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Doctor Who Planet of the Daleks: Episode Six (1963–1989) HD online

Doctor Who Planet of the Daleks: Episode Six (1963–1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Adventure / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Planet of the Daleks: Episode Six
Director: David Maloney
Writers: Terry Nation
Released: 1963–1989
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
The Doctor and his friends prepare to refreeze the Dalek army but the Dalek Supreme has arrived on the planet determined to destroy them all.
Episode complete credited cast:
Jon Pertwee Jon Pertwee - Dr. Who
Katy Manning Katy Manning - Jo Grant
Bernard Horsfall Bernard Horsfall - Taron
Jane How Jane How - Rebec
Tim Preece Tim Preece - Codal
Alan Tucker Alan Tucker - Latep
Michael Wisher Michael Wisher - Dalek Voices (voice)
Roy Skelton Roy Skelton - Dalek Voices (voice)
John Scott Martin John Scott Martin - Dalek Operator
Murphy Grumbar Murphy Grumbar - Dalek Operator
Cy Town Cy Town - Dalek Operator

This episode was watched by 8.5 million viewers on its original transmission.

This episode takes place on Spiridon in the 26th Century.

Reviews: [3]

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    The previous five episodes were a little hit and miss, but this final episode is terrific, it feels very much like classic Doctor Who. As it was Terry Nation penned, it felt like it could have easily featured Hartnell or Troughton, their serials usually featured a big finale, this one certainly does. It's adventurous, dramatic, has some big ideas, it features some rest nice model shots.

    Best of all though has to be the funky supreme Dalek, who looks awesome, borrowed from the Peter Cushing film, bigger then the standard Daleks. I love the order of The Daleks, and the way he berates and destroys the failed Dalek leader.

    Some really nice character play, The Thals are rather effective, The Doctor and Jo work together incredibly well.

    Overall it's a hit and miss story, but this last episode is terrific. 9/10
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    Review of all 6 episodes:

    Following on from the Daleks appearance in the final part of the previous story this story follows their latest plot to conquer the galaxy. The Doctor has been injured and calls for help from the Time Lords. They cause the TARDIS to travel to the planet where the Daleks are massing their army and perfecting their new weapons (including a power of invisibility). While The Doctor goes into a coma Jo ventures out onto the jungle like planet. They end up teaming up with a small group of Thals to try to stop the Daleks.

    The story is very decent with excellent moments and a good helping of interesting action. There is good dialogue and acting and whilst far from perfect this is an enjoyable and good quality adventure. Parts 2 and 6 are the strongest episodes.
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    Planet of the Daleks is a serial that seemed to be trying to both be a serious epic of sorts, but at the same time it struggles to shake off the many weaknesses that run throughout it. Following on from Frontier in Space (where the Doctor pulled human and Draconians back from the brink of war by revealing the manipulation of the Daleks, before stumbling into the TARDIS and sending a message to the Time Lords and passing out. The TARDIS ends up on a planet of thick vegetation which seems familiar – particularly when the reason for the Doctor's transportation to this planet becomes apparent.

    Although it is clearly linked to the previous story, the delivery of the narrative seems oddly coy about this and, for reasons I cannot figure out, turns the presence of the Daleks into a cliff-hanger of sorts – even though to me I thought that was the point of connecting the two. The return to the original planet of Skaro was welcome, because I did enjoy the original serial in the first season of the show; I remember the creepy emptiness of the metal city and these cold machines – it had a nicely bleak feeling which supported the story. In this outing though, the feeling is more one of being overly earnest – not so much that it is an event to be taken seriously, but just that it plays the bleak card a bit too much. As a tone I did like it generally, because it added weight to the narrative – the feeling of impossible odds, of one-way tickets, and of a powerful enemy; problem is that it doesn't really use this darker tone to do anything darker or more interesting than the norm.

    Instead we get familiar heroic (or pointless) deaths and sacrifices, lots of small-step narrative points, and comparatively simple character interactions. Again some of this does have legs, and aspects of it worked, but there was too much else that didn't really match it, and made it all feel a bit less convincing as a result. Speaking of things that did not convince, the production values do not really match the ambition of the serial; outside of the Daleks themselves, the sets, creatures and effects are roundly basic – something one forgives given the episodes are over 40 years old, but still – it is pretty consistent and always apparent. The cast struggle a bit too, as some of them have some weighty material to deliver, but it is not really written in a way that helps it be convincing or consistent. Pertwee and Manning remain good – the latter turning out to be a very good companion, certainly compared to the "run, scream, run, get stuff explained to her" pattern she had at the start. As characters the Daleks are not as imposing as they should have been; I know there is the old joke about getting away from them by running up stairs, but here they continually bested by use of rugs, a balloon on strings, and, ultimately, by a massive foam party.

    As a serial it does have a weight and bleakness to it which is welcome, but it doesn't really do much with it, which rather makes it look like it was unsuccessfully dressing up, rather than really being the thing it suggested it was.