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Psych Someone's Got a Woody (2006–2014) HD online

Psych Someone's Got a Woody (2006–2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Crime / Mystery
Original Title: Someoneu0027s Got a Woody
Director: Mel Damski
Writers: Steve Franks,Andy Berman
Released: 2006–2014
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
Paroled ex-con Cyrus Polk takes coroner Woody Strode hostage, claiming he's being set up for the murder in his home on a criminal he threatened in jail despite DNA evidence. Trout sidetracks Lassiter and any attempt to curb his cocky intent to end the case by needlessly bloody SWAT intervention. Psych sets out to save Woody and find out the truth about the murder. Checking up on the halfway house where Rocoo rules the roost and parole officer Edward Tripp above him, they discover a probably related second killing, while O'Hara joins Polk pretending to be his daughter.
Episode cast overview:
James Roday James Roday - Shawn Spencer
Dulé Hill Dulé Hill - Burton Guster
Timothy Omundson Timothy Omundson - Carlton Lassiter
Maggie Lawson Maggie Lawson - Juliet O'Hara
Kirsten Nelson Kirsten Nelson - Karen Vick (credit only)
Corbin Bernsen Corbin Bernsen - Henry Spencer (credit only)
Anthony Michael Hall Anthony Michael Hall - Harris Trout
Peter Stormare Peter Stormare - Cyrus Polk
Vincent M. Ward Vincent M. Ward - Rocco
John Lacy John Lacy - Edward Tripp
Kurt Fuller Kurt Fuller - Coroner Woody Strode
Sarah-Jane Redmond Sarah-Jane Redmond - Rosie Polk
Sean Hewlett Sean Hewlett - Clerk
Guyle Fraizer Guyle Fraizer - Officer

It has been noted that the writers of Psych seemingly have an affinity for 80's classics, and in conjunction with this theme, the show has featured four of the five students from the cult classic Breakfast club (1985) (1985). The only Breakfast Club alum to not appear on Psych is Emilio Estevez, but Shawn uses his name as a cover when investigating during the episode.

Woody makes a reference to Cyrus's "home state of North Dakota", an allusion to Peter Stormare's role in Fargo.

When Chief Trout says "this isn't Dancing With The Stars" it is a reference to the actor's brief appearance on the show several years prior

Spot the Pineapple: Trout's cuff links are little pineapples.

Cyrus (Stormare) tells Woody that the name of the John Doe is "Graer Wilson." Graer was the name of Peter Stormare's character in Fargo.

A model of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story can be seen on Trout's desk when he is talking to Shawn and Gus in his office.

At the very beginning of the show Shawn waves his arms back and forth saying " this is crazy this is crazy this is crazy." Another nod to a great 80s film Vacation

At one point Woody says Take a Chance On Me, which is an ABBA song. The band is from Sweden as is Peter Stormare.