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Fear the Walking Dead MM 54 (2015– ) HD online

Fear the Walking Dead MM 54 (2015– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: MM 54
Director: Lou Diamond Phillips
Writers: Robert Kirkman,Tony Moore
Released: 2015–
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
Difficult decisions lead the group in uncertainty; Alicia delivers on a promise to Charlie.
Episode complete credited cast:
Lennie James Lennie James - Morgan Jones
Alycia Debnam-Carey Alycia Debnam-Carey - Alicia Clark
Maggie Grace Maggie Grace - Althea
Colman Domingo Colman Domingo - Victor Strand (credit only)
Danay Garcia Danay Garcia - Luciana Galvez
Garret Dillahunt Garret Dillahunt - John Dorie (credit only)
Jenna Elfman Jenna Elfman - June
Tonya Pinkins Tonya Pinkins - Martha
Aaron Stanford Aaron Stanford - Jim Brauer
Daryl Mitchell Daryl Mitchell - Wendell
Mo Collins Mo Collins - Sarah
Alexa Nisenson Alexa Nisenson - Charlie
Charles Harrelson Charles Harrelson - Quinn
Mary Rachel Quinn Mary Rachel Quinn - Stevie (as Rachel Mary Dudley)
John Eric Bentley John Eric Bentley - Hank

The episode title refers to mile marker 54 where Martha's husband Hank died.

The Texas State Capitol is seen in the background from the roof of the hospital. The hospital could be the Seton Medical Center from the camera angle.

Reviews: [13]

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    The haters are relentless. This is by no means the worst thing on TV, yet based on these reviews, you'd think it is.

    Seeing Martha's backstory was pretty interesting, it puts into perspective how she is "stuck" in her trauma. Much like Morgan was. I'm not sure if I'd rather see her die, or Morgan able to help her.

    I was hoping Alicia and Charlie would reunite with Morgan, but then finding John and Strand at the end is nice too. I wonder how they'll deal with The Gator problem now.

    The group now being stuck in the hospital kind of reminded me of the pilot of TWD. There have been so many great Easter eggs to the main show this season. Seeing Morgan lead is also a treat. Rick inspired him to become a leader, and now he's finally recognizing that in himself. June believes it, and I do too. He'll get them out of there.

    I'm sure in the next episode we'll see Jim sacrifice himself to save one of the others, to help them escape. I hope we make it out of the season without any more deaths, but I can easily see either a good chunk of the group dying, or Morgan sacrificing himself to save them. Hopefully there's a third option because Killing Morgan at this point would just be a waste of potential. Seeing him return to Alexandria would make for a wonderful scene. Especially if Rick is still alive when he gets there.

    My Rating: 8.75/10
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    I did not want or need to know crazy lady's background story. I knew from the way things go with all things TWD I'd get one, but still hoped it would not come.

    Can't someone just be bats**t crazy?? The end of life as we knew it drove them over the edge. No back story needed. No event that made them nuts. Just happened. They snapped. Why they are so against helping people is just a symptom of their madness.

    Yet we got one and what a lame story it was. If you as a writer are going to "go there" then have an awesome back story to tell. If not, then just let her be The Mad Woman of Dead World (a play on the play "The Mad Woman of Chaillot").

    Her thing with Morgan? All I can assume is he answered the CB when she called out for Polar Bear; thus in her deranged mind this is all Morgan's fault.

    And will Alicia and Charlie just hug or something? I always get the impression one or the other is going to run into the arms of the other. Maybe that is the actors subtext, that they really are attracted to each other, but it is just actor subtext (used to act prosemi-pro and often actors employ a subtext to give their characters a motivating undercurrent that may never actually be spoken).

