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Malibu High (1979) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Malibu High
Director: Irvin Berwick
Writers: John Buckley,John Buckley
Released: 1979
Budget: $56,000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
When a high school senior is dumped by her boyfriend, her grades fall avoid failing, she begins seducing her male teachers. Thus begins her downward spiral into drug addiction and prostitution, and ultimately assassinations for a kingpin mob boss.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jill Lansing Jill Lansing - Kim Bentley
Stuart Taylor Stuart Taylor - Kevin
Katie Johnson Katie Johnson - Lucy
Wallace Earl Laven Wallace Earl Laven - Mrs. Bentley (as Phyllis Benson)
Alex Mann Alex Mann - Tony (as Al Mannino)
Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor - Annette Ingersoll
Garth Pillsbury Garth Pillsbury - Lance (as Garth Howard)
John Harmon John Harmon - Mr. Elmhurst
John Yates John Yates - Mr. Donaldson (as John Grant)
James Devney James Devney - Mr. Wyngate (as Jim Devney)
Clarke Gordon Clarke Gordon - Harry Ingersoll (as Robert Gordon)
Ken Layton Ken Layton - Mr. Mooney
Cambra Foldes Cambra Foldes - Valerie (as Cambra Zweigler)
William Cohen William Cohen - Jeweler
Susan Gorton Susan Gorton - Miss Primm

Jill Lansing was asked to pose for the theatrical one sheet poster, but demanded to be paid an outrageous sum of money. Mary-Margaret Humes was featured on the one sheet poster instead.

Shot in various locations without permits.

A Mexican restaurant was used as the interior of the disco.

Tammy Taylor was a junior in college when she auditioned for the role of Annette in this film.

This film was originally titled "Lovely But Deadly." It was retitled "Malibu High" by Crown International Pictures.

Director Irvin Berwick wanted to cast a blonde Playboy bunny type as Kim.

Everyone supplied their own wardrobes.

Three different locations were used as the high school in this movie.

Director Irvin Berwick makes a cameo appearance as the sleazy old man who's seen in a restaurant with Kim.

Shot in five weeks.

Reviews: [25]

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    OK, this is a B movie. Let's just start there and realize that this film is just not a great piece of cinema. Now, knowing that, we can move forward. This is the best film of its type there is. Here's the synopsis. Girl is in high school. Girl's mother suggests that she get a job. Girl becomes prostitute. Girl kills pimp. Girl becomes HitGirl-for-the-Mob. Lots of other subplots to keep you entertained. Probably too many. But the lines in this groaner are worth the price of admission, if you can find it anywhere. "I'm a hooker - not a hitgirl!". Come on! Does it get better than that? MH belongs in the Hall of Fame with Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, They Came From Within and Attack of the Killer Tomatos, and is the best of the bunch. This film is an A+ in the world of the B-.
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    It's no wonder that the Drive-ins were drug, booze and party havens in the '70s with this type of fare being shown! Even with all of it's flaws, there is something I really like about this movie. The plot alone was what made me want to watch this hooter flick in the first place. High School flunky, turned Hooker, turned Hitgirl! When Kim gets bad grades, she seduces her Teachers and it escalates from there to becoming a full blown hooker. Not on the street mind you, but in the back of a van! What more of a classic Drive-in masterpiece could this be? The acting is awful and stiff. Speaking of stiff, the sex scenes are almost, if not worse than the acting! The camera work looks more like a home movie than a theatrical presentation. The fashions in this movie look more like mid '70s than 1979 fashion. What really cracks me up is when Kim (Jill Lansing) decides to become a hooker and shows up to school in a halter top and mini skirt! Where did she get that mini skirt from? It looks like it was made of cardboard! Didn't anyone tell Kim that mini skirts were out of fashion by 1974? The other thing that makes me laugh about this movie is the music. It sounds like what you used to hear at the supermarket. That canned piped in music called "Muzak". It's not offensive, it just doesn't really suit the movie. At the same time though, it is what gives this movie it's charm. There are a couple of music selections I had heard before. One was the music that plays after Kim tells her Mom off. This music was used for the station identification on the comedy show SCTV, which ran in the early '80s here in Canada. The next selection was during the chase scene at the end. The music being used is the same music for the syndicated TV show "The People's Court" opening! The one thing that stands out in this movie is the 1971 Mustang convertible. It's the real star of the show! It is nice to see this version of Mustang caught on film forever without rust and holes all over it, which these cars were known for. If you like movies like "The Van", "The Pom Pom Girls", and "H.O.T.S.", you may find this movie disappointing. But if you are like me and can appreciate trash flicks like "The Lonely Lady" and "The Seduction", then you will enjoy this made-for-drive-in classic!
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    I saw this (or a very abbreviated version of this) film on TV back around 1985. It was a puzzle. I found of copy of the film, then bought my first VCR. I was not disappointed. It is the silliest movie I have ever seen! Every aspect of it's production (acting, writing, sound, composition, cinematography, etc.) is truly bad and hence it rates an 11 on the scale of 10 all-time-bad movies.

