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Screechers Wild! Morph Another Day (2018– ) HD online

Screechers Wild! Morph Another Day (2018– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action
Original Title: Morph Another Day
Director: Todd Resnick
Writers: Nicole Bird
Released: 2018–
Video type: TV Episode
In order to get ready for their next opponent, Xander and Ringo need the awakening discs of Rattlecat and T-Wrekker, which are still controlled by Dr. Odis. Dr. Odis can smell a deal, and he offers to exchange those discs for those of Jayhawk and Revadactyl. Xander and Ringo turn him down. But then Jayhawk goes missing, and Xander discovers that Jayhawk has found Zeta, who tells Xander the story of the fight between light and darkness that is bigger than the Screechers Wild competitions and threatens the whole world.
Episode credited cast:
Sean Chiplock Sean Chiplock - DJ Screech / Revadactyl (voice)
Lucien Dodge Lucien Dodge - Xander (voice)
Grant George Grant George - Zeta (voice)
Neil Kaplan Neil Kaplan - T-Wrekker / Monkeywrench (voice)
Ben Lepley Ben Lepley - Gatecreeper (voice)
Christopher Corey Smith Christopher Corey Smith - Rattlecat (voice)
Evan Smith Evan Smith - Spleeve (voice)
Spike Spencer Spike Spencer - Ringo (voice)
Jason Spisak Jason Spisak - Jayhawk / Bivouac (voice)
Brian T. Stevenson Brian T. Stevenson - Pyrosaur / Crocshock / Smokey (voice)
Haviland Stillwell Haviland Stillwell - Ann (voice)
Oliver Vaquer Oliver Vaquer - Knightvision (voice)