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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Romance
Original Title: The Maharajau0027s Daughter
Duration: 4h 32min
Video type: TV Series
Patrick O'Reilly is a handsome police officer living in Montreal where he is engaged to a pretty young doctor. Messua has a secret. She has led Patrick to believe she is the daughter of a poor farmer. Little does he know she is the Maharaja's daughter! Messua returns to India to visit her father, the Maharaja of Lahore. Upon her stay, an evil prince asks for her hand in marriage as he sees it as an opportunity to take the throne. When she refuses he kidnaps her, and when her plane back to Canada crashes everyone assumes that she is dead ... everyone except Patrick! Patrick and his friend decide to search for the woman of his dreams in an oriental world full of secrets.
Series cast summary:
Bruce Boxleitner Bruce Boxleitner - Patrick O'Riley 3 episodes, 1994
Hunter Tylo Hunter Tylo - Messua Shandar 3 episodes, 1994
Kabir Bedi Kabir Bedi - Chandragupta 3 episodes, 1994
Tony Lo Bianco Tony Lo Bianco - Vito Capece 3 episodes, 1994
Robert Costanzo Robert Costanzo - Di Fazio 3 episodes, 1994
David Brandon David Brandon - Ashoka 3 episodes, 1994
Gerson Da Cunha Gerson Da Cunha - Man Singh 3 episodes, 1994
Jeto Sanjana Jeto Sanjana - Kim 3 episodes, 1994
Burt Young Burt Young - Milai 3 episodes, 1994
Harry Standjofski Harry Standjofski - Provenzano 3 episodes, 1994
Sal Borgese Sal Borgese - Sindhia 3 episodes, 1994
Ashok Sharma Ashok Sharma - Gunari 3 episodes, 1994
Salim Ghouse Salim Ghouse - Baktiar 3 episodes, 1994
Burke Lawrence Burke Lawrence - Norman 3 episodes, 1994
Barbara Jones Barbara Jones - Sally 3 episodes, 1994
Brian Dooley Brian Dooley - Captain Flaherty 3 episodes, 1994
Aron Tager Aron Tager - Police Captain 3 episodes, 1994
James Bradford James Bradford - Lamont 3 episodes, 1994
Shernaz Dinshaw Shernaz Dinshaw - Damayanti 3 episodes, 1994
Manju Mishra Manju Mishra - Mataji 3 episodes, 1994
Gavin Packard Gavin Packard - Shelton 3 episodes, 1994
Daniel Pilon Daniel Pilon - Hamilton 3 episodes, 1994
Cyrus J. Pooniwala Cyrus J. Pooniwala - Prison Officer 3 episodes, 1994
Sunila Pradhan Sunila Pradhan - Nadar 3 episodes, 1994
Deepak Qazir Deepak Qazir - Captain Hakmar 3 episodes, 1994
Michael Rudder Michael Rudder - Salmander Turridu 3 episodes, 1994
Allen Altman Allen Altman - New Delhi Airport Immigration Officer 3 episodes, 1994
Cas Anvar Cas Anvar - New Delhi Airport Police Sergeant 3 episodes, 1994
Sulabha Arya Sulabha Arya - Nurse 3 episodes, 1994
Andreas Apergis Andreas Apergis - Nick 3 episodes, 1994
Thor Bishopric Thor Bishopric - Police Officer 3 episodes, 1994
Mark Camacho Mark Camacho - Police Officer #2 3 episodes, 1994
Rod Charlebois Rod Charlebois - Reporter #3 3 episodes, 1994
Pablo Coffey Pablo Coffey - Leon 3 episodes, 1994
Peter Colvey Peter Colvey - Pilot #2 3 episodes, 1994
Saba Cottle Saba Cottle - Debby 3 episodes, 1994
Deep Dhillon Deep Dhillon - Ulmar 3 episodes, 1994
Jane Gilchrist Jane Gilchrist - Blanche 3 episodes, 1994
Dean Hagopian Dean Hagopian - Police Officer #1 3 episodes, 1994
Christopher Heyerdahl Christopher Heyerdahl - Walt 3 episodes, 1994
Suhaas Khandke Suhaas Khandke - Kashvili 3 episodes, 1994
Anurag Kashyap Anurag Kashyap - Lt. Sayad 3 episodes, 1994
Don Jordan Don Jordan - Police Officer 3 episodes, 1994
Richard Jutras Richard Jutras - Special Squad Cop 3 episodes, 1994
Manisha Parikh Manisha Parikh - Kiraun 3 episodes, 1994
Pierre LeBlanc Pierre LeBlanc - Mechanic 3 episodes, 1994
Bernadette Li Bernadette Li - Medical Assistant 3 episodes, 1994
Ian MacDonald Ian MacDonald - Airport Official 3 episodes, 1994
Susan Mackasey Susan Mackasey - Ground Hostess 3 episodes, 1994
Liz MacRae Liz MacRae - Reporter #2 3 episodes, 1994
R.S. Mallik R.S. Mallik - Somir 3 episodes, 1994
Penny Mancuso Penny Mancuso - Ticket Agent 3 episodes, 1994
Walter Massey Walter Massey - Doctor Donnelly 3 episodes, 1994
Akhil Mishra Akhil Mishra - Prison Guard 3 episodes, 1994
Robert Morelli Robert Morelli - Police Sergeant 3 episodes, 1994
Tony Munch Tony Munch - Plainclothes Police 3 episodes, 1994
Nilofer Ramzan Nilofer Ramzan - Lady 3 episodes, 1994
Françoise Robertson Françoise Robertson - Stewardess 3 episodes, 1994
Howard Schwartz Howard Schwartz - Reporter #1 3 episodes, 1994
Homi Sethna Homi Sethna - Guru 3 episodes, 1994
Felicia Shulman Felicia Shulman - Clerk 3 episodes, 1994
G.P. Singh G.P. Singh - Gasbar Singh 3 episodes, 1994
Ivan Smith Ivan Smith - Lt. Sayad 3 episodes, 1994
Chandrakant Thakkar Chandrakant Thakkar - Physician #2 3 episodes, 1994
Gwen Tolbart Gwen Tolbart - Anchor Woman 3 episodes, 1994
Mahendra Verma Mahendra Verma - Raka 3 episodes, 1994
Jeetu Verma Jeetu Verma - Dancer 3 episodes, 1994
Chloe White Chloe White - Policewoman 3 episodes, 1994