    Malibu High improves with age like a fine wine - each viewing brings new insights into how bad (and how entertaining) a film can really be. I'd recommend a group viewing with like-minded friends who occassionally need to kick back and have a great laugh.
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    Worst Movies of ALL Time! Saw this twice in the early 80's on some dinky, weird station that my local Cablevision company had (channel 10) on LI.

    There's just so much about this movie that's atrocious. It's a hoot all the way as the girl goes from HS renegade to killer. The sex scenes are not erotic, the "acting" is riotously bad and the music! No idea who the hell threw this crapola thing together but we should be grateful it's around.

    Why more people who like BAD movies don't know about this one is beyond me!
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    You don't go into seeing this one with any grandiose notions, and, if you are like me, you should be pleasantly surprised that this is one of those vintage "bad" movies that is just loads of fun to sit through. Kim Bentley loses her boyfriend and so she begins failing her classes, etc... when she decides to become a prostitute and then later an assassin picking up booze, weed, and coke along the way. Jill Lansing appearing in what seems to be her only screen credit gives a credible performance as the "hooker to hit girl" as she frequently disrobes and lets her breasts get lots of air, seduces two of her teachers for grades, and runs a profitable business from the back of her pimp's van. We get lots of stereotypes here and the plot is pretty threadbare when it comes to anything other than giving us lurid and "shocking" behaviours to be witnessed. The rest of the cast is better-than-average for a movie of this ilk, and I laughed out loud several times at the bizarre going ons and what I was suppose(perhaps not) to take seriously. In addition to all this Kim has a few hazy flashbacks about her father hanging himself. Malibu High is sleazy and fun - and entertaining. It has what you would expect in a picture like this but packages it well. As some have noted the soundtrack is weird to say the least as we get an instrumental People's Court theme used in a most inopportune moment and that bizarre SCTV strident tone used when something significant is being conveyed - at least that is what the director is trying to convey.
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    Bitchy, surly, calculating high school senior Kim Bentley (a marvelously venomous performance by tasty hot brunette Jill Lansing) ain't having a good time of it. She's been dumped by her jerky boyfriend Kevin (stolid Stuart Taylor), lives with her shrewish, overbearing mother (shrill Phyllis Benson), is still traumatized by the suicide death of her father, and is flunking all of her classes. Kim immediately starts to improve her miserable lot in life by seducing all of her male teachers and earning extra cash by servicing numerous guys in back of a van for scuzzy no-count pimp Tony (a nicely slimy Alex Mann). Things get even better for the seriously ruthless and amoral sociopath Kim when she leaves Tony and hooks up with smooth crime kingpin Lance (the ingratiating Garth Howard). Next thing you know Kim is bumping off folks for Lance as a deadly assassin (!). Crudely directed by Irvin Berwick (who also gave us the wonderfully wretched psycho riot "Hitch Hike to Hell"), with a spectacularly lurid, sordid and torrid melodramatic script by John Buckley and Tom Singer, rough, grainy cinematography by William De Diego, plenty of scrumptious gratuitous female nudity, ragged editing, a hilariously horrendous stock film library score (the "People's Court" theme plays in its entirety during a lengthy chase sequence!), terrible acting from a game no-name cast, a tacky theme song, a sizable smattering of leering soft-core sex, crummy dialogue, a mean, hard, sleazy tone, and one dilly of a surprise bummer ending, this gloriously gaga over-the-top schlock mini-epic makes for a whole lot of entertainingly trashy fun. One especially great scene has Kim give elderly high school principal Mr. Elmhurst (doddery John Harmon) a fatal massive heart attack by exposing her breasts in front of him. A simply astonishing disco dance party set piece rates as another uproariously campy highlight. A shamefully overlooked and under-appreciated exploitation crime drama gem.
