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Monsters Pool Sharks (1988–1990) HD online

Monsters Pool Sharks (1988–1990) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Pool Sharks
Director: Alan Kingsberg
Writers: Alan Kingsberg
Released: 1988–1990
Duration: 21min
Video type: TV Episode
A hustler plays a high-stakes game of pool with a lovely creature of the night.
Episode cast overview:
Tom Mason Tom Mason - Gabe
Irving Metzman Irving Metzman - Lester
Rebecca Kyler Downs Rebecca Kyler Downs - Natasha (as Rebecca Downs)
Page Johnson Page Johnson - Cappy

Reviews: [8]

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    After watching all the episodes of the Monsters series, this is by far my favorite. It pits a classic duel of good vs. evil, with a gradual reveal of information justifying the scenario, adding the perfect element of mystery until the final moments of the show.

    Often there are multiple context flaws in short story episodes, which end up distracting from story line. For me, the script in "Pool Sharks" effectively explains the "questions" that arise while progressing through the story, subsequently drawing you in to the unfolding events.

    I loved this episode when watching it in the late 80s and after watching it again this month I find it still holds validity as a great Monsters short story. Thank you to the writers and directors who put this project together many years ago.
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    ...if not of the whole series. I love the essential battle of wits between the two main characters. Very well done.
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    Ok, so this episode of monsters is outstanding! It has everything you could want! 1. Hot Vampire Chick - Got it 2. Sexy Saxophone Music - Got it 3. Americas Favorite Sport ..... Pool - Yep, it's in there. 4. An Epic Struggle between good and evil - You better believe it's there! 5. Superstar actress Tia Carrere from the Relic Hunter - Well actually, you cant have everything you want, but 4 out of 5 isn't bad. This episode was so good, I watched it thrice, and I even have a job. It's the best episode in a mediocre anthology series. Watch this episode. You won't regret it, and if you do, it's not my fault Tia isn't in it.
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    Finally a really good tale on "Monsters" using a pool game as a battle between a potential feast for an alluring vampire who uses her seductive wiles to lure her usual opponents to their doom. The title for this episode, "Pool Sharks" is apt and clever as the two competing against each other both have secrets and may be more than they appear. With a nice noirish atmosphere of the pool hall setting (not to mention, a smooth jazzy score to add flavor to this setting) and compelling characters, "Pool Sharks" actually adds a little va va voom to what is still a tale of predator versus prey, a high-stakes pool game the decisive factor in who lives and who dies. Tom Mason is Gabe, walking in one night as Natasha (the luscious Rebecca Kyler Downs) is (we're led to believe) playing a game of pool where if her *mark*, Lester (Irving Metzman), wins he gets a kiss, having to pay her if he loses. Lester is an undertaker with a hearse parked outside and after Gabe takes him to school, he takes a hike. We'll just say that there's more to Lester than meets the eye. This is where Natasha and Gabe, both seemingly attracted to each other, decide to compete in a game of pool, the stakes being whoever is victor gets the "actual person" as prize. Now there's more to this bet than you might think..

    Not particularly a "spook show" or "creature feature" as one has come to expect when watching an episode of "Monsters", but I thought "Pool Sharks" give the rather tired vampire story a nice spin even if some of tropes associated with the Bram Stoker type of bloodsucker remain such as the reviling of the crucifix, the importance of getting your meal before the sun comes up, and the use of a stake to the heart as a killing method. The cast of characters are really good, which helps matters a great deal; Downs is especially memorable as a sexy vamp in a tight-fitting black dress, with red lipstick and soft hair that sets the men at awe (and rightfully so). The pool playing should be mentioned as we see some amazing shots displayed during the competition.
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    Excellent battle of wits between a blood thirsty vampire and a man seeking vengance
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    A hustler walks into a pool hall and manages to to con a mortician into a high stakes game of pool , after beating him he is then challenged by a beautiful young lady to another high stakes game. If he wins he gets her, but, if she wins she gets him. As the game continues secrets and pasts are revealed as the hustler plays for his life.

    I will say one thing its hard sometimes for a series which runs only twenty one minutes in length to have a screenplay which manages to flesh out its story, but, surprisingly "Pool Sharks" manages to pull it off. It starts out simple enough then transforms into a battle of good vs. evil with the notion of revenge on the mind, as ulterior motives or revealed. Our one set location inside a bar looks dark and very atmospheric, almost giving it a noir type feel. The cast particularly are two main players are good especially Rebecca Downs as the vampire. There's not much of a twist in this one and many might look at it as just a dull straight forward story, which in most cases it is, but, I actually enjoyed it and that's good enough for me. This is also the second vampire story in the first nine episodes.
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    Monsters: Pool Sharks is set in some backstreet watering hole of a bar where sexy babe Natasha (Rebecca Kyler Downs) is playing pool, then Gabe (Tom Mason) walks in & they have a few games together. They are both impressive pool players & the game is very tight when the stakes are suddenly raised, it turns out that Natasha is a blood drinking Vampire who prey's on men & had previously killed Gabe's brother. Gabe is now looking for revenge & the loser of the bet will have to pay the ultimate price, their very life...

    Episode nine from season one of Monsters this originally aired in the US during December 1988, written & directed by Alan Kingsberg I didn't think Pool Sharks was one of the better episodes but it's not too bad & it's certainly better than The Legacy (1988) from earlier on in the season. The whole concept about a man seeking revenge on a Vampire isn't anything original but this is a nice twenty odd minute take on things as it's set entirely around a pool table in a bar. There isn't much to Pool Sharks really, Natasha & Gabe play pool while sussing each other out & finally revealing their ulterior motives to each other. There's not much of a twist here in this one, it tells it's story effectively enough but it's fairly straight forward stuff. The dialogue is quite snappy & it certainly passes the time harmlessly enough but it's a bit forgettable & rather unremarkable.

    The one set used here look good & the production values are fine. I still don't understand how Gabe managed to make that last ball jump out of the pocket & it's never explained. It's fairly obvious the two leads can't play pool themselves & whenever there's a trick shot their face is always off screen so some professional pool player can make the shot for them. There's a bit of blood in this episode at the end but little in the way of horror or gore, this is more of a character piece than anything else. The acting is alright & Rebecca Downs makes for a sexy pool playing Vampire.

    Pool Sharks is the second Monsters episode about Vampires after The Vampire Hunter (1988) which is the slightly better episode although Pool Sharks is still watchable enough, there's just not that much to it when all said & done.
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    POOL SHARKS is a very predictable episode of the MONSTERS TV show. It feels like the writer came up with a single line idea - how about a guy playing pool with a vampire? - had it greenlit, and then struggled to write a 30-minute screenplay around it.

    Very little happens in this story, other than the usual old vampire clichés are paraded out again to very little effect. The acting of the male lead is particularly dull, as he's completely uncharismatic, although Rebecca Downs is fairly effective as a sexy female vampire. This kind of story can only end one way, really, and the climax holds no surprises.