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Sara (2014) HD online

Sara (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Sara
Director: Khalil al Mozian
Writers: Naim Al Khatib,Khalil al Mozian
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 25min
Video type: Movie
A screenwriter and a director are working on a film about Sara, a Palestinian girl in one of Gaza's refugee camps, who is a victim of an "honour killing". The screenwriter is unable to write an ending that is both compelling and fictitious - the happy ending that he had hoped for. Meanwhile, the director, who is insistent on upholding the truth, is as keen to end his film, as he is to help his friend, who is deeply affected by Sara's story. The film presents the different sides of Gaza, whose people are hurt by everyday issues as much as by death.


Cast overview:
Naim Al Khatib Naim Al Khatib
Jamal Abu Alqumsan Jamal Abu Alqumsan
Inas Al-Saqa Inas Al-Saqa
Haia Ashour Haia Ashour
Mohammed Abu Seedo Mohammed Abu Seedo - (voice)

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    This is a film about a director and a screenwriter making a drama film about Sara, a Palestinian girl living in one of the refugee camps of Gaza, being a victim of an honor killing. In the meantime, interference of visions, conflict of perspectives and intersection between reality and fiction take place. The screenwriter is unable to write an imaginary compelling ending, probably as happy as he wished. One the other hand, the diligent director, holding the ember of truth, is keen to put an end to his film as much as helping his friend in denial inflected by the story of Sara which is probably more realistic than imagination could endure