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Charlie's Angels Marathon Angels (1976–1981) HD online

Charlie's Angels Marathon Angels (1976–1981) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Marathon Angels
Director: Bob Kelljan
Writers: Ivan Goff,Ben Roberts
Released: 1976–1981
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
After reporting the incident to the police, Helga Jonson enters the agency office to hire the Angels to find her business partner and friend, Sylvia Laven, both of who were attacked by two men in masks when they were just out for a run, with Sylvia abducted by them in the process. The Angels learn that the run was in preparation for the two to be part of a stunt event called "Twilliger's Twenty", where Mr. Twilliger of Twilliger's Togs sportswear has hired twenty attractive and fit women to run a fifteen mile staggered start race through the streets of Los Angeles wearing his running clothes, each woman completing the race paid $1,000, with the winner to receive $5,000. Initially only a starting point in their investigation, the Angels and Bosley believe the race has something to do with Sylvia's abduction. By race time, another entrant, Sally Cole, has also not shown up, they further believing Sally also abducted. Beyond the other seventeen runners who may have tried to eliminate the...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Kate Jackson Kate Jackson - Sabrina Duncan
Jaclyn Smith Jaclyn Smith - Kelly Garrett
Cheryl Ladd Cheryl Ladd - Kris Munroe
David Doyle David Doyle - John Bosley
Sarah Purcell Sarah Purcell - Millicent Krail
Danuta Wesley Danuta Wesley - Helga Jonson
Ronnie Schell Ronnie Schell - Ernie Flack
Edward Walsh Edward Walsh - George Tolan
Ernesto Macias Ernesto Macias - Castor (as Eric Mason)
Walter Brooke Walter Brooke - Twilliger
Beth Specht Beth Specht - Jane Marshall
Karen Specht Karen Specht - Jan Marshall
Suzanne Niles Suzanne Niles - June Marshall
Elizabeth Norman Elizabeth Norman - Lashi Hassir
Andre Philippe Andre Philippe - Hassir

Kate Jackson refused to run braless in this episode, which was one of the reasons she was let go at the end of the season. She had also refused to wear bikinis and was constantly putting the show down as fluff, once saying it was "... so light it would take a week to get to the floor if you dropped it from the ceiling."

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    Charlie's Angels is a fun show. My wife and I have been watching the first three seasons, and this is easily one of the most idiotic episodes of any TV show ever broadcast. 75% of the episode is simply video of girls running in a foot race with the stupidest, campiest, music you ever heard repeated over and over until your every nerve is on edge and you want to scream.

    There's a small sub-plot about exploiting women - which is ironic since this entire episode is just one big example of exploitation because it has absolutely nothing to offer except watching women run.
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    When a woman training to run in a marathon race (where the winner will receive five thousand dollars, and every participant who crosses the finish line will receive one thousand) gets kidnapped, and another one disappears, Kris and Kelly take their place and join (in a manner of speaking) the race to find out what is going on. One of the lightest, most colorful "Charlie's Angels" episodes, with all sorts of weird stuff going on: kidnappers with Halloween masks, rich Arabs, a hostile TV reporter, a lady with a pet snake, three women apparently hiding guns, two sisters that simply MUST take part in the race no matter what, a run through a Hollywood studio, and more. But don't worry, all these disparate elements come together by the end. "Marathon Angels" does perhaps have a tad too much running footage, but it also has one of the smartest lines of the entire series: "She's jogging her memory!". *** out of 4.
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    I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because of the bevy of beauties in this episodes, but whoever wrote and directed this episode should be hung out to dry. 80% if the episodes is the girls "running" a marathon with the worst music in the world on repeat.
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    Sabrina,Kelly and Kris investigate the mysterious disappearance of Sylvia and Sally, two participants in a promotional marathon race in Marathon Angels.

    A woman turns to Charlie for help after two men in masks kidnap her friend during a jog. She explains that they planned to enter Twilliger's Twenty, a fifteen-mile road race organized by a sports clothing manufacturer. He has agreed to pay twenty women $1000 each for completing the race, with a bonus prize of $5000 for the winner. The Angels and Bosley investigate and come across three participants and a male friend behaving in a very suspicious fashion. Another competitor hides a large snake in her backpack. The Angels ask Charlie to run background checks on Twilliger and Millicent Krail, a cynical TV reporter who accuses Twilliger of exploiting the young women in the race. The daughter of a wealthy sheik insists on running the race to experience what it is like to be an American. The men in the masks nab a second runner. Kelly and Kris try to enter the race to check things out, but two sisters have conveniently appeared to fill the vacant spots. They refuse an offer to let Kelly and Kris run in their place and give them the money. Kris and Kelly sneak into the race wearing fake numbers, and Kelly sees the van that may have been involved in the kidnapping. The trio that behaved mysteriously before the race was actually plotting with its manager to put on a song and dance "audition" for the cameras during an interview with Millicent. The woman with the snake gives an on-air plug for the Snake Pit restaurant. Charlie discovers that the Craft sisters have a criminal record, and that the van belongs to one of two men who was involved in a scheme with them during their time in the Navy. The kidnappers dump the missing runners off at a warehouse. The Craft sisters try to grab the sheik's daughter, but Kris stops them. Kelly chases the van back toward Sabrina and Bosley, and they force the men to lead them to the other girls. They had taken the runners whose numbers were directly before and after the sheik's daughter so that the Craft sisters could replace them. They planned to kidnap the woman and demand a large ransom.

    Obviously,this episode involves another sport called marathon.Although there seems to be less scenes between the Angels and more scenes among the supporting characters,the story is decent and worthy of a Charlie's Angels' fan.
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    May be one of the worst episodes of any TV show ever.