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Private Passions (1985) HD online

Private Passions (1985) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Private Passions
Director: Kikuo Kawasaki
Writers: Peggy-Ann Cohen,Kikuo Kawasaki
Released: 1985
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
The initiation of young Mark into his first sexual encounter is the objective and focus of this run-of-the-mill teen drama by Kikuo Kawasaki. When Mark goes to visit his cousin Toni in Austria for the summer, he develops a serious crush on Toni's pretty stepsister Clair and at the same time tries to fend off Toni's efforts to get him set up with prostitutes. As much as he likes Clair, Mark cannot bring himself to start a sexual relationship with her and ultimately goes to Clair's mother Katherine to vent his feelings. It is that meeting that ultimately sends Mark home more experienced than when he arrived.
Cast overview:
Susanne Ashley Susanne Ashley - Clair
Gavin Brannan Gavin Brannan - Mark (as Gavin Brennan)
David Siegel David Siegel - Toni
Sybil Danning Sybil Danning - Kathrine
Louis Velle Louis Velle - Albert
Irmgard Schuch Irmgard Schuch - Elsa
Ulrike Beimpold Ulrike Beimpold - Laura
Margot Hruby Margot Hruby - Anna
Thomas Weidlich Thomas Weidlich - Alf
Veronika Neubauer Veronika Neubauer - Hilda
Inge Prosel Inge Prosel - Helga
Gilbert Peterson Gilbert Peterson - Franz
Manfred Jöchl Manfred Jöchl - Martin
Rosine Young Rosine Young - Maddalena

Reviews: [2]

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    There sure were an overabundance of films like this in the 1980's. I suppose you might classify it as a "sex comedy". It's quite tame by American standards for the genre but there was both female and male flesh on display and also an attempt at some humor so...I dunno.

    A young American man goes to visit his cousin in Austria. For some reason, everyone speaks English. I'll be honest, the film makers do something I absolutely despise. They dub the entire movie after it's been filmed. It looks and sounds horrible. Anyway, the American is in lust with his cousin's stepsister but there's a problem. The cousin is in also in lust with his stepsister. The American is wishy washy throughout the entire film and has all the charisma found in your average styrofoam cup. The female lead is your typical long-haired blonde with no acting talent beyond standing around looking bored.

    There is some tennis playing, sporadic bouts of sex, pointless dinner conversations and bicycle riding. The "action" found in the film consists entirely of one scene where someone falls through a ceiling. Thrilling! Throw in an obnoxiously awful 1980's song that plays repeatedly throughout the film and it adds up to an hour and a half of life being wasted away. 2/10
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    Another "Private Lessons" you might think… not quite. There's a teenage boy (well in his mid-teens - I think?) and a seductive older lady (who doesn't really come into the scheme of things until the last 10 minutes), but this lad isn't really in love with her... It's her daughter he fancies.

    Canadian teenager Mark travels to Europe on summer vacation to visit his uncle and cousin Tono. He also meets Tono's new stepmother and her drop dead gorgeous daughter Clair. Tono finds out that Mark is a virgin and tries to get him laid while also spending time playing tennis, admiring the views, drinking, smoking and hanging out with girls. However Mark begins to for in love with Clair, and the feeling is mutual at first until she breaks his heart. His obsession for her eats away at him and the relationship with Tono. So Tono's stepmother Kathrine steps in to mend a broken heart.

    So no it isn't in the tradition of the raunchy sex comedy "Private Lessons", like the synopsis of the video has you believe. It does have the elements of many films of its ilk from its decade, as "Private Passions" plays out more like a generic, but awkwardly written (as the serious moments can be unintentionally laughable) and acted heartfelt teen drama about the pain and joy of your first real love and sexual experience. How sweet. Actually it isn't too bad, but at the same time it's rather forgettable posturing. As a straight out comedy it missed the laughs, one or two sequences aside and David Siegel's lively comic performance as the openly frank Tono gives it much added boost. Also the film is set/shot in Austria, where the beautifully framed locations makes for nice scenery and local colour. To add to the thriving decor is sultry actresses Sybil Danning (who before following this appeared in "They're Playing with Fire")… she surfaces here and there, but there's just not enough of this stunning lady.

    The rest of the performances mainly fall on the bland side. Gavin Brennan's leaden acting as the sensitive Mark turns somewhat a wet blanket. Voluptuous blonde buxom Susanne Ashley looks lovely, but it's a cold performance. The camera really does leer on her in many shots, namely the undressing scene in the bathroom. There's also a bit of nudity and sex on show, but never caught in a crude sense. Kikuo Kawasaki's direction is sure-footed, but not particularly exciting due to the lack of bounce and along the way it pumps out a cheesy and mushy sounding soundtrack.