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Angel in June (2012) HD online

Angel in June (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Biography / Drama / Family
Original Title: Angel in June
Director: Jan Xavier Pacle
Writers: Jan Xavier Pacle
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Inspired by a true story, the film tells the tale of how a little girl has made effort to touch and move people around her despite her deteriorating health. It tells the life of Angel Agustin who sees the world around her differently. While most 13-year old is playing around, she is busy trying to make the world a much better place. Despite her kind acts, she was already manifesting symptoms of a serious illness, but the fear of her parents worrying too much has kept her from telling them. But one fateful day, her symptoms cannot anymore be hidden. She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Chronic Myeologenous Leukemia. Now, it's up to the family to keep their hopes up and pray for Angel's life.
Credited cast:
Leo Martinez Leo Martinez - Wally
Joyce Sison Joyce Sison - Angel Agustin
Israel Gonzales Malabanan Israel Gonzales Malabanan - Arman Agustin
Stacey Ann Diones Canicosa Stacey Ann Diones Canicosa - Arlyn Agustin
Sarakiel Tandingan Sarakiel Tandingan - Joyce
Pilar Grace Cruz Pilar Grace Cruz - Diana
David Drew Ayson David Drew Ayson - Gelo Agustin
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tala Al-Khudairi Tala Al-Khudairi - Candy
Louie Amparado Louie Amparado - Nurse 3
Jasmin San Luis Aquino Jasmin San Luis Aquino - Nurse
Mark Gerard Beltran Mark Gerard Beltran - Feliciano
Katrina Bernardo Katrina Bernardo - Ms. Cathy
Najeeb Chuttaparambil Najeeb Chuttaparambil - Taxi Driver
Divina Cuasay Divina Cuasay - Doctor
John Paul Gonzales John Paul Gonzales - Felix

None of the cast and crew (except from the director and executive producer) has any experience in film making. Most of the crew have completely unrelated jobs, like the boom operator for example: he is a backhoe operator in his day job.

The film was only shot during weekends, for a range of 4 months.

The hospital scenes were shot at Al-Ahli hospital, but they refused to have their name mentioned in the film, so to have an exterior shot, the director opted to have it done in CGI.

In some scenes, you can spot some camera lenses, a goofy trademark of the director.