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And They Lived (2018) HD online

And They Lived (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: And They Lived
Director: Javier Espinoza
Writers: Meitar Paz
Released: 2018
Budget: $100,000
Video type: Movie
The glass slipper is broken. The castle is just a sand castle. Love poems are now text messages. Prince is just a singer that passed away, and the rose is slowly dying. Welcome to 2018. 50% of Marriages in the US end in divorce. The number is similarly high in many other developed nations.. Once upon a time, there was love. We all found ourselves creating our imaginary fairy tales. A white and noble horse, harnessed to a magnificent carriage, and a brave and masculine Prince Charming who fights for his gorgeous, flawless princess, promising her the perfect life full of everlasting happiness. Since no one teaches us "life" "love" or "relationships" we grow up, keeping the perfect "Disney- love" model in our minds, and as a result experience broken expectations and broken hearts. The search for a prince or a princess takes too long - the clock is ticking, mom wants grandchildren, and we grow tired of waiting for this slow white horse. So we marry someone fast, and hope for a happy ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Meitar Paz Meitar Paz - Vicky / Princess Victoria
Martin Gilly Martin Gilly - Will / Prince William
Allene Prince Allene Prince - Queen / Will's mom
Linda Landsell Linda Landsell - Vicky's Mom / Queen
Jim Marshall Jim Marshall - King / Will's Dad
Derek Jeremiah Reid Derek Jeremiah Reid - Stand-up comedian / Royal poet
Ahmed Elghatas Ahmed Elghatas - Royal friend
Ina Rose Farestad Ina Rose Farestad - Royal Friend
Malu Martins Malu Martins - Shoe seller
Tomas Mejia Tomas Mejia - Pizza delivery boy
Thomas Cone Thomas Cone - Royal assistant
Claudiu Raymond Claudiu Raymond - Wedding officiant
Maximillian Alexander Maximillian Alexander - Royal Kid
Ellianna Turner Ellianna Turner - Royal kid 2
Eilene Khaburzania Eilene Khaburzania - Vicky's kid 2

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    Great acting! Great screenplay! Meitar, Martin and all the cast are excellent!