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Orçe (2008) HD online

Orçe (2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Horror
Original Title: Orçe
Director: Diego Carli
Writers: Diego Carli,Paolo Rozzi
Released: 2008
Budget: €6,000
Duration: 25min
Video type: Creative Work
An ancient legend haunts the mountains in the Lessinia region: it is said that a strange being lives in the most inaccessible side of the mountains, sharing the territory with the locals who call him Orçe, which in cimber language means ogre.


Credited cast:
Michele Argiolas Michele Argiolas - Marco
Chiara Bonazzi Chiara Bonazzi - Second ogre
Camilla Carli Camilla Carli - Child ogre
Laura Cesaro Laura Cesaro - Martina
Nicola Cracco Nicola Cracco - Ogre
Alvise Rivero Gonzalez Alvise Rivero Gonzalez - Child of the mill
Nicola Ludovici Nicola Ludovici - Fourth cimber
Anna Marcato Anna Marcato - Mother
Nicola Rossi Nicola Rossi - Claudio
Paolo Rozzi Paolo Rozzi - Third cimber
Nicola Soranzo Nicola Soranzo - Second cimber
Giulia Turrini Giulia Turrini - Valeria
Roberto Vandelli Roberto Vandelli - Man of the mill
Anna Veronese Anna Veronese - Woman of the cradle

During the shooting an obscure figure was silently following the crew in the woods. Every time they tried to get close to him he disappeared. One day the make up artist saw him closely and screamed. The old men of the Lessinia region say the woods is still inhabited by "presences".