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Relic Hunter A Vanishing Art (1999–2002) HD online

Relic Hunter A Vanishing Art (1999–2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Fantasy / Mystery / Adventure / Action / Sci-Fi
Original Title: A Vanishing Art
Director: Ian Toynton
Writers: Gil Grant,Naomi Janzen
Released: 1999–2002
Duration: 44min
Video type: TV Episode
Accompanying Max the magician, Sydney and Nigel journey to Atlantic City, New Jersey, searching for Hungary's lost, allegedly cursed Royal Sceptre.
Episode complete credited cast:
Tia Carrere Tia Carrere - Sydney Fox
Christien Anholt Christien Anholt - Nigel Bailey
Lindy Booth Lindy Booth - Claudia
Julie McCullough Julie McCullough - Erica, The Erotic
Shaun Smyth Shaun Smyth - Rex Rolands
Nicolas Van Burek Nicolas Van Burek - The Great Brodsky
Brian Paul Brian Paul - Emperor Franz
Stavroula Logothettis Stavroula Logothettis - Empress Elizabeth
Jeff Pustil Jeff Pustil - Malcolm Zales
Taylor Price Taylor Price - Mechanical Man

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    And now for something completely different: magicians and their tricky, sometimes dangerous illusions. In 1897, the Great Brodsky impressed his royal audience at Budapest with a message from the spirit world that the Hungarian king's scepter was cursed and must be removed. Immediately the scepter disappeared, and it stayed lost for a century. Cut to the present day, when Sydney Fox is asked to look for the missing artifact. The search takes her to the House of Magic, where she meets the most skilled magicians of today...

    There is hardly any suspense in this story, since we are told in the introduction who most likely took the artifact, but the whole scenery in the House of Magic is charming. And I loved the scene at the beginning when the magician tells the whole story to Sydney, while Claudia fights desperately with a dove in the background, this is like a scene from 'Police Squad'.