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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Terrahawks
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Series
In the year 2020 Earth is under threat from Martian androids who want revenge on the human race. They consist of Zelda, her son Yung-star and her sister called Cy-star. An organisation is set up on Earth called Terrahawks, which is top secret to the rest of the world. This is led by Dr Tiger Ninestein with other characters such as Sergeant Major Zero, Captain Mary Falconer, Captain Kate Kestrel, Lieutenant Hiro and Lieutenant Hawkeye.
Series cast summary:
Jeremy Hitchen Jeremy Hitchen - Chick King / - 39 episodes, 1983-1986
Denise Bryer Denise Bryer - Mary Falconer / - 39 episodes, 1983-1986
Anne Ridler Anne Ridler - Cy-Star / - 39 episodes, 1983-1986
Windsor Davies Windsor Davies - Sergeant Major Zero 39 episodes, 1983-1986
Robbie Stevens Robbie Stevens - Dix-Huit / - 36 episodes, 1983-1986

One of the songs that Kate Kestrel sings is called "SOS Mr Tracy", a reference to Thunderbirds (1965), producer Gerry Anderson's most famous show.

Terrahawks was the first Gerry Anderson puppet series to be made without the familiar "Supermarionation" puppetry technique and instead used a new superior "Supermacromation", a Muppet-style puppetry technique that made the puppets look more realistic and enabled them to be operated for the first time without any strings.

The original 16mm master negatives for the series are no longer believed to exist, or at least their whereabouts are currently unknown. The distributors only hold 1 inch video transfers taken from the masters and duplicates in the 1980s. This means that there could be some material missing from installments in circulation (the first two episodes are known to be affected by cuts). However, London Weekend Television retain the majority of their 16mm transmission prints which may contain any omitted footage, whilst some effects work and title sequence material (on 35mm film) are known to survive.

The series used two different end-title sequences. In the UK, the credits were displayed against a tic-tac-toe game between red "Cubots" (from the Zeldan Android Empire) and blue Zeroids. In the event of a "draw," the Cubots always won by knocking a couple of Zeroids aside to form "three in a row." Zeroids and Cubots alike boasted three different facial expressions throughout the game: blank (during play), frowns (for the losers) and smiles (for the winners). Said credit sequence was rarely seen in the U.S. until TERRAHAWKS' recent 5-DVD box set had been released to stores, 20 years after its TV debut. Prior to that time, the end-credit sequence-background familiar to U.S. audiences had featured a bouncing Zeroid and stationary Cubot (both animated); after most of the titles had rolled, the Zeroid would bounce high out of frame, then fall on the Cubot and crush it, finally smiling and winking at the camera.

The Star Wars theme tune by John Williams is consider a possible strong influence behind the series theme tune.

Jeremy Hitchen modeled Tiger Ninestein's voice after Jack Nicholson.

Tiger Ninestein almost resembles David Bowie.

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    Terrahawks is EASILY THE MOST BRILLIANT of ANY of Gerry Anderson's puppetry programmes/series. I have not seen it since the early eighties and it is the ONLY one I wish they would repeat. Why has it, like so many other programmes and films from various people, been forgotten about? There is nothing bad that I can think about the programme. If you like science-fiction then you will love Terrahawks! it is THE most sci-fi of the lot, is FULL of humour and constantly takes the mickey out of itself.

    Oh what a fantastic, classic struggle of good against bad. Thankfully good ALWAYS won by the end of each episode/story line.

    Some people have written that it is childish and is now dated; how wrong can they be?! It worked on an adult level as well and it is only dated because nobody learns the lessons and values it teaches anymore due to an ever deteriorating society. As a child I would much rather watch a programme that teaches that if you do something wrong you will get punished for it and that if you do something right you will get rewarded. In the programme, as in life, you don't get anywhere if you are bad whereas the good side were always pleased that they had yet again thwarted Zelda's plans and saved the earth from yet another horrible invasion attempt. That was the basic message. If you do good you will like the feeling it gives you and therefore want more of those wonderful feelings. If you do bad the complete opposite happens. To learn morals such as these as a child is great and doesn't happen anymore.

