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Day of Redemption (2004) HD online

Day of Redemption (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Thriller
Original Title: Day of Redemption
Director: Anthony J. Christopher
Writers: David Lee Rawlings
Released: 2004
Budget: $250,000
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
Small-town retired sheriff Frank Everly finds his life on the skids after his wife Mary is murdered by the ruthless maniac Vincent Pope. When Pope escapes from prison, Everly comes out of retirement to hunt down Mary's killer. The search for Pope soon turns into a twisted game of cat and mouse. Pumping with heart-racing action, this modern-day western will take the audience on a thrill-ride they won't soon forget.
Credited cast:
Jeff Fahey Jeff Fahey - Frank Everly
Kristian Alfonso Kristian Alfonso - Mary Everly
David Lee Rawlings David Lee Rawlings - Vincent Pope
David Alexander Johnston David Alexander Johnston - Randall Harkins
Layton Matthews Layton Matthews - Tommy Haas
Michelle Mann Michelle Mann - Dr. Catherine Frye
John Lushbaugh John Lushbaugh - Clayton Baugh
Kim Kidd Kim Kidd - Mrs. Carter
Taylor Sheridan Taylor Sheridan - Lovergirl
Cindi Nordbrook Cindi Nordbrook - Gidget
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sarah Adina Sarah Adina - Sheila Benson
Ian Baxter-Stewart Ian Baxter-Stewart - Posse
Shanna Brock Shanna Brock - Molly Briggs
Hugh Burritt Hugh Burritt - Posse
Richard Clausen Richard Clausen - Posse

Reviews: [2]

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    "Day of Redemption" was very well written with a solid storyline and realistic dialogue. It took a modern day conflict of good verses evil and placed it in an "old west" setting in the deserts of Arizona. Jeff Fahey (Sheriff, Frank Everly) did an excellent job as the protagonist who battles a personal tragedy inflicted by the antagonist (escaped convict, Vincent Pope) played by David Lee Rawlings who did an equally excellent job. It is a thriller, suspense, and action film with minimal profanity and a musical score that fits the new age western setting. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a very intense "edge of your seat" type movie.
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    This is probably the worst movie of all time. I think it is a new type of visual and audible ipecac. Horrible acting on top of high-school quality sets.

    It looks like they ran out of money during the writing of the script!! The music was loud and obnoxious, probably to cover up the amateur filming. The villain is a believable as the favorable review above. :) There are many mistakes in the film that were not edited out.

    The only redeeming quality for the film was the beautiful Christian Alfonzo. She if glamorous in all the scenes, including the ones that were shot like a soap opera.

    Don't waste your time, unless you are trying to euthanize your sense of life and fun.