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In Search of Shakespeare For All Time (2004) HD online

In Search of Shakespeare For All Time (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / Biography / History
Original Title: For All Time
Released: 2004
Duration: 4h
Video type: TV Episode
In March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I dies with no heir. King James of Scotland, whose mother, Mary Queen of Scots Elizabeth had beheaded, succeeds to the English throne. Shakespeare's company is made to serve the king with theater on Christmas holiday. In 1605, when the Gunpowder Plot is foiled, the king takes a firm and cruel anti-papist stance and it is during this time that Shakespeare writes "MacBeth". The king sees it as seditious and bans any further productions. As Protestantism is forced upon all English subjects through heavy fines, imposed a on Shakespeare's daughter Susanna herself, he next writes and produces "King Lear". After the beginnings of civil uprising of the Diggers of Warwickshire, the day following his attendance of Susanna's marriage to a Puritan doctor, a marriage that will finally bear him a grandchild, Shakespeare returns to London to write and produce "Coriolanus". He and the company open a second theater across the river Thames in London, in the Priory of the ...
Episode credited cast:
Gregory Doran Gregory Doran - Himself
Ray Fearon Ray Fearon - Various
Gerald Kyd Gerald Kyd - Various
Fred Melamed Fred Melamed - Announcer
Robert Whitelock Robert Whitelock - Hamlet
Michael Wood Michael Wood - Himself - Host