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Beaver Falls: Where Is Joe Namath? (2008) HD online

Beaver Falls: Where Is Joe Namath? (2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Documentary / History / Sport
Original Title: Beaver Falls: Where Is Joe Namath?
Director: Dan Woodske
Released: 2008
Budget: $3,000
Duration: 1h
Video type: Creative Work
There is deep racial lines drawn in the sand regarding the formation of the school districts in the area, this is the first topic covered. Then we cover Namath in Beaver Falls...why hasn't the city honored him? Then we look at Geneva College, and the Beaver Falls Library.
Credited cast:
Joe Namath Joe Namath - Himself (archive footage)
Dan Woodske Dan Woodske - Himself

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    I was a big Namath fan back in the day and purchased this on recently. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

    The Namath stuff was great. The documentary talked to old coaches, friends, and neighbors of Namath from Beaver Falls. It also showed some rare pics of Namath from High School. A few I have never seen even on the internet.

    What I was surprised about was the information about Beaver Falls itself. Since Namath left, the town has really gone downhill.

    It's a nice documentary from a first-time filmmaker. I'd recommend it to any Namath fan, or anyone who grew up in Western Pennsylvania. 9 out of 10.
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    I grew up loving Namath and I enjoyed this take on him. It got into what he was like as a kid and told some cool stuff about him I never knew. Great interview with his coach.

    The non-Namath stuff is so-so, but worth the buy on amazon if you are a Jets fan.

    I do like how a bunch of people from his hometown just write him off as if he doesn't exist. I would have thought they loved the guy and had a Namath day or something in Beaver Falls, I guess not.

    I watched it with a few buddies, we got a kick out of it. I gave it to my brother in New York who was also a Jets fan and said they should play this at a Jets pre-game show to show everyone that Namath isn't so big in his own Beaver Falls.