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Bonanza Broken Ballad (1959–1973) HD online

Bonanza Broken Ballad (1959–1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Broken Ballad
Director: Robert Butler
Writers: John T. Kelly
Released: 1959–1973
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Ed Payson, a reformed gunfighter, has returned to Virginia City to tend some property he owns. When he's welcomed with resistance by some of the townspeople, Adam decides to help him, even though everyone thinks he may have killed Dave, the grocer's son.
Episode cast overview:
Lorne Greene Lorne Greene - Ben Cartwright
Pernell Roberts Pernell Roberts - Adam Cartwright
Dan Blocker Dan Blocker - Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright
Michael Landon Michael Landon - Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright
Robert Culp Robert Culp - Ed Payson
Ray Daley Ray Daley - Billy Buckley
Dabbs Greer Dabbs Greer - Will Cass
Abigail Shelton Abigail Shelton - Sally Cass (as Abbagail Shelton)
Robert Christopher Robert Christopher - Deputy Sheriff Stu Cahill
Richard Rosmini Richard Rosmini - Jaime
John Graham John Graham - Cass's Attorney

Reviews: [2]

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    Robert Culp's performance with an air of irredeemable sadness about it is the highlight of Broken Ballad. Some elements of Gregory Peck's classic The Gunfighter are in this episode where Pernell Roberts is the featured Cartwright.

    In this episode Culp plays a gunfighter who has returned to Virginia City to settle on a small piece of land left to him by his parents. But as is in this western cliché, people will just not leave him alone. That plot gambit has been used in westerns of varying quality for decades. It has an interesting twist in the end though.

    Dabbs Greer is the father of his first victim who leads some of the citizens against Culp. Greer's got fresh reason for concerned as his daughter Abigail Shelton starts seeing Culp. Ray Buckley plays the young punk who also likes Shelton and would like to get a reputation as a gunfighter.

    Still Culp dominates this Bonanza episode and he's the main reason to see it.
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    Elastic Skunk

    Robert Culp and Dabs Greer join the Cartwright boys to make an excellent episode.

    Robert Culp plays a retired gunfighter who killed the town merchant's (Dabs Greer) son in a fair gunfight that the son initiated. The merchant has a hatred for the ex-gunfighter and would love to see him dead.

    There's also another player in this episode. A deputy who wants to marry the merchant's daughter.

    The ending is so tragic and sad you can't help but to cry along with everyone else. Two people are very disappointing characters and probably end up living lives all alone because of their actions and the part they played in the events that ended a life.

    This is an excellent episode.

    Dead: 1 Main Cartwright character: Adam