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Tinka De Taxi (2013) HD online

Tinka De Taxi (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Crime / Drama / Family / Mystery
Original Title: Tinka De Taxi
Director: Ajit Kumar Srivastava
Writers: Madhu Bhushan Sharma
Released: 2013
Video type: Creative Work
The story is called TINKA DI TAXI and it revolves around a taxi driver. His son has just died and his son was the only family he had. He tries telling this to his colleagues, his passengers but no one listens to him. Everybody is busy in their own selves. Then in the end he tries telling his best friend about this but the friend is too tired to listen. Frustrated he goes to his taxi and talks about his son. This taxi is actually his son's taxi. And in frustration he also says that the taxi has no other option but to listen to the story of his son's sad demise. At this point the driver reveals what actually happened to his son and how he died.
Cast overview:
Naiyar Jafri Naiyar Jafri - Santokhe (Taxi Driver)
Ajit Kumar Srivastava Ajit Kumar Srivastava - Santokhe Friend
Shrey Kaul Shrey Kaul
Dimcy Aggarwal Dimcy Aggarwal