    I really liked this show (never watched it before Morgan) and still do over the last few seasons of TWD but... this ep smacked of the bad writing and lazy pacing we get with TWD. At least at the very end the story arc moved forward a bit.
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    Fear used to have a better cast than before...killing off Nick and Madison just made things worse...i really don't know What this writers are up to because the second half this season (Which Supposed to be Good) turned into...This!! Please give us what we really deserve and by that I don't mean to turn thus show into TWD or just make the Characters do stupid stuff only to justify this show to be dumber than TWD (or simply just killing them because...Why not?) There are still 2 episodes left so i can't really lose my hope for this Season.
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    But this season has me wishing for the unlikable characters from first seasons. Now it's boring characters with even more boring plots
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    Laughable purely laughable so not only are we meant to believe some fat old woman is a believable threat she gets shot with a shotgun sits up n instead of blowing her away they let her take the swat truck who writes this show a 5 year old? Used to look forward to this show now I don't care either way
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    After all the problems they went through with zombies and even worse, they can't deal with one mad woman. They are acting stupid all the time and it's exhausting.
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    And so do the writers of this awful series, before it gets cancelled. Here's another episode chock-full of silly and contrived dialogue, ridiculous situations and illogical behavior. If beer boy turns and bites everyone on the rooftop (Morgan first) it'll be a step in the right direction.
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    It has had its ups and downs this season, but overall I have really liked the mood of this season. With no cartoonish antagonist to fight, the feel of day to day survival has returned to the show, which I prefer over the formulaic end-of-level-bad-guy that both TWD and FTWD has suffered from. The characters has started to grow on me and with some really good acting (the brewer especially in this episode) throughout the cast, the feel of anyone matters has emerged again. Major character deaths will hit hard. I also like the fact that Morgan, due to his firm believes and stubborness, is starting to be seen as the teams leader, which he doesn't seem to thrive with. Great episode!
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    This was one one the worst episodes if tv I think I've ever watched. How anyone could watch this season's first couple episodes, (amazing) and then this weeks, (hair-pulling stupidity). I mean, come on! Its insulting. Most of these other reviews summed up the worst...but here's a few more. --Woman had a freaking rake. Why the hell is she using her hands to bury her husband? Oh...cause has to be a reason she's the dirty bag lady. Right. --The grown idiot's she SOMEHOW overtakes just throw their hands up, clutch their pearl's and basically let themselves get eaten. Really? For god's sake, pull that slow motion zombie off and brake grandma's hip. --The swat truck can only fire from one angle and basically when it's perpendicular to you. Move out of the way morons! Would it be so hard to maneuver around and defeat. --When they shoot her in the chest with no less than a SHOTGUN. Like it's the 3 stooges or Shawn of the dead they all turn their backs and start monologues about beer yeast and the Kardashians rather than rush her, find the gun she just dropped, and finish her off like sanity and rational still exist in a writer's room. P.s, you can't get shot in the lung with a shotgun and walk away like it's a inconvenience. How stupid do they think the audience is. --Then we have the after school special segment... Big sis and my brother's murderer. Can't stand the monotone, pissy attitude and lame 'Promise you a beach sweetie' nonsense. Think it's past time to kill off the JV original actors and continue to bring in people worth watching. --Speaking of that, why are they killing off the awesome actor who just came off 12 Monkeys on SyFy. He's way too talented to flush away so early. Just like the other new fantastic actors this season, he needed to stay.

    ...prob 10 more gripes, but who cares. Apparantly the writers and more importantly the producers and network don't care either. Oh, and the seal-clapping Talking Dead sycophant treatment where EVERYTHING they do in EVERY episode is pure magic is cosmically annoying as well. Other than these few words, I have no opinions lol.
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    Ok, last week The Trucker Team of Morges (Morgan the Savior), Haircut Videographer Swat commander Al, Multi-personality June, Turntable Lucy, Beer Jimbo, Trucker Chick and Wheelchair Ninja are machine gunned by Wacko. Alyc and Backstab Charlie are on the walkie wondering what happened. Cliffhanger!

