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Gags (2006) HD online

Gags (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Gags
Director: Phil Valentine
Writers: Phil Valentine
Released: 2006
Budget: $20,000
Duration: 44min
Video type: Movie
Gags, short for Anthony Gagliano, married his high school sweetheart Red, a name given to her for her fiery red hair and matching personality. When the marriage doesn't work out, due to Gags' meddling Italian mother, Red moves to Las Vegas to create a little "space" since growing up in the same neighborhood makes it hard for Red to do anything without Gags finding out about it. She takes a job as a nutritionist in a gym. Gags suddenly decides to move the family business to Las Vegas' since Las Vegas is a booming construction mecca. Everyone knows it's because he's still in love with Red. Gags also decides to join a gym to get in shape and you can guess which gym he chooses. Red is secretly glad Gags is there since she is finding that her New york attitude is making her more of a fish out of water than she thought. The characters in the gym are a diverse collection of zany personalities and the perfect petri dish for comedy.
Credited cast:
Brian August Brian August - Phillippe
Kelby Brown Kelby Brown - Brandeaux
Kevin Campbell Kevin Campbell - Gags
Molly Nadeau Molly Nadeau - Angela
Molly Nadeau Molly Nadeau - Angela
Jon Paul Raniola Jon Paul Raniola - Rob (as John Paul Raniola)
Brian St. August Brian St. August - Phillipe
Janien Valentine Janien Valentine - Red

Reviews: [8]

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    Caught this at a film festival in Nevada. I guess they listed it as a short film, but it didn't seem like one. It looks like a pilot for a sitcom, plays like a pilot for a sitcom, but it's actually pretty funny (unlike most sitcoms). The shorter "Gags" brother stole the show. Actually, all the actors were surprisingly good. Normally there are some "groaners" in low-budget fare but these actors all carried their roles believably. It actually brought some genuine wit too, rather than the retreaded clichés that permeate network fare. Sometimes it seemed a bit forced, but it also had a touch of "Seinfeldian" plot-weaving in it, where character flaws came full circle to tie it up together at the end. Lots of people try to do that, not all that many succeed; "Gags" did just fine.

    Check it out, it was fun.
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    What a great little gem of a movie. A short film hasn't made me "belly laugh" in a while but this one definitely did it. The writing is rapid fire funny with really well-crafted characters. The comedic timing of the actors is super sharp as well. They definitely had that solid ensemble feeling like a show that's been running for years. Big kudos to the director for pulling together such a great piece on a small budget. The cinematography, locations, editing -- all really impressive. Janien Valentine was FANTASTIC as the feisty, "Red". Where did she come from??? She has this hybrid of Elaine from Seinfeld quality where she could hold her own with "the boys" and the sassiness of Leah Remini from King of Queens. I'd love to see HER in a series!
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    I really enjoyed this film. You can really tell that the writing was done by someone with experience in comedy. There were plenty of laughs in all the right places. I was pleasantly surprised at the talent they found for a film like this. I know the budget was limited but they certainly didn't take it out in talent. The premise was realistic and interesting. I think it will get picked up. I especially liked the "Rob" character, played by Jon Paul Raniola. His comedic timing was impeccable. I've seen Janien Valentine in live shows and she is incredibly engaging. She has a beautiful singing voice and a large presence on stage. I hope we see more of the peripheral characters like Angela and Rob highlighted in future episodes.
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    Short film (it's pretty long), TV pilot, whatever it is, I loved it. I hope someone at Comedy Central sees "Gags." It would be a perfect addition to their lineup of original programming, similar as it is in style to "Reno 911," "Man Bites Dog" and "American Body Shop." The direction is kinetic, the dialogue crisp and economical, and the performances suitably broad. The leads are all immensely likable, especially Kevin Campbell, who brings a Ralph Kramden-meets-Shrek bluster to the role of "Gags." Of the supporting players, Janien Valentine stands out as a stellar comedienne as well as actress. At the reins of this comic gem is writer/director Phil Valentine. He does a phenomenal job, and I can't wait to see what he does with these characters in the future, if not as a series, then in a sequel to the first film. If it's half as side- splitting as Gags 1, I'll be the first one in line.
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    Given that I've seen the pilot, but not the final product, my impression of this show is that it's funny, well written and executed, with an appropriate cast.

    So often with sit-com shows, the writers assume the audience is uneducated; so the more recent shows reflect this assumption and play to the lowest common denominator. But, we aren't idiots, and the GAGS writers see this. Instead of dragging down our literacy in this country, (most folks watch an average of 6 hrs of TV per day), GAGS writers try to lift us while they have our attention and hope to incite refreshing laughs at the same time! It's a tough gap to bridge, but it seems to me they're up for the challenge! As far as the cast and how they each perform, I think they do an appropriate job based on the genre of GAGS. I believe this is the goal of any show. That being said, we all have target rich areas which most of us work on daily; these cast members are no different. Each cast member is as sensitive to input as anybody, but they try to receive it well and they all work diligently to improve upon those targets while remaining professional about their work. In referencing Janien Valentine, I've seen her perform as well as act, and I can say, hands down, she's incredibly talented! She works diligently to improve daily in all areas, and is her own worst critic, as any good performer is. I strongly feel she adds a more than appropriate quality and dimension to the GAGS team. Keep up the great work folks! Be strong and Positive!
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    Gags is a hugely entertaining sitcom - - the writing is provides tons of laughs and is engagingly entertaining - - additionally, the character development is very well done.

    The cast did a great job with the material and I would love to see more sitcoms on television vs. all of the medical and forensic shows are are now drowning in.

    The unjustified comment regarding one of the cast members is truly unfounded - - Janien Valentine adds to the cast - - kudos to the entire cast as well as the writer.

    I hope someone reads all of the positive comments on this site regarding Gags and picks this one up to develop, for I am sure it would prove to be a long running successful sitcom.
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    I recently saw this comedy called Gags, and I have to tell you it was hilarious. It was full of non stop laughs and the characters were extremely likable making you almost feel like one of the crew. One thing I really liked about Gags though, was the acting in it. I don't know where they got the actors but it almost seems like they were meant for this show, each and everyone of them extremely strong in their individual parts. I also have to agree with the previous post that Janien Valentine was fantastic in her role, especially when she was about to get a massage from a gay man without a massage license, talk about funny. I definitely will try and study out whatever else she has been in so I can see that as well, as well as the rest of the casts works. I am not sure when I have laughed as hard as this and they definitely need to continue on with this show. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!
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    I watched this short film and I laughed out loud. The locations were great and the directing of comedy also very good. I could totally relate to the female lead character played by Janien Valentine. She plays this character so spicy and adorable, funny, great comedic acting. I can't wait to see her in more films. I loved all the funny characters in this film, the Italian mother was also particularly funny. I specifically like the scene that takes place in the hot tub. This reminds me of a mix of soprano's meets, friends, meets Everybody Loves Raymond. This would make a great TV series. I hope this director/writer makes this short into a full length film.