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Amy Schumer: The Leather Special (2017) HD online

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Comedy
Original Title: Amy Schumer: The Leather Special
Director: Amy Schumer
Writers: Amy Schumer
Released: 2017
Duration: 57min
Video type: Creative Work
Three minutes into her set, Amy Schumer claims that all good comedians have a "leather special," where they wear all leather and regret it later in their careers--this is hers. Amy muses on love, life, dating, and womanhood in her first Netflix comedy special.
Cast overview:
Amy Schumer Amy Schumer - Herself
Kim Caramele Kim Caramele - Herself

The negative reaction to the special lead to Netflix's removal of a ratings system.

Amy Schumer earned $13 million for this special.

In the last moments of The Leather Special, the words "In memory of Mayci & Jillian" flash on the screen. The dedication refers to the murder of two women who were the fatalities of a July 2015 mass shooting during a showing of "Trainwreck."

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    I enjoyed her shows before, but Schumer was neither funny nor insightful in this special. A huge swing and a miss. With the exception of the gun riff, she relied on old material focused mainly on her smelly body parts. Maybe that is why none of the big premier pay channels picked up this special. Netflix will have to do better in the future choosing streaming material.
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    Jaysus that was awful. I've sat through some pretty bad comedy before, on screen and in person, just to find the few nuggets of gold scattered throughout it, something to laugh along with. There was nothing here. Not a thing.

    Time to rethink the direction you're going in Amy, unless you want to only cater for a tiny minority of people who both agree with you and enjoy seeing these things mocked. And that number is getting smaller every year.
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    A lot of comedians do have a recurring joke between specials that they may talk about for 5 minutes or so, but Amy Schumer does this for the entire special. Its no wonder she resorts to stealing jokes, her only original joke is that she is a gross slut (her words). Hard to give this a good rating when these are also the same jokes during her other performances.... For a person working in a creative field i see no creativity, she has given her critics so much ammo with this special.

    I have no more words, you will know what I mean if you watch it.
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    She used to be funny but this "special" is beyond awful. I was at one point embarrassed for this young lady as it was so unfunny and at times very awkward. She has had shows that were funny but this is not one of those. If you want to watch a good comedy special SKIP this one because that is time you'll never get back!!
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    Amy needs to rethink her career choice of stand-up comedy and stick with material that somebody else wrote for her. This stand-up is not funny or entertaining at all. There are some female comics I really enjoy that can pull off raunchy comedy with a lot of humor. Amy was just raunchy to be raunchy and not funny at all. After watching this I felt like Ace Ventura after he found out Einhorn was a man. Had to vomit, burn the clothes I was wearing, try to plunger the show out of my head, and just sat in the shower trying to wash this show away. So bad. So awful. Doesn't even deserve 1 star.
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    This was painful to watch. Save yourself the time and don't bother watching this train wreck (that lame pun was better than anything in this special). I have never been a big fan of Amy but she was better when she was stealing other people's jokes. Maybe she should search some old comedy tapes for new material. 1 star is generous for this slop.

    Edit: Apparently, she included bits that she copied from Dave Attell and Dave Chappelle in her Leather Special. She is a chronic offender. Even that wasn't enough to save her act.
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    It's hard to tell if the totally unfunny, boring, overlong material of Amy Schumer's latest act is just an anomaly, or if talented, edgy Schumer is no more. This was awful. I really wanted to like The Leather Special. I think Amy Schumer is funny, having seen her previous stand up acts and that Bill Hader movie. She told clever jokes. The Leather Special has no jokes. I didn't laugh once. My wife didn't laugh once. Amy describes gross subjects while making gross faces. That's it. That's the whole special - or I assume it is. I quit watching with about fifteen minutes left, but I saw enough to be assured that it wasn't going to get any more funny. I'm not making fun of her weight because being heavy doesn't matter in comedy, but I think her appearance merits a mention. She wears a smallish, tight leather dress that along with a bad hairdo choice and horrible make-up creates an unflattering, swollen look that is a negative distraction. I don't think an entertainer's political views matter, so I don't hold it against them, but political comedy tends to be tedious at best. Schumer is politically active, which is her business. I appreciate that she didn't overload this act with politics - some, not much. Two out of ten if for nothing more than a star's worth of encouragement for funny Amy to come back.
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    So i have not found her funny in a long time, early on in her career she was new and funny. But as she has gotten older, I just don't get it. I like a lot of shows on Netflix but this is one of the worst. Netflix touts this as "Amy Schumer riffs on sex, dating and the absurdities of fame". It is not cutting edge funny just sad. As for the "absurdities of fame" well at this point her career looks more like infamous! Stay away from this trash, i am done with watching anymore of her stuff.
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    This review is going to be short and sweet because, to be completely honest, I don't have much experience in judging comedy specials. Usually, standup comedy isn't really "my thing", but if something catches my eye I'll watch from time to time.

