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Silent Witness Falling Angels: Part 2 (1996– ) HD online

Silent Witness Falling Angels: Part 2 (1996– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Falling Angels: Part 2
Director: Craig Viveiros
Writers: Graham Mitchell
Released: 1996–
Duration: 58min
Video type: TV Episode
Whilst fibres under the nails of the latest victim provide a link the the St Jude's homeless hostel Lana is interviewed as a formality and states that Owen Hanmore was outside the tube station at the time of the first death and must thus be innocent. Clarissa, however, finds evidence of Lana's prints on the victim's phone and Lana and Hanmore are both increasingly under suspicion as they locate Lana's child and attempt to kidnap him. The child will provide a link to the murders whilst Nikki helps Luke to come to terms with his own past.
Episode credited cast:
Liz Carr Liz Carr - Clarissa Mullery
David Caves David Caves - Jack Hodgson
Emilia Fox Emilia Fox - Dr. Nikki Alexander
Richard Lintern Richard Lintern - Dr. Thomas Chamberlain
Eve Matheson Eve Matheson - Commander Jane Garner
Leila Mimmack Leila Mimmack - Lana Sutherland
Edmond Moulton Edmond Moulton - Young Luke
Robert Mountford Robert Mountford - Jamal Jennings
Shina Shihoko Nagai Shina Shihoko Nagai - Witness
Woody Norman Woody Norman - Laurie
Goldy Notay Goldy Notay - Priya Beck
Cosh Omar Cosh Omar - Shopkeeper
Charlotte Pyke Charlotte Pyke - Beth Silsbury
Richard Rankin Richard Rankin - D.I. Luke Nelson
Jack Roth Jack Roth - Owen Hanmore

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    The second part of Falling Angels see the team take on a couple who behave as a modern day, violence fuelled Bonnie and Clyde. The first part was truly excellent, captivating and gripping viewing, the concluding episode was all that and more.

    First of all I mist give credit to writer Graham Mitchell, who was responsible for episodes such as a Special Relationship and coup de grace, it had more of a thriller feel to it, could have easily been a Waking the Dead script.

    Leila Mimmack and Jack Roth were both remarkable, and his tranafotransfoscene was incredible. The pair combined superbly, Roth perhaps stealing the show.

    A brilliant twist at the end, one which I'm sure nobody expected, those elements make for a story I would deem a classic, up there with Shadows. 10/10
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    These comments refer to the entire two part story.

    This story sees the team investigating to apparently unrelated deaths; a female deacon has been killed in her home and a drunk homeless man has fallen in front of a tube train. Meanwhile Lana Sutherland; a witness to the tube death has taken sympathy on another homeless man sat outside the station and invited him back to her place… this looks like it could be a fatal mistake as he seems distinctly creepy and it isn't long before we see him attacking more people who end up on the mortuary slab. Lana asks for his help finding the son she put up for adoption putting more people in danger. Away from the main case one of the investigating officers approaches Nikki, asking her to investigate a cold case concerning his mother who spent several years in gaol for killing her husband… he is convinced she is innocent despite her confession.

    For most of this story it looks obvious who the killer is; the only apparent question is whether Lana will become his victim or his accomplice. Jack Roth is distinctly creepy as Owen Hanmore, the obvious suspect, and Leila Mimmack is nicely ambiguous as Lana. The familiar setting of the London Underground and the apparently unrelated victims make this a somewhat disturbing story… taking the Tube after watching this would be like going for a swim after watching 'Jaws'! The conclusion does involve the obligatory twist but it isn't too far-fetched. The second case involving the policeman's mother is interesting but a bit irrelevant as the character is unlikely to appear again. Overall a solid story if not quite as gripping as the season opener.