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Killer Kids Mommie Dearest/Forbidden Love (2011– ) HD online

Killer Kids Mommie Dearest/Forbidden Love (2011– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / Biography / Crime
Original Title: Mommie Dearest/Forbidden Love
Director: Ralph Greco
Released: 2011–
Duration: 42min
Video type: TV Episode
In Lynton, Indiana, a cold and calculating wife decides that divorce doesn't go far enough and engineers a horrifying plot to murder her husband. The entire town becomes a suspect as police try to uncover who actually pulled the trigger. Next, two goth teenagers begin a secret, illegal love affair filled with sex, drugs, and murder.
Episode credited cast:
Bill Bingham Bill Bingham - Detective Keller
Kaytlin Brown Kaytlin Brown - Tyler Witt
Kylie Brown Kylie Brown - Alyssa Tomich
Lauren Elyse Buckley Lauren Elyse Buckley - Melissa Zitterman
Collin Gaveck Collin Gaveck - Steven Colver
Kristin Goddard Kristin Goddard - Constance Tomich
Mo Kelly Mo Kelly - Joann Witt
Ron McMahon Ron McMahon - C.S.I. Detective
Tom Phelan Tom Phelan - Aaron Bixler
John Zacchino John Zacchino - Roger