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Recht op recht Illegaal (1998–2002) HD online

Recht op recht Illegaal (1998–2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Drama / Crime / Mystery
Original Title: Illegaal
Writers: Rik D'Hiet
Released: 1998–2002
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
Wout looses his patience with Chris always giving priority over their relationship to any case, especially now it looks hopeless, even pointless. Rwandese Anna Mukandori Muka Mageza, a Tutsi, illegally entered to Belgium with her half-blood son Simon, under a false name. She asks Chris to track down her Hutu husband Désiré Mageza, who fled years ago from Rwanda to Belgium but seems to have disappeared, but without whom the Immigration paperwork is doomed. His trace is found in the building firm of Gabriel's client, dodgy real estate developer Giovanni Busso, whom he just got off on a technicality. Chris risks being fired for pressing such conflict of interest within the law firm. Hugo unearths further uncanny secrets, causing more loyalty conflicts.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Veerle Dobbelaere Veerle Dobbelaere - Chris Haagdoorn
Filip Peeters Filip Peeters - Hugo Van Eyck
Robbie Cleiren Robbie Cleiren - Luc Lievens
Stany Crets Stany Crets - Gabriël Nukerke
Tuur De Weert Tuur De Weert - Paul Emile Leduc
Blanka Heirman Blanka Heirman - Louise Haagdoorn
Pascale Michiels Pascale Michiels - Jessie Vinck
Tom Van Dyck Tom Van Dyck - Wout Lefever
Carole Karemera Carole Karemera - Anna Mageza
François Beukelaers François Beukelaers - Giovanni Busso
Bode Owa Bode Owa - Désiré Mageza
Guy Van Sande Guy Van Sande - Johan Delbeke
Katrien De Becker Katrien De Becker - Juriste
Ciza Muhirwa Ciza Muhirwa - Joseph
Bob Mobunga Bob Mobunga - Simon Mageza