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Tantei monogatari (2007) HD online

Tantei monogatari (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Tantei monogatari
Director: Takashi Miike
Writers: Tsutomu Shirado
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 39min
Video type: Movie
Raita, a Japanese businessman, just moved into an apartment building where his next-door neighbor is another guy named Raita. But as a private detective, what that other Raita does couldn't be more different from a humble businessman's way of life. One night, in the beginning of a bizarre series of murders, one of the private detective's clients is killed and has her liver removed. The next victim has her kidneys removed, and the third her lungs. The two Raitas follow the clues and meet an eccentric painter, one whose paints are rumored to be made with human blood and organs...
Credited cast:
Kai Atô Kai Atô
Tomoharu Hasegawa Tomoharu Hasegawa
Pâko Hayashiya Pâko Hayashiya
Pê Hayashiya Pê Hayashiya
Steven Haynes Steven Haynes - (as Sutîbun Heinzu)
Harumi Inoue Harumi Inoue
Akiko Ishiyama Akiko Ishiyama
Izam Izam
Nobuaki Kakuda Nobuaki Kakuda
Tôru Kazama Tôru Kazama
Akiko Kikuchi Akiko Kikuchi
Claude Maki Claude Maki - Raita Takashima
Hisao Maki Hisao Maki
Kentarô Nakakura Kentarô Nakakura
Kazuya Nakayama Kazuya Nakayama - Raita Kazama

Reviews: [3]

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    I always approach Takashi Miike with apprehension. he can be extreme, like Ichi the Killer, and he can also put together a good musical comedy like The Happiness of the Katakuris. I was looking forward to The Bird People of China this weekend, but it will have to wait a few days.

    What we have here is a return to his roots with blood and gore and maggots, but we also have a good detective story, and a healthy mix of comedy.

    Raita Kazama (Kazuya Nakayama - Yakuza Demon) is a detective, and Raita Takashima (Kuroudo Maki - The Goofball, Buddies) is an IT professional. Never have two men been so different, but they live next door to each other, have the same first names, and are joined together in solving some particularly gory murders.

    A victim that visited Kazama was found dead the next day with her liver missing. Soon after, another victim was found missing a kidney. Kazuma's pen was at the scene of the second murder. Another quickly follows with lungs missing, and his lighter at the scene.

    Kazuma consults a serial killer he captured 15 years ago when he was a cop, just like The Silence of the Lambs. He then tricks Takashima into helping him.

    The ending is surreal and gets pretty gory with fingers getting chopped off and a brutal stabbing.

    Kazuya Nakayama was fantastic in a goofy sort of character. The humor made this less horror and more detective. Kuroudo Maki was also good in the limited time he had on screen.
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    Tantei monogatari/Detective Story (2007) is a comedy of sorts with some gore thrown in.

    This is nowhere near Miike Takashi's best work. Detective Story looks like what it is; cheap and rushed.

    All the actors give broad and at times inept performances. The lead actor playing the detective, Kazuya Nakayam, plays his part overtly for laughs.

    There are some Miike Takashi moments but they feel like attempts to illuminate the director rather than enhance the narrative.

    Entertaining but utterly disposable.
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    Detective Story is about some eccentric cop who is investigating killings where the victims are having one of their organs removed. It is most certainly a cross between Color Me Blood Red and Silence Of The Lambs without question. It has some good ideas and story is coherent but it is one of Takashi Miike's lesser efforts. It has no butt loving. Actually that's not a bad thing. Anyways, the pacing is slow, the violence is bloody and gory, they story is alright, I guess, and the tall ass chick has a flat ass. I hate this review. Good bye.