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Varezhka (1967) HD online

Varezhka (1967) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short
Original Title: Varezhka
Director: Roman Kachanov
Writers: Zhanna Vitenzon
Released: 1967
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
The girl dreams of having a dog, but a strict and busy mother does not allow her to do this. Then the girl begins to play with her knitted mitten, imagining that it's a puppy. The girl so much wants to have a dog, that the mitten in her dreams turns into a real puppy, while retaining a "knitted" texture and pattern of three black checkers on her back.

ICF in Moscow - a silver medal in the competition of children's films, 1967.

IFF films for children and young people in Gijón - the prize of the city of Gijón "For the high artistic quality of the animation", 1968.

ICF animated films in Annecy, France - the first prize, 1967.

Sergey Asenin highly appreciated the creative work of the director in his book "Screen Wizards". The author notes that in the cartoon Kachanov "does not strive for acute grotesque decisions", but "his characters cause not so much irony as a smile of sympathy and understanding".

The intrigue of the film, according to the production designer Leonid Shvartsman, is that the mother does not understand her daughter, living in her own world.

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    Now how can some not like this? It is so cute.

    It is about a girl whom begs her mother for one of the neighbor's miniature poodle that they are selling, and well, the mom is reluctant at first, seeing the poodle peeing all over the floor (that part there cracks me up). So the girl is upset and imagines one of her red gloves as a dog and starts to walk it. The little yarn dog is adorable. The girl imagines her dream dog beating out other dogs at the local kennel clubs and rush around every exercize circuit. So after seeing this, her mother reconsiters the whole plans over.

    If you come across this animated short on the "Russian Animated Shorts" videos or DVDs, it is worth to watch. Especially if you are a real dog lover.
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    It is the best short animation film ever made. They don't make films like that anymore. It equally appeals to children and adults. Everybody would be touched by that little story about a girl who wasn't aloud to keep a dog and was "walking" (o rather dragging by the thread) a little knitted glove... You just have to see it... It's a little treasure.