» » The Sarah Jane Adventures The Eternity Trap: Part 2 (2007–2011)

The Sarah Jane Adventures The Eternity Trap: Part 2 (2007–2011) HD online

The Sarah Jane Adventures The Eternity Trap: Part 2 (2007–2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: The Eternity Trap: Part 2
Director: Alice Troughton
Writers: Russell T. Davies,Phil Ford
Released: 2007–2011
Duration: 28min
Video type: TV Episode
Joined by his children Lord Marchwood takes Sarah Jane to the lab to meet up with Rani, Clyde and Toby. They find a machine which Sarah Jane believes is a time machine, through which the beast that attacked her entered, and that it also gives Darkening and the people that he has caused to vanish in the past immortality.She believes that Darkening will use the machine to escape to another galaxy. The beast is killed by Lord Marchwood who then, on Sarah Jane's instructions, gets Darkening to stand on a certain spot, where Sarah Jane turns him into electricity. Celeste Rivers reappears but, for all the evidence of the Marchwoods, Sarah Jane claims to still remain dubious about the existence of the spirit world.
Episode complete credited cast:
Elisabeth Sladen Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith
Daniel Anthony Daniel Anthony - Clyde Langer
Anjli Mohindra Anjli Mohindra - Rani Chandra
Floella Benjamin Floella Benjamin - Professor Rivers
Donald Sumpter Donald Sumpter - Erasmus Darkening
Callum Blue Callum Blue - Lord Marchwood
Adam Gillen Adam Gillen - Toby Silverman
Amelia Clarkson Amelia Clarkson - Elizabeth Marchwood
Rhys Gear Rhys Gear - Joseph Marchwood
Tony Boncza Tony Boncza - Mr. Scriven

These episodes were filmed at Stargroves, a manor house once owned by Mick Jagger and later, Rod Stewart. It was also used in the Tom Baker Doctor Who stories, "The Pyramids of Mars" in 1975 as well as,"The Image of the Fendal" in 1977.