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Ingenium (2018) HD online

Ingenium (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Thriller
Original Title: Ingenium
Director: Steffen Hacker
Writers: Michael Knoll
Released: 2018
Duration: 1h 27min
Video type: Movie
As Felicitas' life is turned upside down she doesn't know if her nightmares are taking over or if something bigger is trying to control her - and the only way to find out the truth is her best friend Natascha who is locked up in an asylum.


Credited cast:
Heike Feist Heike Feist - Katharina Ohlert
Judith Hoersch Judith Hoersch - Natascha
Augustin Kramann Augustin Kramann - Der Alte
Esther Maaß Esther Maaß - Felicitas Peters
Anne Alexander Sieder Anne Alexander Sieder - Ms. Andrea Pierce
Eskindir Tesfay Eskindir Tesfay - Azrael
Adrian Topol Adrian Topol - Titus
Jan Yousagoon Jan Yousagoon - Gai

Originally planned to have a run-time of around 60 minutes, "Ingenium" underwent two complete rewrites that changed the story completely each time and brought the film up to feature film length. However the scenes in Thailand, with which filming began in 2012, could not be re-shot and thus were altered heavily in post production to match new dialogue and new story facts. Lead actress Esther Maaß as Felicitas was shot in front of green screen and replaced herself in dialogue scenes in Bangkok that had been shot four years earlier.

Before the showdown all of a sudden the Berlin Dome is covered in snow whereas it was sunny in the scenes before. This really happened on the shoot that took place three years in a row at Easter (exactly like in the story) when a warm and sunny springtime day suddenly turned into a snowstorm. Production did not stop and incorporated the dramatically changed weather into the story, having the whole showdown (that was shot in a green screen studio) taking place in blowing snow.