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Have Gun - Will Travel Champagne Safari (1957–1963) HD online

Have Gun - Will Travel Champagne Safari (1957–1963) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Champagne Safari
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Writers: Frank Pierson,Whitfield Cook
Released: 1957–1963
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
Paladin is asked to join a Buffalo hunting party. He encounters a group fearful of Wogs (Indian, savages) after the death of one of the party, killed by an arrow from 100 yards away.
Episode complete credited cast:
Richard Boone Richard Boone - Paladin
Valerie French Valerie French - Charity Trevington
Patric Knowles Patric Knowles - Charles Trevington
Lou Krugman Lou Krugman - Antoine
William Mims William Mims - Bill Gravely (as Bill Mims)
Gilman Rankin Gilman Rankin - Chief Hiwani (as Gil Rankin)
Carole Evern Carole Evern - Irmada - Servant
Kam Tong Kam Tong - Hey Boy

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    Paladin's friend Gravely (Wiliam Mims) has a profitable business escorting dudes from the east on western adventures. He even has a deal with a local Indian chief (Gilman Rankin) for his braves to perform fake raids and provide a little excitement. But when one of the traveling tourist party is killed by an Indian arrow, everything changes.

    Patric Knowles plays Trevington, the clueless British gentleman who is the head of the expedition. His sister Charity (Valerie French) is full of ambition that's stifled by 19th century limits for women. Lou Krugman plays Antoine, the cliché French hunter/trapper who just drips with suspicion.

    Actually not a bad episode, with a mix of action, mystery and a lot of humor, provided by the Indians (they have to be a branch of "F-Troop"'s Hakowi tribe), who complain about the expedition running around like a bunch of savages, disturbing their long running deal.

    Eventually, Paladin proves who really shot that arrow and why in a way that would make Hec Ramsey proud.
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    I've never seen the rest of this series, so I have no way of knowing how typical of it the bizarre deadpan black comedy of Frank R. Pierson & Whitfield Cook's script for this episode is.

    Paladin's clients this week are Charles and Charity Trevington, a patrician brother and sister from England unperturbed by the death at the point of an arrow of their cousin while on a party hunting buffalo. Charles (played by Patric Knowles) nonchalantly uses the word "wog" half a dozen times to describe the local Indians; while his drawling-voiced sister Charity has a servant girl who has had her tongue cut out in Arabia, is given to comments like "Cruelty can be a form of refinement, you know", and has a library that includes 'A Short History of the Borgias', 'The Women Behind Napoleon', 'The Care and Cleaning of Guns', 'Poisonous Mushrooms' and 'Strange Tortures of Southeast Arabia'.

    Valerie French is deliciously dark and brittle as the wholly inappropriately named Charity; and presumably it's just a remarkable coincidence how strongly the whole situation anticipates Edward Dmytryk's 'Shalako' (1968), in which the late Ms French also appeared.