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Moonchild (1994) HD online

Moonchild (1994) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Horror
Original Title: Moonchild
Director: Todd Sheets
Writers: Todd Sheets
Released: 1994
Duration: 1h 42min
Video type: Creative Work
Credited cast:
Auggi Alvarez Auggi Alvarez
Augustine Alvarez Augustine Alvarez
Luc Alvarez Luc Alvarez
Carol Barta Carol Barta
Stefan Hilt Stefan Hilt - Cabal
Julie King Julie King
Kyrie King Kyrie King - Weasel
Kathleen McSweeney Kathleen McSweeney
Cathy Metz Cathy Metz
Dave Miller Dave Miller
Harry Rose Harry Rose - Chronos
Jody Rovick Jody Rovick

Reviews: [2]

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    This amateur production is appalling. Shot on video, everything about this so called movie is amateurish. The acting is a joke. The actors are a joke. The costumes were left over from Halloween. The car chases were incredible. They must have been going 10 mph at their top speed. How could this production be offered to the public? And it said it was based on a story from the Bible? This is sacrileges.
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    Todd invented the low-speed Ford Bronco chase a year before O.J. Simpson's famous run. Todd was also nearly killed when two characters having a fist fight between two moving cars almost fell on top of him as he was lying in the middle of the road filming the chase scene. Decent story line. Less blood and gore. More optimistic approach to subject matter. Filmed on a zero budget, but doesn't look that bad. I was involved in the production, so I am biased here. Todd has a talent for mustering large casts of dedicated amateurs willing to work for the fun of seeing themselves on screen. I don't know of any other low budget video types who squeeze that many people and locations into their work. Look for "Violent New Breed" to see an example of Todd Sheets at his most extreme.