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    Malibu high is a trashy but interesting b-movie,with no big name stars. a calculating high school student(Jill Lansing)turns prostitute to get better grades,and afterwords for money.she turns out to be a sociopath and gets worse.i first seen this on the late late show on television where it was cut up,and later seen the uncut video.its a disturbing movie Jill Lansing's character is pretty and sexy but ugly inside,she does what she has to do to get what she wants,even murder.there was a so called sequel to this called the graduates of Malibu high also known as the young warriors in 1983.but i would call it a sequel in name only. a crown international release,remember them?they churned out classic b movies like the hearse,galaxina(starring the late Dorothy stratton)and blood of Dracula's castle(AL Adamson's classic)check out the disco dancing scene that will tell you its 1979.remember disco,customized vans,CB radios.ill give this little seen gem 8 out of 10.
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    This film is really a surprise and not in a good way. It's about an alienated teenage girl who starts to lose respect for everything when her boyfriend dumps her. Rather than turn to drugs or cults, she turns to murder. It's incredible how quickly the change happens. Sounds like it might be entertaining on a trashy level but's it so amateurishly made, downbeat and cheap looking that it fails to impress. It is however somewhat amusing to watch as the main female character paints herself further and further into a corner and the unhappy men she leaves behind due to her very promiscuous behavior.
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    The absolute optimum in trashy titillation, MALIBU HIGH is unquestionably one of the sleaziest movies ever made, and a classic of its kind. This deliciously contumelious soap-opera centers around Kim, an embittered and mean-spirited high school senior. She's a "bottom drawer" student, thankless daughter, and calculating bitch who gradually advances to a street-hooking, avaricious, drug-addled mob hit-woman. Her race down the road to ruin begins when she's dumped by her scrawny feather-haired boyfriend, and transpires over the course of a single school semester. All the while, she remains fiercely determined to graduate with honors, and does so by way of seducing and blackmailing her male teachers.

    The ignoble elucidation of Kim's spiraling self-destruction provides one of the most hysterically unbridled marvels of transgressive debauchery in drive-in movie history. MALIBU HIGH is a zestfully artless discourse in John Waters-flavored exaggeration, though of an entirely unpremeditated nature. Rarely has a film been as unconscionably libertine and unapologetically's a priceless endowment for all lovers of nethermost cinema. This is apparently the only film credit for leading lady Jill Lansing, which is unfortunate because she manages to flesh out her fairly complex character with surprising vibrancy . Tammy Taylor, playing the school's snobby rich girl, went on to a fruitful TV career and starred in the hot-mess gore howler DON'T GO NEAR THE PARK.

    9/10...a must-see.
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    Overlooked by a lot of bad movie fans, this is one of the worst films ever. It's not just the sleazy attitude, this one is filled with technical ineptitude, lazy writing, poor acting, and that mystery ingredient that makes a film really bad. This switches gears a lot, and you get the feeling that a lot of things were cooked up as it went along. It has shots out of focus, some bad sound, camerawork that doesn't deserve the name, poor lighting, and no sense of grace, artistry, or credibility, whatsoever. Also, although she gives the most memorable performance, our lead actress displays what has to be some of the ugliest tan-lines in movie history, nobody notices, and her "customers" all act like she's a beauty queen! Don't miss!

