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Die Wilde 13 (2013) HD online

Die Wilde 13 (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Biography / History
Original Title: Die Wilde 13
Director: Kerstin Schaefer,Paul Spengemann
Writers: Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo,Kerstin Schaefer
Released: 2013
Duration: 1h 17min
Video type: Movie
Creaking, sizzling and rattling the 13 leans into a curve. It's freight falters before the hungry machine works it's way through the district of Wilhelmsburg. The Metro bus 13 is the lifeline of Hamburg's largest, most international and poorest district and at the same time a burden shared by all inhabitants - named 'Wilde 13' (Wild 13). The film is not just a tribute to Wilhelmsburg but a rough documentary feature examining a transforming district, multinational everyday life and the clashes of rich and poor, young and old.
Credited cast:
Joseph Bowers Ohene-Mantey Joseph Bowers Ohene-Mantey - Joseph 'Kofi' Bowers Ohene-Mantey
Peter Falke Peter Falke - Peter Falke
Baris Kilic Baris Kilic - Baris Kilic
Mathias Lintl Mathias Lintl - Mathias Lintl
Julie Nagel Julie Nagel - Julie Nagel