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Papa (2010) HD online

Papa (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Papa
Director: Jonathan Benedict Perera
Writers: Jonathan Benedict Perera
Released: 2010
Duration: 1h 20min
Video type: Movie
Justin's father died. The boy realizes how he didn't know his father and wants him back so strong that his father appears to him as a ghost who will be following him everywhere. But what was first a pleasant experience will turn into a nightmare as the father can't help criticizing everything Justin does. Until the boy understand what learning through life means and to accept his father's death.


Credited cast:
Augustin Bonhomme Augustin Bonhomme - Justin
Ivan Herbez Ivan Herbez - Florent
Dessislava Jacob Kozakevitch Dessislava Jacob Kozakevitch - Flora (as Dessy Kozakewicz)
Edouard Martini Edouard Martini - Papa
Georges Minisini Georges Minisini - Priest
Yann Montero Yann Montero - Family's friend
Jonathan Benedict Perera Jonathan Benedict Perera - Justin (voice)
Nathanaelle Perera Nathanaelle Perera - Flora (voice)
Luce Pimente Luce Pimente - Patient
Jean-Baptiste Poyet Jean-Baptiste Poyet - Florent (voice)
Cécile Rambaud Cécile Rambaud - Maman
Jean-Louis Rambaud Jean-Louis Rambaud - Papa (voice)
Aude Rascle Aude Rascle - Sara
Pierre-Yves Ripoll Pierre-Yves Ripoll - Psychologist

Reviews: [3]

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    I saw this at an International Film Festival; it was by far the highlight of the festival (which included a film of my own!).

    Other reviewers are quick to point out the personal nature of the material, and although this truth adds value and poignancy to the story, I believe it should be stressed that there is nothing so parochial about this film to make it inaccessible or irrelevant to a wider audience. Personal tales often fail to make good cinema by being too minutely observed and anchored in the 'real' setting of the event. They become so concerned with faithful portrayal and authenticity that they become understructured and unsatisfying cinematically. Perera's 'Papa' certainly does not fall into this trap. It deals with what is below the surface, it is less bothered with verisimilitude and more concerned with tearing reality apart than holding it together.

    The maturity with which this young film-making talent has handled the universally challenging subject of bereavement is admirable, and the resulting film is a thoroughly accomplished piece of storytelling. Well written and well acted, but most notably well directed and edited. There are times where sentiment could derail the whole project, but Perera does not let this happen, nor does he lose the balance between humour and earnest investigation of emotion.

    It's almost hard to believe this is a debut effort. It is a triumph of some magnitude; let's hope for more.
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    I love Mercedes

    I was fortunate enough to view this film at a festival in Europe. It seemed to me to be a labor of love by the writer as a dedication to his father. I'm only saying that because it seemed like such a personal story. I wish I had a chance to speak with the writer to ask him. But since I did not, I can only assume. I feel that this film will appeal to anyone who has lost a parent. It reveals what it must be like to cope with the feelings of regret and loss. As touching as this film is, the writer was careful not to tug at the heartstrings alone. There is quite a bit of humor sprinkled throughout. I'm sure that this writer's Papa would be proud.
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    I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the International Film Festival of Ireland in Clonmel, Tipperary. For someone who did not know what it's like to lose his father, I was able to relate to the sentiment; to the credit of this film. It was clear from the outset that this was a very personal journey for the filmmaker...the story was refreshingly original and entertaining. The acting was spot on, and I can't wait to see more from these soon-to-be stars.

    The film is about a young man who loses his father and realizes their relationship was less than spectacular. To his and his family's dismay, "Papa" appears to him just as he begins the grieving process.

    If you have the opportunity to see this film at a festival or (hopefully soon) streaming so.