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    I saw this movie for the first time when I was around seven or eight years old and I loved it. It's long, but not annoyingly long. The actors do a fantastic job, the roles of Messua and Patrick are incredible, you can really feel the love between them somehow. The little Tim is great at adding that cool "kid role" that I loved when I was a kid and saw it. Di Fazio and Vito are so much fun the way they act together, they seem like a married couple. Being set in India adds so much to the feel of the movie, the way the culture is different really is noticeable when Americans come there. I don't know what else to say except that if you haven't seen this movie, you should definitely do so. You won't regret it!
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    I saw it as a mini-series on local pay channel M-Net back in the day. I watched, because of Hunter Tylo. She was one of the stars of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL which I couldn't access, I live in a small town which couldn't receive the TV signal for that one. So I got to see the beautiful girl I had seen many magazine pictures of, in THE MAHARAJA'S DAUGHTER. I have since forgotten the story almost entirely, but remembered how beautiful Hunter was. As RavenGlamDVDCollector, couldn't locate the title, it took me years, I had some desperate attempts, IMDb could roll around laughing, for when I first got Internet, one of my top quests was encountered HERE ON THIS ENTRY and I thought, gee, maybe I could download it here...! Some time later, a Dutch copy became available (fortunately, original English soundtrack, yes!), and I am currently watching it. Decades after first seeing it, I am now "somewhat more critical" for what a mish-mash it really is. Too exotic for my taste. And the plot features a very obvious LETHAL WEAPON 3 inspiration, plus a tiny dash of BASIC INSTINCT with Bruce Boxleitner as the poor man's Michael Douglas. My opinion of Hunter Tylo hasn't changed. She is magnificent! A classic beauty! Raven-haired and breathtaking. She looks more royal than real royalty.

    But if it had been anybody that couldn't hold a candle to Hunter's beauty, I'd never have watched this.
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    I saw this mini series about 10 years ago and loved it. I've been looking to buy it on DVD, but so far I haven't been able to find it anywhere :( I actually did record this when it was shown on TV, but I've watched it so many times (not to mention all my friends who have borrowed it often) and now the tape is so worn out.

    It's a story about a young gorgeous woman (Hunter Tylo) who's the daughter of a maharajah. She lives in the US, but goes to visit her father in India. During her time there, one of her fathers friends sees her and believes she's his lost wife, who's come back to him. He decides to kidnap Messua (Hunter Tylo) after he realizes she does not want to be with him.... Don't want to say too much, but I promise this is a very good miniseries and hopefully it will be released on DVD SOON! :)