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On the Spot Interviews  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Documentary / Short
Original Title: On the Spot Interviews
Budget: $5,000
Video type: TV Series
Series cast summary:
Eva Amantea Eva Amantea - Herself - Host / - 214 episodes, 2011-2017

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    Eva has excellent interview skills. All her interviews are concise and lucid and help the audience to understand the guest better. She has very good communication skills, both verbal and written. She does her research on the guest and is responsibility to collect all possible facts about them before her interviews. Her dedication and focus on providing not only an entertaining show but makes sure fans are getting the answers they can't ask themselves. She makes sure every deliverance has to be quality. She has great technical skill set before committing to projects and deals well with tight deadlines. The question she asks are very informative and makes it fun to watch the show.
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    On your show you said that Henry Ford invented the Automobile in 1928. Sorry but he did not invent the car he invented the assembly line. Daimler in 1896 invented the Automobile in London not Ford. Daimler was raised in Hamburg Germany. He opened up his plant in Coventry. The company bought its name from Gottlieb Daimler and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft of Canstatt Germany. Daimler Motors were introduced to the public in 1890. Daimler Motors were used in Rail cars for transportation and mining as well as motor launch which are engine driven boats. And the Motorcycle was invented and built in France in 1863. And the German Company, Hildebrand and Wolfmueller opened the production company in 1894.