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The Jack Benny Program Jack on Trial for Murder (1950–1965) HD online

The Jack Benny Program Jack on Trial for Murder (1950–1965) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: Jack on Trial for Murder
Director: Frederick De Cordova
Writers: George Balzer,Hal Goldman
Released: 1950–1965
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Jack goes on trial for murder, defended by superstar lawyer Perry Mason (Raymond Burr). The women in the courtroom swoon over Perry, but his defense of Jack is feeble. When Jack asks how Perry always wins on his own show, Perry Mason sneers "because my writers are better than yours !"
Episode cast overview:
Jack Benny Jack Benny - Jack Benny
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson - Rochester Van Jones
Don Wilson Don Wilson - Don Wilson / Herman Hockelfinger
Raymond Burr Raymond Burr - Perry Mason
Frank Nelson Frank Nelson - J.B. Willoby
Frank Wilcox Frank Wilcox - George--Judge
Addison Richards Addison Richards - Newspaper Reporter
Angelina Bauer Angelina Bauer - Juror
Grandon Rhodes Grandon Rhodes - Process Server
John Alvin John Alvin - Juror
George E. Stone George E. Stone - Court Clerk

Not only did Frank Wilcox play the judge in the dream sequence, he also played a "real" judge in eight episodes of _Perry Mason_.

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    One of the most memorable shows that Jack Benny did in his television years was have Raymond Burr on his show playing Perry Mason and defending Jack on a charge of murder.

    The wonder is that Jack would shell out the money to pay Perry Mason's retainer. That must have been the unkindest part of the whole affair for America's most beloved tightwad.

    The thing I remember best was after Perry was addressing the jury, Raymond Burr broke into a soft shoe dance for them. Usually Perry Mason never got as far as addressing the jury, not in the original series or later with those television films. Burr who had a remarkable sense of humor about himself and his character must have loved doing this show.

    It certainly is an episode not to be missed if ever broadcast or put out on DVD.
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    A lot of people have forgotten Jack Benny comedy, the sketches and the way he would make the most of either being a guest (like when Jack was on You Bet Your Life), or having a famous guest on his own show. Thanks to this being posted on You Tube, you can see why Benny was successful on Radio and Television.

    Jack starts out at his home getting pestered by a Rooster in his neighborhood constantly crowing. Then he falls asleep on his couch and dreams that he has been charged with the roosters murder. Of course Jack goes to court to face the charge, and makes sure he has the best defense lawyer he can get, Perry Mason. This is Raymond Burrs only guest shot on the series and he makes the most of it.

    Since is it a dream, the script gets away with a wide swath of humor. They reference more than Mason here, as there is also reference to the most famous American Defense Lawyer of all-time, Abe Lincoln. The script is almost ludicrous and very funny. Burr plays the comedy extremely well and manages to paraody his Perry Mason tv persona perfectly. There are throw away lines like the one about the DA being so good because he has been "watching him on television."

    So did Benny actually choke the rooster to death in his back yard like a witness (who looks suspiciously like Don Wilson) says he did? Will Mason lose this case because Della and Paul are not here to help him (they aren't even mentioned in this show. Must be Benny's budget could not afford the extra guests.

    A great send up of the classic Mason, and a show of Benny's great timing.