    This week opens with the origin story of Wacko. She apparently crashed her car, and her husband in the passenger seat has a little problem of having a large piece of metal sticking out of his chest. She keeps telling him to shut up, don't cry and that someone will come for help. Please keep in mind, THERE'S A HUGE PIECE OF METAL STICKING OUT OF THIS MAN'S CHEST! This man should be dead, or passed out with tons more blood. There should be no conversation, no crying from him, maybe some twitching. Twitching would have been a nice touch. Ok, so she tries to wave a few cars that are passing. And they pass. Please rewind this section. Because it is pure comedy. After the second car passes, our writers and editing team show Wacko's face, tears and distraught. This is an attempt at building Wacko's anguish. What transpires however is pure comedy. Take another look at that stupid face. Even if someone stops to help. Her husband's condition is done. So, nobody stops. The husband dies and zombiefies, she kills him, and buries him and becomes Filthy Wacko Woman. We see some faded scenes of her transforming into crazy lady. Exciting? No.

    Next, apparently Polar Bear had an army of idiot truckers dropping off care boxes. Wacko comes onto the road and corrects a trucker chick with the spelling on the box. We find out that Wacko was once a teacher. So this trucker chick is so casual that she turns her back on Wacko and Wacko kills her. Wacko then uses these zombified truckers to kill other truckers. The whole concept of Polar Bear Care Package is nonsense. These people are so casual. They work alone, jumping out of trucks to drop off boxes. And Wacko rather than trying to survive moonlights as a serial killer. A bit farfetched? Yes. So nobody tried to help Wacko and her impaled husband, so she transformed from Teacher to Wacko, and now she's out to kill.

    Ok, back to the Trucker Team. Truck is riddled with bullets. Nobody is killed, just a bit wounded. We find out how Wheelchair gets in and out of the truck, a pully system. I was wondering about this for weeks. At least that's answered. The wheelchair is damaged. They all jump out of the truck. Wacko tries to kill June with Quinn/Fool Walker. Al kills the walker. Wheelchair shoots Wacko in the chest. Wacko should be dead. She just takes off in Al's Swat van. The truck blows up from a gas leak. The Trucker Team is now surrounded by walkers. They hit the road on foot dragging Wheelchair without a wheelchair. They end up in a dilapidated hospital surrounded by walkers. Wheelchair gets a new wheelchair and through conversation with Al we find out how he got in the wheelchair. When he was 10 he pushed a kid out of the way of a car but he got run over instead. He then devoted his life to helping people. He tried to join the Marines, but they laughed him out of the building! Filler!

    Alyc and Backstab find the burnt out truck and dead walkers. Alyc decides to head east and later tells Backstab that they are not looking for the Trucker Team. Alyc will take Backstab to the BEACH! If you recall from a few episodes back that when Backstab and family were heading to the beach when all hell broke out, her family zombified, so they never made it to the beach. So, now Alyc wants to do something good for the person who brought death and destruction to her family and friends, by taking her to the beach. By the way, Backstab never apologized for killing Alyc's brother Nick, or any explanation of how she ended up with the Vultures. Nothing. But Alyc has adopted Backstab as her little sister. How freaking sweet. And unrealistic. Ask yourself what you would do.

    Alright, Zombies invade the hospital. Jimbo makes his first zombie kill. They make it to the roof except for Al, who is stuck in the generator room. Jimbo's been bit. Jimbo wanted to take off but Morges convinced him and everybody to head to the hospital. Now he's a dead man. Thanks Morges. Everybody's looking at Morges for leadership. And what do we see from Morges? Nothing. Loser. All of these people, June, Haircut, Wheelchair, Trucker Chick, Lucy have survived on their own. And now they don't know what to do. They look at Morges. Why? Because he's the new savior. He's got all the answers. Loser.

    Alyc and Backstab find running water, flooded road, and Cowboy's hat (or is it CORAL's hat). They then see Cowboy and Vic the Drunk on alligator island. So, I guess next week we'll see these 4 pulling a rescue operation of the dumbass Morges crew.

    So, what happed? We got the Wacko origins story. Nobody helping her and dying husband. After burying him she snaps. Polar Bear's truck care-package drop off army encounter Wacko and she starts killing them. Ridiculous! She gets shot in the chest by Wheelchair and still manages to drive off. Ridiculous! Also, Wheelchair should have kept shooting. Now the Trucker Team following Morges are stuck on a hospital roof, Jimbo is bit, and Al stuck in a room surrounded by zombies. Amateur hour in the zombie apocalypse! Alyc is on a mission for good, to take Backstab to the beach, forgetting about Morges and the rest of their so called friends. They end up finding Cowboy and Vic the Drunk. Come together.

