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A Game of Chess (1908) HD online

A Game of Chess (1908) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: A Game of Chess
Released: 1908
Video type: Movie
James Palmerson and Willy Sanders, both devoted to the game of chess, decide to play for a stake of $1,000. Frowning, as if the weight of nations rested on their shoulders, they start cautiously to make the first moves, and after a while they become so absorbed in the play that they are oblivious to everything that passes around them, feeling neither hunger nor thirst, nor even stopping to devote a few hours to sleep. After they have been playing several hours the waiter serves some refreshments, placing the table near them so they will not have to change seats to eat their lunch, but it is the big St. Bernard that enjoys that dainty repast, licking the plates until they shine, right at the players' elbows, but never once disturbing them. Finally as two whole days and nights have gone by, the servants decide that the cleaning cannot be delayed any longer, so beg them to move into another apartment, which they do, carefully bearing the chess board between them as if it were some ...

Original French title is undetermined.

Released in the US as a split reel along with Un voyage extraordinaire (1909).