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Lamu Drunkard's Boogie (1981–1986) HD online

Lamu Drunkard's Boogie (1981–1986) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Drunkardu0027s Boogie
Director: Tamiko Kojima
Writers: Tomoko Konparu,Rumiko Takahashi
Released: 1981–1986
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
At school, Ataru discovers that Oni become intoxicated by umeboshi (pickled plums), and that both Lum and Ten are the worst kind of drunks: mean drunks! Scores of students end up in the infirmary from Lum's electricity, and Ten's flames.
Episode credited cast:
Fumi Hirano Fumi Hirano - Lum (voice)
Toshio Furukawa Toshio Furukawa - Ataru Moroboshi (voice)
Saeko Shimazu Saeko Shimazu - Shinobu (voice)
Kazuko Sugiyama Kazuko Sugiyama - Ten-chan (voice)
Ichirô Nagai Ichirô Nagai - Cherry (voice)
Ken'ichi Ogata Ken'ichi Ogata - Ataru's Father (voice)
Natsumi Sakuma Natsumi Sakuma - Ataru's Mother (voice)
Akira Kamiya Akira Kamiya - Mendou (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Shigeru Chiba Shigeru Chiba - Megane (voice)
Michihiro Ikemizu Michihiro Ikemizu - Onsen-Mark (voice)
Hiroshi Izawa Hiroshi Izawa - (voice)
Akira Murayama Akira Murayama - Perm (voice)
Shinji Nomura Shinji Nomura - Kakugari (voice)
Bin Shimada Bin Shimada - (voice)
Tarako Tarako - (voice)