» » Taboo American Style: A Mini-Series Part 3 (1985)

Taboo American Style: A Mini-Series Part 3 (1985) HD online

Taboo American Style: A Mini-Series Part 3 (1985) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adult / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Taboo American Style: A Mini-Series Part 3
Director: Henri Pachard
Released: 1985
Duration: 1h 14min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview, first billed only:
Raven Raven - Nina Sutherland
Gloria Leonard Gloria Leonard - Emily Sutherland
Paul Thomas Paul Thomas - Harding Sutherland
Tom Byron Tom Byron - Tom Sutherland
Taija Rae Taija Rae - Lisa Chinaski (credit only)
Robert Kerman Robert Kerman - Jack Chinaski (as R. Bolla) (credit only)
Joey Silvera Joey Silvera - David Weiss
Kelly Nichols Kelly Nichols - Felitia Barry (credit only)
Carol Cross Carol Cross - Marylyn Wilkerson
Sharon Kane Sharon Kane - Marsha Holtzman (credit only)
Jeanne Silver Jeanne Silver - Actress
Frank Serrone Frank Serrone - Clete Chinaski (credit only)
Jose Duval Jose Duval - Sid Holtzman (as Jose Duvell) (credit only)
Henri Pachard Henri Pachard - Doctor Berman (credit only)
Sarah Bernard Sarah Bernard - Dierdra Weiss

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    I chose part three of "Taboo American Style" to comment on because it contains a wickedly erotic scene between Gloria Leonard and Tom Byron that concludes the film. They play mother and son, respectively. Now, incest scenes were not that rare at the time this film came out (it's the third part of a whole incest SOAP OPERA, for cryin' out loud) but this scene is the most effective and erotic of all the heterosexual incest scenes ever filmed. This is because the two actors are so committed and seem so real that there is a sense of uncleanliness about it (always welcome in porn.) Gloria Leonard is not a typical porn star, she seems more like a real person than your average porn star (female OR male.) That's why she's one of the best, in my opinion. The late 70s through the mid-80s were her peak period. Think of her scorching lesbian scene in "Heat Wave," for instance. Hell, she's only in ONE SHOT of "Joy" (1977) and she still makes an impression. Her scene in "Taboo American Style" part four is good, but there's something about the last scene of this film that lingers in my mind. A truly great performance.
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    Rick Marx's uncredited script for this series of four classic Henri Pachard Adult movies develops beyond the core obsession with incest to explore villainess Raven's dastardly character in Part 3, with her transition to a film acting career.

    Pachard packs in the sex scenes (seven in 71 minutes), beginning with Raven's brother Tom Byron away at Brown University, humping his girlfriend, luscious Carol Cross. Meanwhile, Raven is still having sex with her daddy Paul Thomas, while mom Gloria Leonard, slowly turning into a zombie under the effects of pills Raven is feeding her as tranquilizers, pathetically awaits the visit of son Tom for Christmas Vacation.

    PT requests that Queen Bee Raven move out of their bedroom temporarily to keep up appearances, as they will be hosting Tom and Carol, as well as a planned visit from a key business associate and his wife: movie producer Joey Silvera and frau Sarah Bernard.

    Raven manages to seduce her brother Tom, and then bamboozles Carol into having lesbian sex with her, including a vibrator inserted in Carol's posterior, topping it off with bringing Tom into the picture for a more than chummy teenage threesome. This is strong stuff, even topping the series' first two installments.

    After Tom & Carol leave, it's time to entertain Silvera & Sarah, with a rather brittle dinner in which ma Gloria is out of it, Raven can't resist flirting with daddy, and the guests are nonplussed. After dinner Joey and Sarah have sex, but Raven joins them for yet another threesome. Result is significant, as after his money shot Raven requests: "I want a screen test", to which the producer replies: "You had it".

    Part 3 climaxes amazingly with mother Gloria getting into the bathtub to wash her son, ignoring his objections that he's a grown 19-year-old now, and telling him of the Raven/daddy incest. There's no time for Tom to mull over his own guilt feelings for having succumbed to sis Raven's incestuous desires before Gloria has seduced him as well - completing the circle of heterosexual taboos.