    A few years back, I watched what I think was Amy Schumer's first comedy routine to be put to film, and I remember thinking it was hilarious. She isn't for everyone, but I'm not too prudish when it comes to humor, so I enjoyed it.

    As such, I saw this "Leather Special" and decided to give it a try. What I found, unfortunately, is that it didn't make me chuckle more than a couple of times in an hour. Her previous satire of male/female relationships has seemingly now turned into all raunchy sex comedy. Like I said, I realize that approach has its place, but all humor needs to have some heart/truth behind it to work. This one most certainly does not have either.

    So, my final verdict is that "Leather Special" can easily be skipped even if you are a Schumer fan. I've generally found her funny, but this one was a major disappointment.
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    That is 57 minutes of my life I cannot get back. There was no humor and certainly no comedy. It was more desperation in her act. She rambled, tried to be more crude than funny, almost seemed lost at times and finally just gave up mentally. I kept hoping she would get better but never happened. If this was "unplugged"...please pull the cord. Just awful.
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    This is as funny as an autopsy… as graphic and as funny as I would imagine a public beheading to be.This special made me want to spend the entire day outside. She represents everything that America has to flush down the toilet in the morning. This is not humor, its more like sacrificing your brain.
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    She really isn't funny. I would have guessed she didn't have anything prepared, walked on stage thinking "I got this"...and all we got was a heaping pile of crap. Unimaginative, not funny, flat out lazy. She's not even pleasant to look at.

    Game over dude.
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    What was that exactly? No one cares about your genitals and sad stories you have of them. Seriously. Why? Why on earth would someone really think that was funny? Why?

    That was a disgrace for stand up history. It's not the misogynistic trolls that gave the bad reviews Amy. The reason for that was that it was horribly pointless and unfunny. As a woman who was unfortunate enough to born and live in a middle eastern fascist dystopia and as someone who tries to survive and protect my mental health by escapism on the internet -through vpn mostly-, I'd rather watch the usual censored propaganda news that are full of hatred, blood and pain than to endure this mess. At least they make me laugh hysterically by making me clinically insane.

    Worst thing ever.
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    Here are a few reasons why you probably won't like this Netflix TV offering...

    1 - You're a man. 2 - Her politics. 3 - You're weary of being instructed that these fashionable female comics are funny by people who are out of step with what most people find funny. 4 - She promised to move abroad and then changed her mind. 5 - She's deliberately unsightly to look at. (I'm assuming it's deliberate.)

    I've never seen any of her other work so I have nothing to compare this with... and I only watched this because I read that it was so spectacularly bad, I wanted to see for myself.

    She could have been forgiven for her politics if only she was creative and funny. Ben Elton is a good example of this. He's fanatically left- wing AND he makes me laugh. Also - he doesn't hector and insult everyone who disagrees with him.

    This 'special' has been presented by someone who has been told that she's funny so many times that she's fallen for it. It's like the chubby girl who has been told by her parents that the peach dress she's wearing looks great - and then when she wears it outside, still stubbornly believes that it looks great because her mum and dad are right and the rest of the world must be blind or something!

    Any wit, timing and humanity are absent from this performance and her pretentious and relentless charade of worldly defeatism doesn't work. Being gross can be funny but there has to be some context, some originality and some relative experience for the viewer to engage with.

    I'd have to seriously question the professional judgment of the Netflix team that saw this past the ideas stage! I'm assuming that they are all her friends or they divvied up her paycheck!

    My question is: How is this person a household name? Thankfully, nobody I know or am connected with openly admits to liking her unique talent for attention seeking!

    This is an epic fail!
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    This was the worst stand-up comedy i have ever seen.

    I don't even know man who talk like she does, just gross.

    The first seven minutes where so awful, i thought about stop watching it but i wanted stay open minded and give her a fair chance since it's the first time i've seen a special from her.

    Never again.

    Here is a summary of the first 7 minutes:

    Im a slut, My vagina looks gross, My vagina smells bad, I hate guys not wanting to go down on me, Did a guy ever c*m in your mouth ?
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    I have a difficult time believing that when she stood up from the writing desk, that she believed this was funny. People with no delivery ability can take segments of stand-up and tell their friends at school or work the next week and get a courtesy laugh at least. There were no such takeaways here. No jokes. She relied completely on her delivery skills (and she has that in spades) but even a skilled comic has to have something to work with. I felt uncomfortable watching it (embarrassed for her) even though the venue audience was kind. Everybody gets a stinker though. Eddie Murphy had Norbit. She has some work to do to rise out of this hole that she dug for herself.
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    Amy Schumer: The Leather Special (2017)

    1/2 (out of 4)

    Amy Schumer and this Netflix special has been at the center of a controversy due to its low scores. Schumer blames certain types for not liking the film and of course this led to a political battle. Was all of that really needed?