    More Contrived Convoluted Unrealistic Soap Opera Nonsense. The name of the show is "FEAR the Walking Dead" so I guess the show should be about being frightened of zombies, a new phenomenon of dead people wanting to kill and eat you. That is not the focus of the show. It shows people frightened of each other and their own emotions, with of course some zombies thrown in the background to justify the name walking dead. It's a soap opera. And a bad one. Characters acting inconsistently. For example, Alyc turns from killing to adopting Backstab. Morges kill no kill, the savior. Now, wouldn't it be shocking if the writers make Morges kill again. It could happen. Just because they write it. And the audience keeps coming back for more. The stories are unrealistic. The characters are inconsistent and the show is not about zombies. They should be ashamed of referring to the zombies in the title. The show should be called "Characters Acting Inconsistently and Struggling with their Emotions and Each Other, by the way there's some dead people looking to kill and eat you"

    What a shame. This show and TWD are the prominent zombie films and shows, polluting the airwaves with this nonsense. What a lost opportunity to actually portray a realistic and terrifying experience of dealing with zombies. Another thing, the stupid sound effects the zombies makes is ridiculous.

    Here's some recommendations of real zombie terror: White Zombie 1932, Last Man on Earth 1962, Night of the Living Dead 1968, Messiah of Evil 1972.
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    Oh, wow, they had weeks to come up with a decent back story for chubby Whoopie Goldberg, a woman who went from suburban housewife losing her hubby to expert zombie wrangler and street fighter besting seasoned experts, and this is what they deliver. There were so many stupid holes in this episode, it's got to be on purpose. Either that or when this show hires writers they do it randomly without interviews or even really meeting the people before they take possession of and produce said nonsense.

    The ringing in Al's ear was a intriguingly gifted plot detail...... they should have worked that up into something magical, but they let it go at the hospital. Let's not forget the Classic beer guy rant too bout how morgan chose for them to be in the hospital so it as his fault. what a winner detail that was (not). Great to see it pulled out like a reworking of a top ten song in a dub step style. Genius,....... no really,...... if you look at it with the right fake lens flare and back lighting,............. sigh.
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    Honestly I thought it started out as a decent spin off. This season is now getting consecutively more horrible (and not in a good way). I can't even finish MM 54, I'm done R.I.P.
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    We finally get the back story on the newest supervillain. So you have a sweet married English teacher survives years of a zombie apocalypse with her husband with the faith that others will come to your aid when you need it. She then turns into a evil mass murderer after her faith fails her and she loses someone. Did anyone notice that she killed her husband by driving into a guard rail? Nobody killed him besides her negligence. They were alone, so obviously they hadn't gotten that far by having faith in others. But a day after he is gone she decides to start murdering the very kind of people she was praying for? Pretty weak. Was her husband her magical conscience? I would also like to know how a middle aged, overweight woman who doesn't bathe sneaks up on experienced survivors with a slobbering zombie in tow. Then she mows down our heroes with automatic rifle fire which would have shredded the cab of that semi. (Hollywood, vehicle doors do not stop rifle rounds.) If that wasn't enough the semi was aparently loaded with gasoline instead of diesel. (Diesel burns, doesn't explode, and for that matter doesn't even burn very well.) But holy crap within a few moments of a fire the entire truck blows up like it was carrying dynamite, which we know it wasn't as they emptied most of the rig when it got stuck 3 episodes ago and the beer guy lost all of his equipment. Which in Walking Dead time, three episodes is roughly a few hours as slow as they pace these. Every time anyone goes in a building they get bit and die. At what point do people stay out of buildings or learn to not get bit? I got an idea, wrap some cardboard around your arms and chest. The walkers can't bite though that. Or you could have killed off a character when the 3000 rounds of machine gun fire tore through the cab of the truck, instead of another (overly) dramatic walker bite death. I used to love these shows, and the comics as well, but this stupid crap is just like running your engine without oil. Eventually it seizes and dies. AMC, you can do better.