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    An 18 year old with a rotten attitude and bad grades decides to use her body as a means to gain money and graduate from school..soon becoming a prostitute and hitwoman in the process! The shocking subject matter grows from sleazy to violent and the protagonist has a really lousy personality, quite a polarizing character that gets exactly what she deserves. She often makes decisions on a whim, without much thought of future potential consequences. Selfish, always focused on what she desires, not considering those damaged by her actions. The film is far more serious than I thought it'd be, with a rather sordid atmosphere and unpleasant characters.. perfect 70's Drive-in fare certain to appeal to trash lovers everywhere. Lots of rather icky sex sequences where Kim rolls around with hairy old men, such as teachers she wished to score A's from in class( the history and physics teachers)and an unscrupulous mobster who uses her to bump off undesirables that affect those that he has relationships with. Jill Lansing as Kim, the lead character, sinks her fangs into the role..with quite a loud, confrontational voice, holding nothing back, Kim becomes impossible to handle, an independently thinking woman willing to commit unspeakable acts for her lover/employer.

    There are priceless(..incredibly tasteless, I could do nothing but stare in awe at the boldness of the filmmakers)scenes in this movie such as Kim's work with various "hard-hat" types for sweaty, greasy pimp Tony(Alex Mann, the kind of sleazeball most teenage girls run away from)in his van(..nothing hardcore, but the idea itself is disturbing)before "graduating" to higher clientèle once she begins prostituting for Lance(Garth Howard). The assassinations themselves left me awestruck.. when you take into effect that she was sitting in a classroom wondering how to survive during her current situation( be honest, a lot of what happens to Kim is of her own doing, even if tragedy struck her earlier in life regarding the suicide of pops and mother's overbearing ways, not to mention the boyfriend left for a rich daddy's girl), and about thirty minutes later she's killing people assigned to her. And, that climax is something to behold, rather grim and depressing if you truly contemplate what brought Kim to this point, with credits rolling unapologetically. The production values and technical proficiency are rather sub-par(..this is a low budget exploitation feature, after all) be honest, when I choose to watch a film like Malibu High I often expect to see "deficiencies" in all areas, because these movies were made(..and acted) primarily by amateurs you never see or hear from again. This film has a malicious tone I wasn't expecting..I wasn't for sure how it would develop but the idea of this girl, buried in a type of an emotional malaise, evolving from a tramp providing sexual favors for teachers to popping bullets into victims certainly surprised me. How malignant Kim becomes is another startling aspect with her going as far as causing her principal to suffer a heart attack by hiding his pills just because he was a threat towards her possible graduation! The dress for these characters should induce chuckles reminding us of the hideous seventies' fashions(..and the discotec scene reminds us of the ghastly music as well). Lansing bares her breasts throughout the movie very seldom hiding them under her shirts. Lansing's not the kind of girl I'd go for(..and as a "goddess of desire" she doesn't quite fit the bill, in my opinion), but it's a spirited, daring performance. Blunt, often foul-mouthed, and unpredictable script.
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    She's lost her boyfriend, she's failing her classes at school, and she has no money. What's Kim Bentley to do? The answer is obvious – become a hooker. But sex for money is just the first step for this high school student. In no time at all, she's a contract killer.

    Writing about Malibu High is difficult. On the one hand, the movie is incredibly trashy and has no real redeeming characteristics whatsoever. It's all so sleazy. A high school student turned prostitute turned killer – it's almost repulsive. However, on the other hand, Malibu High is a blast. Some of what I found enjoyable may have been unintentional, but the movie is just too much fun. A high school student turned prostitute turned killer – how awesome is that?

