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Countdown Vampires (1999) HD online

Countdown Vampires (1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Action / Horror / Mystery
Original Title: Countdown Vampires
Director: Satoki Mizuhara
Released: 1999
Video type: Video Game
Sea Rim City Police Homicide Detective Keith J. Snyder had a problem which involved his previous partner, Wesley Simmons, so he was assigned, as a disciplinary measure, to be a bodyguard for several VIPs who were key to the inauguration of a new horror-themed casino, the Desert Moon. The problems began when a fire broke out and a mysterious black liquid started to pour out of the fire sprinklers, turning the vast majority of the people into vampires that proceeded to devour the remaining survivors. Now Keith must find his way out of the casino and also try save as many people as he can.
Cast overview:
Jeff Manning Jeff Manning - Detective Keith J. Snyder / Additional Voices (voice)
Bianca Allen Bianca Allen - Misato Hayakawa / Mira Swish / Claudia / Additional Voices (voice)
Rumiko Varnes Rumiko Varnes - Alicia S. Tiller / Automated System Voice / Female Casino Patron / Additional Voices (voice)
Barry Gjerde Barry Gjerde - Sheck Gardner / Randy Jones / Additional Voices (voice)
Brian Matt-Uhl Brian Matt-Uhl - Jules Doors / Male Casino Patron / Additional Voices (voice) (as Brian Matt Uhl)
Roger Smith Roger Smith - Security Guard / Additional Voices (voice)
Lenne Hardt Lenne Hardt - Jane Dark / Three Witches / Additional Voices (voice)

The character of Misato Hayakawa is actually a reoccurring character from a previous Bandai game called R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital where a younger Misato and four other people were trapped in a Japanese hospital housing a strange secret.