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Heroic Ambition (2010) HD online

Heroic Ambition (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Family / Fantasy
Original Title: Heroic Ambition
Director: Scott Cranford
Writers: Scott Cranford
Released: 2010
Duration: 55min
Video type: Movie
Written and directed by Scott Cranford, founder of and former official "Superman" of Metropolis, Illinois, HEROIC AMBITION uncovers the ambition of the city of Metropolis and the people surrounding the Annual Superman Celebration. Thousands visit the real city of Metropolis, Illinois annually to celebrate the world's first Superhero -- Superman, The Man of Steel. Witness the ideals of several archetypes within Superman's Universe. Meet the residents of Metropolis and the visitors to one of the biggest superhero entertainment events in the country. Share the excitement, the controversy and the ambition as expert insights offer different sides to what goes on behind the scenes of the celebration for the world's most legendary comic book hero.
Credited cast:
Scott Cranford Scott Cranford - Himself / Superman
Chuck Harter Chuck Harter - Narrator
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kirk Alyn Kirk Alyn - Himself (archive footage)
Jon Bogdanove Jon Bogdanove - Himself (archive footage)
Mike Carlin Mike Carlin - Himself (archive footage)
Eric Chmielecki Eric Chmielecki - Fan Film Actor (archive footage)
Jason Chmielecki Jason Chmielecki - Fan Film Actor (archive footage)
Phyllis Coates Phyllis Coates - Herself (archive footage)
Eric Cohen Eric Cohen - Fan Film Actor (archive footage)
Steve Cohen Steve Cohen - Fan Film Actor (archive footage)
David Comfort David Comfort - Fan Film Actor (archive footage)
Marcella Cranford Marcella Cranford - Fan Film Actress
Lance Denee Lance Denee - Photojournalist
Sarah Douglas Sarah Douglas - Herself (archive footage)
Lou Ferrigno Lou Ferrigno - Himself