    Malibu High is low-budget film-making at its best (or worst as the case may be). The production values are bottom of the barrel. Lighting, sound, sets, etc. are laughably bad. Much of the music is so inappropriate that it's often hysterical. My favorite had to be the theme from The People's Court playing during the film's climatic chase scene. The acting . . . what's the point? It's terrible too.

    Finally, one thing in Malibu High that cracked me up repeatedly was the reaction that almost every male character had to Kim Bentley. The guys in this movie must not get out much if they consider her a hottie. There's a scene with Kim going into school in all of her slump-shouldered, figure-less glory. The cat calls had me in stitches.
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    It's definitely the best story I've ever seen about a girl who wants better grades and then becomes a prostitute and then becomes an assassin. Part of the excellent "Welcome to the Grindhouse" series complete with trailers for other good trash. This movie also contains the ODDEST music cues ever; one was used on the old SCTV and they also use the song that became "The People's Court" theme. Bad acting, unbelievable plotting make this is a "MUST OWN" for connoisseurs of bad cinema. The DVD is paired with "Trip with the Teacher" another grade Z champion seemingly "inspired" by "Last House on the Left." The entire "Welcome to the Grindhouse" is essential DVD.
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    After the good time teen comedy genre favorites The Pom Pom Girls (1976), The Van (1977), Malibu Beach (1978) and Van Nuys Blvd. (1979) - all who owe some inspiration to American Graffiti (1973) -- one would have thought that it would be the end to the teen cautionary films that started in the 30s and 40s and reached their apex at least in quality during the 50s with such directors as Ida Lupino. Low budget with plots involving drugs, sex, booze and crime the message was always the same: BAD GIRLS DIE. Malibu High (1979) is one depressing film from the beginning to end where even the nude scenes are yucky. Girl is typical mopey teen who doesn't study so is immediately shunned by all her friends and dumped by her boyfriend because its totally uncool not to study. One day she wears a mini- skirt to school and creates quite a stir among students and at least one of her teachers. This is 1979! Is this the school that time forgot? Elizabeth Montgomery changed to mini-skirts on Bewitched in 1970 and that was a freakin' family show! Mopey mini-skirt girl ends up having sex on the beach (not the drink) with the teacher to improve her grades...and what we see is some pasty middle age dude on top of teen whore and that's the extent to the good times because she turns to a life of murder and mayhem and there's no redemption for the girl or the audience. At the time the audience for this film must have been in their 40s and up. The film was showing in theaters showing much harder edged exploitation films (women in prison, revenge and rape, spaghetti westerns) and was ten years after Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider (1969) and Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch (1969) to put things in perspective. Today an interesting curio of a 60s morality outdated by the time it was released. The aforementioned films such as The Van and Malibu Beach would become a hit with older teens and those in their 20s, as well as the teen slasher films such as Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th (1980). Coming out in 1979 Malibu High must have seemed as silly then as it does now since it doesn't really fit any era.
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    Wow, Irv Berwick really went for it all. Unintentionally funny dialog around every corner, crazy femme fatale who has yet to graduate high school, and one of the most hilarious soundtracks in memory all equal a very enjoyable time. This is still a Crown International Picture, and is estimated to have been made for $56K ... and it shows. Production quality aside this is a gem of the Crown International oeuvre (is it fair attach a respectable name to their catalog?) and a must, must see for anyone seeking a horribly awesome movie. The main actress only ever acted in one movie and even that fact adds an air of mystery and mystique to the production.

    Malibu High is a step above Trolls 2 in terms of actual quality, but it rivals the town of Nilbog for guilty pleasure-ness-ity.
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    As a teen, I saw this twice at the same drive-in a month after it was shown the first time. I remember the title was High School Hit Girl. I remember being angry that they scammed us into paying for the same movie twice but since the movie was part of triple features I wasn't that mad, (especially since I was with a girl I was hot for the second time.) Amazingly this movie not only had a plot but it made sense too. For a drive in movie, it wasn't bad.

