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The Last Bastard (2015) HD online

The Last Bastard (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / Horror
Original Title: The Last Bastard
Director: Ashley Fester
Writers: Ashley Fester,Ashley Fester
Released: 2015
Duration: 20min
Video type: Movie
Five year old Abigale Tate is dropped off at day care to enable her mother re-join the workforce and spends her day with May; an Aboriginal girl illegally adopted (during the "60's Scoop" era) by the Reynolds; a mid-century couple caught in cycle of emotional abuse. Based on a true story.
Cast overview:
Tom Edwards Tom Edwards - Mr. Reynolds
Janice Ryan Janice Ryan - Mrs. Reynolds
Kristen Rain-Kootenay Kristen Rain-Kootenay - May Reynolds
Brynn Huber Brynn Huber - Abigail Tate
Dylan Poyser Dylan Poyser - Anthony
Brandy Huff Brandy Huff - Mrs. Tate
Jamie Ruryk Jamie Ruryk - Mr. Tate
Adam McLauchlin Adam McLauchlin - Long Haired Boy (as Adam McLaughlin)
Ethan Fehr Ethan Fehr - Blond Haired Boy
Eric Cinnamon Eric Cinnamon - Aboriginal Boy
Jeffery Sebastian-Tsetta Jeffery Sebastian-Tsetta - May's Baby Reynolds
Anna-May Patenaude Anna-May Patenaude - Young May
Summer O'Brien Summer O'Brien - Flashback Girl 1
Nicole Ziemann Nicole Ziemann - Flashback Girl 2
Erika Grimm Erika Grimm - Flashback Girl 3