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Simpsonid From Russia Without Love (1989– ) HD online

Simpsonid From Russia Without Love (1989– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Comedy
Original Title: From Russia Without Love
Director: Mike B. Anderson,Matthew Nastuk
Writers: Matt Groening,James L. Brooks
Released: 1989–
Duration: 21min
Video type: TV Episode
Bart, Nelson and Milhouse get a mail-order bride for Moe as a hardcore prank.
Episode complete credited cast:
Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta - Homer Simpson / Barney Gumble / Krusty the Clown / Groundskeeper Willie / Moose (voice)
Julie Kavner Julie Kavner - Marge Simpson (voice)
Nancy Cartwright Nancy Cartwright - Bart Simpson / Nelson Muntz (voice)
Yeardley Smith Yeardley Smith - Lisa Simpson (voice)
Hank Azaria Hank Azaria - Moe Szyslak / Carl Carlson / Duffman / Kirk Van Houten (voice)
Harry Shearer Harry Shearer - Herman Hermann / Lenny Leonard (voice)
Jon Lovitz Jon Lovitz - Hacky / Snitchy the Weasel (voice)
Ksenia Solo Ksenia Solo - Anastasia Alekova (voice)
Pamela Hayden Pamela Hayden - Milhouse Van Houten (voice)
Tress MacNeille Tress MacNeille - Lindsey Naegle / Amazon Alexa (voice)
Chris Edgerly Chris Edgerly - Squirrel (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson Kevin Michael Richardson - Fats (voice)

"Moose and Squirrel" was a line often spouted by Russian Spy Natasha from Rocky and His Friends (1959).

Lainey Fontaine seems to be an allusion to Broadway legend Elaine Stritch .

Ksenia Solo , the voice actor for Anastasia Alekova, was actually born in the Former Soviet Union, and is a resident of Canada.

The music played during the Nelon meets his Dad scene and the closing credits was composed by Gustav Holst and is titled Mars.

Couch Gag: The couch is a toaster and the Simpsons pop out of it but Homer gets caught and catches fire.

The title is a reference to "From Russia With Love".

Reviews: [5]

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    I'm thankful for this episode. It proves that the Simpsons aren't going stale. I mean I've noticed some slumping recently and this is much better writing than I've seen this season. Anyway...Great episode... Funny jokes... Good writing... Sad childhood for Nelson... A Good Watch!
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    Another masterpiece of the Simpsons that reveals how inner good a person Moe is, and if that is not satisfactory enough, Moe not only outsmarted Bart in a prank phone call, but also, Bart is punished severely for what he did and that makes fans root for Homer, Marge, and Moe. A must see for simpsons fans!
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    Very reminscent of old simpsons episodes. Just a wacky day in springfield. This one does not try to smother u with politics. And Moe episodes are never bad!
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    Really not bad episode everything was fine until the ending that the bride is just a fraud it didn't fit at all.
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    The episode was good, But I think, As the Simpsons are going to an end, It'd have been much more exciting & thoughtful if Simpsons had made a trip to Russia, Every Simpsons fan knows how Super Exciting & Hilarious the England, China & india episodes were.