    So if you can, beg, borrow, buy or steal (no don't steal. It's wrong to steal) one or more of the programmes. Get every one ever made and sit and enjoy a science-fiction programme that has, in my eyes, EASILY stood the test of time and is as good today as it was back in the eighties! How do I know it has easily stood the test of time if I haven't seen it for twenty years? Well if other series are being shown again now and this, as I stated at the start of this review, is EASILY THE MOST BRILLIANT of ANY of Gerry Anderson's puppetry programmes/series, will also have stood the test of time and therefore be as good now as it was back in the eighties!
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    I've just purchased a copy of 'Terrahawks' from my local blockbuster as they are getting rid of all their old tapes ([email protected]@rds) and it's the first time I've seen this in years. It's GREAT! Although this seems to be the forgotten Gerry Anderson series I think it's one of the best, the bad guys really are quite scary lookin. The ships are great! Those ball things rolling about the place if dead cool! It's all very sci-fi! If you liked the Thunderbirds and you get a chance to see this, DO SO because you won't regret it, I just wish I had more tapes!
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    This was the first Gerry Anderson programme I ever saw when I was a kid, and I still love it. Okay, so it CAN be cheesy at times, especially with Zelda and her family always doing the 'evil laugh' thing and the joke about Lt. Hiro's accent (Exactry!), but I still like it as it has a great sense of humour and adventure about it.

    I was glad when the series was released on DVD because that means I could now see the entire series! The extras on the DVDs are great as well, particularly the original shooting scripts which are contained. TERRAHAWKS also has some unintentional laughs in the guise of the preposterous sounding writer's pseudonyms used by Tony Barwick to disguise the fact that he wrote 98% of the episodes (examples include T.I. Gerstein, Koo Garstein, Leo Pardstein and P.U. Mastein, geddit?).

    The Terrahawks are a colourful team themselves, although team leader Dr. Ninestein is a real jerk most of the time, particularly towards Sgt. Major Zero, leader of the Terrahawk robots the Zeroids. But Zero more often than not gets his own back on Ninestein. The Zeroids are a rather enjoyable set of characters too. Each one has his own personality: there's the aforementioned Zero, who is a real soldier type, Five-Five, who always talks in rhyme, the French-accented Dix-Huit (or Dicks-Hu-It, as Zero pronounces it) and the camp Space Sergeant 101). Villainess Zelda and her family are rather two-dimensional but at times, they display interesting personalities.

    One element of the show which could be overdone is the amount of time Terrahawk pilot/pop star Kate Kestrel spends singing, but the songs are generally good. The storylines are pretty good too. One of the best is when some kind of mind control force is loose in the Terrahawk base, causing the team to face their worst fears.

    I give TERRAHAWKS a thumbs-up. It may probably never be considered a classic, but it is certainly enjoyable!
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    Contrary to other user reviews, I find Terrahawks far more enjoyable than Thunderbirds and Stingray, and a little more enjoyable than Captain Scarlett. The plots of Thunderbirds always seemed very one-dimensional, with the good-guys consistently getting on with each other and being good. Terrahawks has a little more depth to the characters, and some splendidly horrible running jokes (Tiger's consistent failure to beat the high-score on his game, the horrific mocking of Hiro's 'accent' ("Exactry!"), and the rivalry between the football Sgt. Zero and the speciesist Tiger).

    The plots also get a bit darker, later in the series, which adds further depth, and brings it closer to the more compelling style of Captain Scarlett, without giving up the humour.

    For Americans, trained by Hollywood to always expect a fluffy happy original-Star-Trek ending, I recommend Thunderbirds. For anyone who'd prefer a bit more of a Blake's 7 or Babylon 5 puppet show, I recommend Terrahawks.
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    I have recently bought all the re-released Terrahawks programmes on DVD and I think its great. I never really liked Thunderbirds as it seemed a bit bland, but this has a continuous theme going throughout the shows.

    Just a quick thought, what is Gerry Andersons obsession with Mars, I mean first it was the Mysterons and now its Zelda and her rabble.

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    This show is so under-rated, and I'm glad other people here know how to speak through their mouths, as they have praised it (they deserve a wonderful life, full of blessings). I'm not generally a Gerry Anderson fan (the only other show of the genre that I love is Starfleet, the Japanese puppet series from the same era as Terrahawks). Getting Terrahawks back in my life is one of the best things that has happened to me this century. I love the music, the zeroids, Yung-Star (I would marry him if I wasn't so reluctant to have the most ghastly mother-in-law possible!), and Mary. My favourite Kate Kestrel songs are Responsible, and Be My Star Tonight.

