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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Short / Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Dirty Pair Flash
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Yuri and Kei are given accommodations at an all-girls boarding school from the 20th century. Yuri finds the life as an exchange student a lot of fun.


Series cast summary:
Kira Vincent-Davis Kira Vincent-Davis - Airport Announcer 1 episode, 1995

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    Simply stated this series is rather silly and not to be taken seriously. It's not really meant to be deep and that's pretty clear from the occasionally (and I use that term lightly) gratuitous fan service (though not as gratuitous as "Amazing Nurse Nanako"). While it's a shade cheesy, it appears to vaguely parody the genre created by '70s T.V. show "Charlie's Angels" (which is cheesy as well, but thoroughly enjoyed by many none the less). If you're ONLY into stuff like "Shinseki Evangelion" or "Serial Experiments: Lain", this is probably not the right series for you. However, if you enjoy "Charlie's Angels" or the more recent movie/s based off of it, then you'll probably like this series. However, if you want truly high grade action/silliness, then try either "Full Metal Panic: Fumofu" (2003) or "Full Metal Panic!" (2002).
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    Steel balls

    A funny series with fairly good artwork. It is useful for a good laugh or filler in an anime marathon. The episodes are fairly repetitive but manage to get a laugh every time.
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    Fans of the original 'Dirty Pair' may be pleased to see Lovely Angels Yuri and Kei in a new series or they may be horrified to learn that these aren't the original pair. This is a re-imagining of the characters in their early years at the 3WA and the emphasis is far more on the laughs than the drama; not that the originals were laugh free. The biggest change though is the characterisation; particularly Yuri's; she is now dimwitted and obsessed with boys!

    On the off chance that anybody is unfamiliar with the Dirty Pair franchise; the series follows the exploits of trouble consultants Yuri and Kei; two teenage girls officially known as the Lovely Angels but more usually they are referred to as the Dirty Pair because of the trail of destruction they leave where ever they go! People expecting this to be dirty in a naughty way may be disappointed; their costumes are frequently rather revealing and there is some nudity but it is fairly tame for the most part.

    There are three seasons to this series; the first two have over-arcing plot lines and the third is made up of stand-alone episodes. I was a bit disappointed by the first season, although this may have been because I was still getting used to the changes, the second season; where they are stuck on a planet which replicated 1990s Tokyo was the most fun although the final season was pretty good too. At first I was unsure about the changes of character design but I suspect these made it easier to accept the personality changes. Overall I'd say this classic series is worth watching as there are some genuinely very funny moments and decent stories; just don't expect anything too deep.

    These comments are based on watching the English dubbed version of the series.