch this, first go to the garage , grab your hammer and smash your big toe, it would be less painful. Then, re-think your decision to watch this!
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    When the title of the movie can't even get the military vehicle its title is based on right what more do you expect from the movie but crap? I rarely write reviews but I actually was expecting to see them stuck in a Tank that's is actually and the only reason I watched this because it sounded interesting then it turns out there's not even a tank in the movie. There's no excuse for that how could they not even know the difference between a tank and a passenger vehicle? It's like confusing a minivan with a Mac Truck.
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    OK, where to start? In my opinion, the majority of the acting was quite good. More realism than acting. I have no problem with the actual visual quality of the film or any of the special effects.

    It's the story/ plot that left me mad enough to come register an account. I actually came here to see what I missed or didn't understand. It appears I actually didn't miss anything.

    It took a whole hour for what I thought was going to be the unfolding of the plot to begin. I was already getting angry, how could they wrap this all up in 20 minutes?

    The captain writing secret notes.. the hostages.. the Orange powder.. the one hostage mentioning to the doctor that she had to know something wasn't right. How she couldn't remember anything. Then the doctor found everyone's files within the tank, stating they were deceased. Another soldier found the dog tags of a mutilated corpse belonging to a person that had actually already been left behind, meaning there was no way for his body to be in the tank. So I began to think cloning. Oh, no, I tried to make some sense of this movie, bad move, because at the very end, it shows it starting all over again with different people.

    Literally zero questions are answered. There's nothing to draw a partial conclusion from, and I honestly can't believe a million dollars got wasted on such a story line. I don't mind a movie that leaves you guessing, but this isn't like that. This gives you no puzzle pieces to begin to guess with. It's like one big sick joke, like some kind of parody about a senseless movie.

    Actually, you should watch it so that the Netflix rating will go down to 1 star like it rightfully should.
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    This film is extraordinary in the way it manages to take probably one of my favorite horror/thriller tropes, an unresolved mystery with an unexplained ending open to interpretation, and somehow manage to make it boring.

    the film starts with a tiny group of apparent mercenaries of british descent in a foresty area, apparently guiding two prisoners in orange jumpsuits and black hoods. They act like they're in imminent danger, and very well may be, but the only instance in which we might see a potential opponent, it is very clearly done in such a way as to make you question whether the enemy is real or a ghost or a figment of their imagination.

    after some shenanigans involving them finding a traumatized woman and one of the prisoners being revealed to be a woman and then killed when she tries to escape, most of the mercenary group ends up hiding out NOT in a tank, but in an apparently unarmed Armored Personnel Carrier called a "Bulldog" which has no turret. Thus, the title of the movie "Tank 432" is a lie.

    An unusually long time ensues in which they are in the tank, essentially doing nothing but yelling at each other and repeating the blitheringly obvious like "we need to get out", "the door is jammed", "we need to calm down", while nothing happens.

    Finally something does happen, as their field medic Karlsson randomly finds a box of documents in the "tank", which just conveniently happen to be personnel files of THEM, listing what "experiments" they have gone under, and listing them all as "Deceased". Their team leader Smith claims to not know what the documents are about, but lets slip that he didn't expect this many casualties. All the while he is writing in a small notebook that he refuses to show the others or tell them what he's writing, and this becomes a point of heated contention all throughout.

    One of them also finds a dogtag on the dead pilot of the Bulldog that matches that of one of the soldiers in their company who did not come along into the Bulldog but turned back and went towards the "enemy" after they had to leave one of their wounded behind.

    In the tank, one of the soldiers keeps having odd dreams involving them fighting in the tank, scary looking monsters outside the tank, and lots of weird images and noise.

    On top of all that, the "tank" is full of vials of an orange powder called "Kratos". The remaining prisoner claims she was a schoolteacher and has no idea why she's a prisoner. The wounded member of their team suddenly shows up, mysteriously not wounded, very angry about being left behind, harassing and taunting them in the tank while inexplicably producing the severed head of the first prisoner who was shot dead earlier.

    The guy who had the dreams manages to turn on the tank's engines and drives around in it while the guy outside the tank continues mocking him and urging him to try to run him over. Eventually he does manage to run him over, then the tank drives off, stops, and everyone goes unconscious.

    In the tank, the prisoner suddenly produces a flare gun, shoots the Team leader in the face with it, then inexplicably tries to kill Karlsson, who has done nothing but try to help her the entire time. She then shrieks at Karlsson about what is in the "sedatives" she keeps giving everyone, and ends up getting killed by Karlsson anyway. Karlsson discovers she was accidentally shot by the Team leader, and as she dies, grabs his notebook to see he has been writing drug dosage numbers.

    As the guy in the tank's controls wakes up, the tank is approached by people in Hazmat suits who then set it on fire, apparently all part of some experiment that is unexplained. Then we go back to the forest we originally started in where a loudspeaker announces that testing will begin, and another soldier emerges from a bunker of some sort.

    That was essentially the entire movie. Nothing got explained or resolved. I have no problem with movies that do not explain anything at all and leave this style of completely inexplicable mystery. Somehow, this movie manages to make this mystery completely uninteresting on its own; it was the sort of mystery that needed some extra "What The F***" elements to heighten the mystery, or some extra bit of detail to help ground it. Instead, it flatly avoided any potential sci-fi or supernatural and going with a plain, dull mystery of "super soldier drug testing maybe", trying to hide its mundanity with a false categorization as a Thriller or Horror.
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    I consider myself an intelligent person who loves movies, and not just big budget blockbusters, but lesser known "niche" movies. This film is nothing more than a piece of jumbled, garbled crap, with absolutely no rhyme or reason. There is no real storyline, no explanations, no character development, and no common sense. The F words fly in every line, a girl wakes constantly screaming, and the actors laboriously try to get out of an armoured vehicle that is not even a tank, all while some mysterious nemesis shows up like something from Big Trouble in Little China. In fact Big Trouble is a 10 compared to this shoddy, ill-acted, poorly written and directed waist of time you could have spent in a dentists' chair. One out of Ten. Where's my refund...
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    This film definitely rates up with the worst i have seen,trying to emphasise on the British soldier theme and missing badly.still cant really figure what it was all about ,starts with a lot of screaming and puking and ends much the same way.trying it's best with the shock tactics it really didn't work ,the scenery was drab ,the whole situation was ridiculous ,no atmosphere ,no story ,no plot ,.nobody thought to shoot the window out of the tank and reach outside or am i missing something ?? Anyway if you want to be bored to death then try it ,but honestly i wouldn't bother ,i saw it 2 days ago and cant even remember the end ,in fact i cant remember the start or middle either !!
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    Spoiler alert

    Well it's just bad writing. No premise, no character backstory so you don't relate to anyone and can't connect with the story.

    A bunch of blank slate characters going mad over some Cheetos Dust and a cliché "Reveal all at the last minute" strategy.

    I watched the whole movie just for the tank inside design... not much else is enjoyable. The bull taunting scene was pretty cringe to look at.