    I personally don't' care what political stands any celebrity wants to make and I'd never be shallow enough to bash their work just because I don't believe in their politics. With that said, THE LEATHER SPECIAL is just flat out awful. There's really no other way around it. It's nothing political but instead this is just an incredibly unfunny and extremely flat comedy special.

    The majority of the 57-minute running time are the same type of jokes done over and over. Of course, these jokes include Schumer talking about her vagina and various body fluids as well as various poop stories. I have nothing against that type of subject matter but it's just not funny here. In fact, I honestly only laughed two times during this special and that's just not good at all.

    I'm not going to judge Schumer by this one performance. I'm not sure what your typical routine is as this is the first one I've seen but I just didn't find the material to be all that funny and the delivery wasn't any better.
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    Before I watched Amy Schumer's leather special I had seen the abysmal reviews from Netflix and read the article by that one website ewcom that claimed the special only had bad reviews due to "alt right" trolls. Because of this, I came into the special with an open mind but low expectations. I didn't know much about Amy Schumer besides her Comedy Special roasts which I thought were pretty funny. Unfortunately her special was anything but funny, the entire special dragged on with Schumer speaking about her sweaty private parts and how much she gets around.

    I wouldn't have a problem with this material if it was funny and/or original but it was the same bland clichéd routine I've heard time and time again. I was severely disappointed afterwards and left feeling like I had wasted 55 minutes of my life that would have been better spent watching paint dry.

    The entire special was unoriginal, bland, and overall worth nothing more than 1 star for me.
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    Why would people put money in such classless person (cannot even call her a comedian), her writers had given her about 2-3 worthy punchlines and she managed to mistime even those, she doesn't carry a joke through, which is the defining thing about most of the comedians...

    She isn't funny, doesn't have a stage personality, and I don't know how the audience even managed to look at her the whole time, at times the torture was unbearable and repetitive, 15 minutes in, I had to shut the laptop and just take the rest of the day off.
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    Her entire act is ''..vagina...I'm a slut...vagina''. This goes on for 50 minutes. One of her ''jokes'' is that her vagina smells like a barnyard animal. As the the show goes on the laughs audience get fewer and fewer. She spouts some political and 2nd Amendment things, but even those have pussy jokes crow barred into them. She should stick to stealing funny jokes from other comedians.
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    If you want to watch Amy Schumer being funny and entertaining, watch the movie "Trainwreck." Amy Schumer: The Leather Special (2017) is an actual trainwreck. The Leather Special relies on vulgarity and shock value rather than intelligent comic observation. I abandoned ship at about the 2/3 rd point, maybe the last 1/3 rd is funny.
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    absolutely disgusting content and the worst comedy show I have ever seen in my life.Now Amy is on my banned list.Even juveniles have better comedy skills.Watch at your own risk as you can feel getting restless as you keep watching it.i hated it.not funny at should have never produced this and her blaming the alt right is hilarious and as a comedian total failure. she should take responsibility for the bad content.
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    You know how when you see a show and it's so bad, it makes you squirm and feel embarrassed for the actor? I used to get laughs from her material, but this is just crude and boring. All of the material is really stale and has been used by Comedians for generations. If I have to see a sweaty fat person in a leather jumper, I'd rather it be a hairy drag queen- they would be more attractive. I'm not sure if she took a page out of Andrew Dice's playbook, but it's the same kind of vulgar and immature "comedy".
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    I tried to watch The Leather Special and even got about half way through it but had to turn it off because of how unfunny and unattractive Schumer is. And then to hear that shes thinks the rating is down due to "Alt-right trolls????!!" That is not myself but truthfully Hollywood is really turning me off from entertainment. I'm starting to understand their hatred for anything good like Jesus and how hypocritical they are using death and guns, sex and cheating, drugs and telling rural America that we are wrong for wanting things to be better. Somehow having the ability to protect your family, wanting drugs off the streets from poisoning our youth, and fathers being fathers is terrible. They live in their expensive houses with security guards making big money because we allow it and look down on us when we disagree with them. Its time we all wake up and its stupid people like Amy and many of the Hollywood folks that are opening my eyes most. Anyone else think Hollywood is there to influence us?
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    If you like Amy Schumer: Come on, nobody likes Amy Schumer. Well, she is a hero to the fat lonely man hating SJW feminist. The only thing worse than Amy (besides her creepy uncle) is Lena Dunham. Netflix will have to do better in the future choosing streaming material. AVOID like herpes.