    Kim Bentley (Jill Lansing) is a slacker chick whose apathy for school and ambition has turned everyone against her. Her mother is disappointed in her and her boyfriend has dumped her for another girl. She's just happy ditching school and getting high with her air-headed friend, Lucy. One day, her local drug-pusher, Tony makes her a proposition that will make her more money. She becomes a hooker. She also starts sexually propositioning her male teachers in exchange for high grades. Soon she meets another pimp who steals her away from Tony and allows her to keep more of the money she's making as well as cars fancier than any of her teachers can afford. In exchange, in addition to hooking, she also has to become an assassin. All the while, Kim is still carrying a lot of anger for her ex and his new girlfriend.

    Jill Lansing is amazing in this movie. She's not only gorgeous with a hot body. She shows more emotion than most actors in better movies. Lansing emotes, anger, apathy, happiness, jealousy, fear, sarcasm, etc. This is actually an enjoyable B movie that you don't mind watching to the end to see how it concludes. You actually care about the characters in this movie, mainly, Kim. Unfortunately, the ending is a big letdown as it just suddenly runs out of steam but it's still worth a look. Regardless, this actually looks like a movie Quentin Tarantino would have a field day recreating as a part of his grindhouse collection with all the hooker and assassin elements.
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    Our story centers around a high school, well developed girl named Kim played by Jill Lansing. Recently dumped and vengeful, Kim goes on a rampage with her Schoolteachers as her grades begin to rise. Enter Pricipal Elmhurst played by John Harmon. Old, crusty, hard of hearing and constantly pounding his chest for more Nitroglycerin pills. Mr. Elmhurst always reaches into his coat pocket for his variety sized bottle of the little white beauties when ever his heart is a flutter. Mr. Elmhurst Insisted on meeting with Kim's Mom but he could never reach her on the phone. (Thank goodness cell phones weren't invented.) Kim suggests that Principle Elmhurst should come over to the house tonight to meet with her Mom in person. Of course when the Old timer arrives Mother is nowhere to be found, only Kim wearing a bathrobe and a smile. Quick hands are in order as Kim takes the Principle's coat and puts it (minus the pills) on the hanger. Kim has him wait in the other room as she dis-robes and re-enters as a thunderstruck, eye popping educator starts the familiar pounding on his chest and the need to pop a few pills to subside the angina. He runs over to his coat to reach for his bottle but Kim already took them away as he falls to the floor. Other scenes like the final chase scene accompanied by the People's Court theme song makes you wonder why this film was ever made.
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    Billy Granson

    Yes, I know the bad rep this movie carries, which if you're an anti-social type, this ones right up your alley. It's one of the stylish qualities in this sex drama pic, that has a lot of fluff, where we are so appreciative to see all of our anti social's goodies. Her grades are plummeting and she's carrying a grudge, regarding her ex. She graduating in prostitution, and getting involved with drugs, as well as bribing teachers, with her body, to boost up those bad grades. Her middle aged pimp, and her sleazy connection dump her, where it's here she snaps, finally graduating in attempted murder. You do feel a smidgen sorry for her. I'll be honest, I liked the film more than I hated it. It does have some nice lengthy sex scenes, and watching our anti social f..k up give her ex's new lover the finger, I must admit I didn't expect it. You be the judge of this one.
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    "Kim Bentley" (Jill Lansing) is a high school senior with a bad attitude. She is both undisciplined and lazy and because of that she is failing all of her classes and may not receive her high school diploma. To top it off her boyfriend "Kevin" (Stuart Taylor) has just dumped her for another girl named "Annette Ingersoll" (Tammy Taylor) who also happens to be the richest kid in school. This has made her angry, jealous and bitter. Realizing her situation she decides to reverse these circumstances by seducing her teachers in order to pass her classes so that she can graduate. Not long afterward she also decides to become a prostitute working for a pimp named "Tony" (Alex Mann). It's around this time that her destructive nature begins to spiral out-of-control without any concern by her for the consequences. Now although I didn't care much for the character of "Kim Bentley" I do think that Jill Lansing managed to play the part adequately enough all things considered. I also thought Tammy Taylor was kind of cute as well. But other than that I saw nothing in this film that was remotely interesting or entertaining. In essence it was a dull low-budget production and nothing more. For that reason I rate it as below average.
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    "Malibu High" charts the odyssey of a deranged young woman with severe abandonment issues, the trashy and flashy Kim Bentley (Jill Lansing) who's been failing all of her high school classes, and has been dumped by her boyfriend Kevin (Stuart Taylor) for rich bitch Annette (Tammy Taylor). Kim decides to take control of her life, first by seducing her male teachers and blackmailing them into giving her good grades. Her next phase sees her agreeing to turn tricks for sleazy pusher / pimp Tony (Alex Mann). Then smooth criminal Lance (Garth Howard) entices her to work for him, offering her a better deal, and recognizes her psychotic tendencies, awarding her with the gig of killer for hire!

