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Franta (1989) HD online

Franta (1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Franta
Director: Mathias Allary
Writers: Jan Christoph Jäger,Ernst Weiß
Released: 1989
Duration: 1h 36min
Video type: Movie
A movie about the demoralization of war. After the hopelessly lost battle two generals shoot themselves. An ordinary soldier murders a family of fugitives and steal all their jewels, but his wife will never see the jewels when he has come home. To make a living for them the wife will take a job as a maid at a rich lady. But the lady never pays her wages. Finally she steals some bedclothes and sells them. The lady reports her to the police. The judge gives her some days to pay back a certain sum, or else she will go in prison. The thought never strikes her husband that he could use his jewels to help her. Anyway, by enormous labor she gathers the money in the last minute. Then she is out for a short time. When she returns her husband had bought a lot of luxury food for all the money. She realizes the consequences. They eat together, and then she shoots herself.
Cast overview:
Jan Kurbjuweit Jan Kurbjuweit - Franta
Nicole Ansari-Cox Nicole Ansari-Cox - Mascha (as Nicole Ansari)
Ben Hecker Ben Hecker - Wassily
Daniela Amavia Daniela Amavia - Vicky (as Daniela Lunkewitz)
Sabine Gutberlet Sabine Gutberlet - Bauersfrau
Matthias Klausener Matthias Klausener - Sanitäter
Walter Spiske Walter Spiske - Richter
Isabelle Ertmann Isabelle Ertmann - Krankenschwester
Michael Richter Michael Richter - Arzt
Berthold Toetzke Berthold Toetzke - General
Ernst Alisch Ernst Alisch - Stabschef
Andrea Dahmen Andrea Dahmen - Mutter
Andreas Wellano Andreas Wellano - Wärter
Ernst Dauscher Ernst Dauscher - Meister
Peter Houska Peter Houska - Kollege