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Pokój saren (1997) HD online

Pokój saren (1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Fantasy / Music
Original Title: Pokój saren
Director: Lech Majewski
Writers: Lech Majewski
Released: 1997
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Within their apartment, a father, mother and son bear the dulling yoke of an ordinary urban life. His mind and heart borne aloft by the cycle of the seasons and the images and music within him, the son transforms his cloistered existence into a richly poetic emotional utopia. As autumn arrives, cracking flakes of plaster become falling leaves. With spring, a cold hard floor comes alive with meadow grass and love beckons in the form of a beautiful young girl's outstretched hand. A ravishing ode to the imagination, THE ROE'S ROOM is a place where the energy of youth and the eternal power of the natural world triumph over the banalities and deprivations of the commonplace.
Complete credited cast:
Rafal Olbrychski Rafal Olbrychski - Syn
Elzbieta Mazur Elzbieta Mazur - Matka
Mieczyslaw Czepulonis Mieczyslaw Czepulonis - Ojciec
Agnieszka Wróblewska Agnieszka Wróblewska - Dziewczyna

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    In my opinion this film is a fantastical, haunting tale set in a house where nature fuses with the lives of a family. The Roes' Room marries opera with painting-like images in an intricate and enthralling homage to the wonder of youth. Majewski uses both the fine arts and the vitality of the natural world to induce a sense of the richness of his life as a child and the miracle of the life of the creative imagination. Images tell us about the invisible but vibrant life force that filled the filmmaker's childhood. I'm sure that the combination of the visuals and the music, will be appreciated by almost anyone who appreciates art. Shortly - it's a modern visual arts masterpiece!!!!
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    This review is primarily a rebuttal to the comment that this film looks to much like 'TV' and lacks plot. First of all, if you know anything about Majewski you know he has a love for Dutch Renaissance paintings and he has developed unique cinematography reminiscent of their style. Additionally, anyone making references to plot and realism, is completely missing the boat. This film is not a 'movie' in the traditional meaning, therefore you cannot make comparisons to any movie genre characteristics. The lack of dialogue except for singing should not be surprising from a film subtitled "An Autobiographical Opera" and in which he names himself as the "librettist" instead of director in the opening credits.

    If you liked this "painterly" film as another review referred to this film, you will love Majewski's most well known film THE MILL AND THE CROSS Mill. He actually recreates the Dutch Renaissance painting THE PROCESSION TO CALVARY with incredible precision as a live action film using real actors and special effects.

    For a more accessible feature film that follows most of the rules of the traditional drama movie genre, THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS tells a story of two lovers existential journey of Venice and exploration of the eponymous triptych by Bosch another Dutch painter.
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    "Majewski's normal multi-tasking takes on even greater dimensions in his absolutely singular 'autobiographical film opera'. Writing (libretto and music), directing and designing this often limpidly beautiful 'cycle of life' parable, he conjures some remarkable images out of an extremely contained spatial and thematic environment…One of a kind." Gareth Evans, Time Out London

    "A fantastical, haunting tale set in a house where nature fuses with - and eventually consumes - the lives of a family." Laurence Kardish, Senior Curator, New York Museum of Modern Art

    "A modern visual arts masterpiece!" Ruben Guzman, Curator, Buenos Aires Museum of Fine Arts

    "Fascinating film. Extraordinary imagination." Pierre-Henri Deleau, Biarritz International Festival of Audiovisual Media

    "A visionary and musical poem. A profound, subtle and very original movie." Claude Chamberlan, Montreal International Film Festival

    "There is a strange, entrancing beauty to the images and music in 'The Roe's Room'. Majewski creates striking visual tableaux that possess a memorable, haunting quality." Brendan Kelly, Variety

    "Henri Langlois Association presents two equally unique film masterpieces at Cinema Accatone in Paris: the somber 'Film' by Samuel Beckett, and hypnotic 'Roe's Room' by Lech Majewski." Allan Riou, Le nouvelle Observateur

    "Disturbing and visionary." Carlo Montanaro, La Nuova di Venezia
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    I don't like this film because of three reasons.First of them is the content.There is no plot in this film, we only see pictures of ordinary life, we see characters eating dinner, watching TV and so on, but it's not realistic movie.All these casual activities are shown in highly poetic way,nevertheless poetry doesn't make it more interesting,on the contrary, this kind of poetry is clumsy and unconvincing.Second reason is visual aspect;Pokoj Saren is made by means of digital camera that's why it doesn't look like real movie, it seems to be more like TV program.The third reason is music.It's essential part of the film,there are no dialogs in it, only music and singing(subtitle of the movie is "An Autobiographical Opera").Unfortunately,the music is terribly pretentious- it pretends to be sophisticated, lofty, beautiful, but is simply artificial. All in all, this film isn't worth seeing, after 10 minutes I wanted to turn out the TV set.