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MacGyver Compass (2016– ) HD online

MacGyver Compass (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Drama
Original Title: Compass
Director: Christine Moore
Writers: Peter M. Lenkov,Lee David Zlotoff
Released: 2016–
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
Mac gets time off to attend the funeral of his brilliant MIT classmate 'Frankie', informally escorted by Jack on mandatory sick-leave with a broken arm. First they notice a suspicious man lurking at the funeral, then he hears from an academician its' not the first death on the faculty. Mac suspects it must be about her current research, looks for clues and finds her hiding after a staged death and calls in the agency's help.
Episode complete credited cast:
Lucas Till Lucas Till - Angus MacGyver
George Eads George Eads - Jack Dalton
Tristin Mays Tristin Mays - Riley Davis
Justin Hires Justin Hires - Wilt Bozer
Meredith Eaton Meredith Eaton - Matty Webber
Aly Michalka Aly Michalka - Frankie
François Chau François Chau - Richard Sang (as Francois Chau)
Bill Posley Bill Posley - Devon 'Smitty' Smith

As the team is discussing the case, Dalton refers to the evidence as "CSI stuff." George Eads starred in CSI.

George Eads makes two references to his CSI days. When Morpheus from the Matrix is mentioned (Lawrence Fishburne) he comments that he loves that guy, and later he says CSI stuff, boring.

Jack Dalton complains about CSI mumbo jumbo. The actor who plays Jack, George Eads, played Nick stokes on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2000-2015.

The villain in this episode, Richard Sang, is exposed by a DNA analysis technique that only works with blood. "Sang" is French for blood.