    As you can see, this is not the ordinary teen-targeted comedy you might expect from the title, and is something far sleazier and more interesting. This tale (written by Thomas Singer, based on a story by John Buckley) is deliciously ridiculous drive-in fare, bolstered by the sole feature film appearance of Lansing, who's memorable, especially in scenes such as the one where she deals with her principal (John Harmon). She shows the goods regularly, which will keep exploitation lovers happy. The no-name cast is actually pretty good in their roles; Mann is appropriately slimy and Howard is likable enough. The movie is very much of its era, with a protracted disco dancing sequence.

    What's truly priceless is the music selections: when Kim makes a not-so-snappy comeback, a piece recognizable for its use on 'SCTV' can be heard, and during the climactic chase, people will chuckle at hearing what came to be popularly known as the 'People's Court' theme!

    As directed by Irvin Berwick ("The Monster of Piedras Blancas", "Hitch Hike to Hell"), this is consistently amusing stuff from the folks at Crown International.

    Eight out of 10.
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    When I watched this movie for the first and only time, I had no idea what I was in for. It was such a pile of crap that I had to write a review.

    First of all, the cover completely misleads anyone who sees it into thinking this could be a comedy/feel good movie like Porky's. It's NOT! It's a story of a sad high school girl who turns to slutty ways to keep herself from flunking out, then gets herself a pimp to work for to earn her money to support her drug habits. She switches pimps to upgrade herself and eventually becomes a hit woman.

    There is some nudity (not so great because Jill Lansing isn't attractive) and violence (tame by todays standards), no suspense, nobody with acting abilities, LOTS of bad acting, pretty much bad everything. Some of the awfulness is mildly laughable, but most is not. The most entertaining part is the Peoples Court theme song playing during the final chase sequence.

    This would make a decent Mystery Science Theater movie and is only watchable if you have some other like minded people watching with you to help heckle.