    I ask you, what other programme has robots as adorable as the zeroids? Not Stink-ray or Chunderbirds, for sure. I'm definitely a hawk-brain, not a bird-brain!
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    I have read the other reviews for this series and was quite pleased to note that there were very few criticisms. I suspect that I may have been one of the few who was an adult when I saw these programmes yet still sat through every episode - and looked forward to each new one beforehand. The great thing for me about these 30-minute gems was the fact that the stories were not deep (it was for young kids after all) yet they still worked on both an adult's and a child's level thereby ensuring that dad could sit down and watch this with the kids and be entertained too. Surprisingly nobody seems to have picked up on the clever casting of Windsor Davies who effectively reprised his role as the Sergeant-Major from the BBC sitcom "It Ain't Half Hot Mum". I reckon that for good all-round entertainment this is one of the best things Gerry Anderson ever did.
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    I can't belive that all of Gerry Adersons other series (like Stingray, Thunderbirds, Capt Scarlet, Joe 90 and Space 1999) get repeated every couple of years but Terrahawks has been left unshown since the early 80's. I luckily managed to track down a copy of series 5 though a Blackstar Video hunt and belive it was well worth the wait. What sets Terrahawks apart from the other Anderson shows is that it does'nt take itself too seriously which can be seen in such plot lines as the evil Zelda challenging Kate Kestral to the Intersteller Song Contest! For me the best thing about the series is the army of robotic sphere's known as the Zeroids under the command of Sargent Majoir Zero who I can only describe as Obidia Hakeswell from ITV's Sharpe turned into a goodie and a small robot football type thing! Also the inventiveness of having secret launch exits for ships by creating stately homes that open up and turbines to enable Hawkwing to fly up though a whilepool is more than the equal of anything on Tracy Island. Zelda dispite being an old hag of an android is a truly briliant Villan! "We're ready Earth scum!!!"
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    I remember watching this as a kid and I never really took to it in the same way as Captain Scarlet & Thunderbirds or Stingray. It was nowhere near as good as these earlier Anderson shows nor will it ever have the same cult status that those shows have. Watch the earlier shows-they are much, much better than Terrahawks!
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    Ferri - My name

    Compared to classics such as Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet, Terrahawks paled in comparison. However, to be fair, let's judge it on it's own merits. Perhaps comparing an 80's puppet show to a 60's puppet show isn't ethical.

    Terrahawks featured a military unit called Terrahawks (led by Dr. Tiger Ninestein) against an evil alien called Zelda (easily the ugliest character in any TV show) and her even uglier son Yung-Star. Zelda is one of these aliens who won't settle down and get a hobby, preferring to conquer the Earth instead (I wonder what these aliens do for fun after they've conquered a whole planet). Anyway, Ninestein and his Terrahawks Unit (which included characters such as ace pilot Hawkeye) battled the evil forces of Zelda each week. Joining the Terrahawks were two annoying but loveable robots Sgt. Major Zero and Space Sgt. 101 who were usually getting on Ninestein's nerves.

    The show does seem rather dated now. A new process was used in the TV show-supermacromation where the puppets didn't have strings(unlike Supermarionation which used strings in the 60's shows and paradoxically, looked better). I don't know if I'd enjoy it if I watched it now. And whilst it was largely enjoyable, it was lacking that certain something that seperates a good TV show from a really great TV show.

    But, all in all, kids will love it and it did have it's moments. Enjoy!
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    Actually this is on of the series including the Thunderbirds i enjoyed as a little kid. It is a military group led by Dr. Ninestein. Dr. Ninestein is a clone and when he gets killed he can restart himself into a new body that looks the same. They fight against the alien Zelda and her two kids Youngstar and Sister. She sends a lot of her monsters to Ninestein to kill it! She has cubes with her that are very strong and they fight also with her. They are the same as Zeroids. The Zeroids are balls with numbers and have no feelings as Ninestein always tell them. Therahawks has some black humor and is also nice for adults. Also the irritated Ninestein is a good thing to see! I enjoyed it a lot and it uses a lot of your fantasy!