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Fatboy: The Movie (2005) HD online

Fatboy: The Movie (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Fatboy: The Movie
Director: Michael Landsberg
Released: 2005
Budget: $300,000
Duration: 1h 9min
Video type: Movie
Fatboy: The Movie tracks the circuitous route of Miles Forman on his quest to lose 50 pounds. Stunned by the notion that he could be fat for the rest of his life, determination kicks in. Inspiration arrives. Action follows. With gritty resolution, a sense of humor and true humility, Miles exposes himself in front of Landsberg's cameras in his last ditch effort to win the war. Miles is one of multimillions of Americans whose dysfunctional upbringing paved the way for a life of inactivity, self-loathing and the constant burden of being overweight. As he peels off the pounds, we discover why the odds are against us. America's poor eating habits go hand in hand with our obsession for "quick-fix" fad diets. FATBOY is interspersed with startling facts and figures, uncovering a general ignorance about weight loss programs and exposing the diet industry whose annual profits of $40 billion continue to expand in tandem with America's waistlines.


Credited cast:
Miles A. Forman Miles A. Forman - Fatboy
Mike Manno Mike Manno - Trainer
Jeff Novick Jeff Novick - Himself