    Typical (bad) bad 70's movie.
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    Jill Lansing, the main lead in this grindhouse gave a excellent performance but sadly it was her only movie she played in. Never heard of seen her again. And let me tell you that this is pure grindhouse. In the first minute Kim (Jill Lansing) wakes up , naked of course and the first thing she does is putting on a fag. Imagine this in today's film standards. The clothes, hair, even the score is so typical for that era, men, do I love those flicks. After Kim is dumped by her boyfriend for a rich girl she's on the loose. School doesn't work and she just don't care. But without any money she decides after a disco night (listen and watch it) to become another woman. One that teachers don't dare to flunk because she's seducing and making love to them. But Kim goes a bit further and goes into the world of hookers. Naturally, things go awry for Kim. You don't watch it for the acting because some are really wooden. The editing, sound and vision was really well for a grindhouse. The so-called erotic scene's are a bit dull, you just see the acting but anyhow you still want to know what is going to happen to Kim. And Kim does gives the breast, sorry, best she can. The ending is a bit weird, you can see it coming but how the cops arrive at the beach is still a bit weird. I mean, no cell phones in those days. I surely recommend it to the grindhouse geeks out there, you won't regret it.
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    I was always a fan of exploitation cinema,Malibu high is a real bottom of the barrel thriller that has no well known stars but it is a thriller.Jill Lansing plays a high school senior who turns out to be a sociopathic is unsettling at times but it is a pretty good b movie made by crown international,a sort of rival of American international pictures.i actually first seen this on commercial television where it was cut up.the next time i saw it i rented it from the local video rental store.yeah the old VHS.i saw all the parts they had cut out you know the nudity the language some kill scenes.its very dated now since it was made in the 70s,during the disco era.Jill Lansing was fairly attractive,too bad she never made any more movies that i know of,oh there's an abusive pimp who works in a customized van,brothel on wheels.and yes there's disco music,pot smoking and creeps a plenty,i really don't give spoilers,so i don't want to start now but i enjoyed Malibu high,and its sort of sequel the graduates of Malibu high(aka;the young warriors)too bad crown international went under during the late 1980s,they turned out some pretty good b movies,Malibu high gets b plus grades,7 out of 10.
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    Aww, all my fellow reviewers around here go on and on about how deliciously sleazy and irresistibly tacky "Malibu High" is – which is totally correct – but they all seem to overlook that the basic story and morals of this film are actually deeply tragic and depressing. Here we have the emotionally moving story of a naive and relatively innocent teenage girl that wastes her youth and even her entire existence in barely a few weeks time because she makes a series of bad decisions. It's like the American dream in reverse, with drugs, prostitution, parents' suicide, jealousy, attempted rape and even homicide! Put this premise in the hands of a director like Martin Scorcese, with someone like Jodie Foster in the lead role, and you've got yourself a guaranteed Oscar-winning and immortally classic blockbuster! Director Irvin Berwick and his cast of nobodies opted for a completely different approach, however. The rudimentary story lines may perhaps be dramatic and serious, but they clearly don't want you bother about them or even think too far ahead. "Malibu High" is fast-paced, full of sexual escapades and foreseen with a light-headed atmosphere and inappropriately cheerful soundtrack, so that your impression of watching a sloppy and harmless drive-in exploitation feature continuously remains upheld. It's definitely a repulsive and utterly tasteless film, what with the glorification of everything that is not done in the life of teenager, but hey … that's exactly what this kind of rancid and exploitative film-making is all about, is it not?

    Poor 18-year-old beauty Kim Bentley is fed up with her dull life. She hates her dominant mother and blames her for daddy's suicide, her boyfriend Kevin dumped her for a rich girl, her grades continuously go downhill and she doesn't have any money to buy her own car. She decides to turn everything around overnight. She accepts the offer from a local pimp to become a hooker, whilst she simultaneously uses her lewd body to seduce teachers to improve her grades. Everything goes as planned and even her former boyfriend and his new love interest get envious of Kim's sudden success. But, inevitably, she wants more and quickly loses complete control over her life. She finds a new and seemingly far more stylish pimp, but in no time he transforms her into a relentless mafia-type executioner. "Malibu High" is a very strange film to watch even if you're a well-experienced and very tolerant fan of exploitation cinema. It feels as if the makers absolutely didn't have a clue regarding the seriousness of some of the topics featuring here! Kim brutally murders a stranger without even blinking her eyes, yet the next minute she makes childish gestures towards her ex' new girlfriend. It's so stupid but at the same time so marvelously entertaining and, as said, the fast pacing doesn't even leave you time to get upset about the inadequate plotting. It's rather unique for a low-budgeted 70's smut film to not feature any dreary moments. One hit wonder Jill Lansing delivers an acceptable performance as Kim, but she lets her often exposed breasts do most of the acting, anyway. Certain sequences qualify as pure and authentic 70's sleaze, for example Kim's encounter with her school principal at home, and the grainy production values constantly remind you of the Grindhouse way of movie making. The same "brilliant" team gave us the fantastically demented "Hitch Hike to Hell" two years earlier, so don't say you haven't been warned.