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Brokedown (2018) HD online

Brokedown (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Brokedown
Director: John Reign
Writers: John Reign
Released: 2018
Budget: $10,000
Duration: 1h 17min
Video type: Movie
Synopsis ...a group of hillbillies terrorize a couple after their car breaks down.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Allie Marshall Allie Marshall - Stormy
Carl Bailey Carl Bailey - Buck
Jimmy Gerovac Jimmy Gerovac - Jayson
John Reign John Reign - Sheriff Elwood
Paul Worley Paul Worley - Deputy Kurt
Thomas Stoops Thomas Stoops - Deputy Boomer (as Tom Stoops)
James Schultz James Schultz - Popcorn
Aj Santillo Aj Santillo - Grizzley
Aaron Mccrumb Aaron Mccrumb - Ottis (as Aaron McCrumb)
Scott Hoon Scott Hoon - Cooter
Sierra Reign Sierra Reign - Erleen
Alley Wedge Alley Wedge - Store Clerk
Ed McIntosh Ed McIntosh - Store Customer
Rowena Winnie Reign Rowena Winnie Reign - Call Girl (as Rowena Reign)
Cayla Milocich Cayla Milocich - Boomers Daughter

The Films 2 week shooting schedule was cut down 3 days due to heavy rain.

John Reign had to step into the role of the sheriff when Paul Worley had to step down and play the deputy.

When it was noticed the filming had to be cut short, John, Allie, jimmy and Carl...all rearranged the script in the hotel room the night before filming.

Reviews: [19]

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    Bad Sunny

    Where do these movies come from.Acting was terrible with everyone . My daughter could of down a better job as director. The actors didn't even play good Hillbillies. Camera work was all over the place .
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    There is no plot, or maybe there are 20 plots that all happen at once, leaving the viewer with a cerebral hemorrhage. No plot, but since it was filmed, I give this a one. Embarrassing for actors with so many tattoos............I see maybe a biker gang (Cooter's character could have had a head-on with a semi???). Why does Buck constantly talk in the third person? I think Sheldon Cooper is the only one who can get away with this.

    And who, or what, is the deformed guy in the black poncho? An Irritated native American? Cooper's child from a rape? This would make the symptoms he exhibits tertiary syphilis, which runs like meth among the mountain folk. The way it ended made me wonder if I missed something or fell asleep for part of it, but NO. I saw it all and even though it got high rating on Amazon, I will never use that rating scale again. It must have been watched and rated by high schoolers at home for the day with a "cold".
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    I do not know what some of the other reviews watched or were smoking to give this any praise but this waste of film and time do not even deserve a rating of 1. Bad acting,terrible story and cheesy lines. I turned it off after 40 mins,
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    Tthis goes in new genre turd moviesl ow budget turd movies
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    When the makers of the film can't even spell a simple word, then how do you think their movie is going to turn out?
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    How in the world did this awful movie get 7.7 out of 10 stars when I watched it. Listen, if the friends and family of the filmmaker want to do something more constructive than rating the movie a 10 over and over, I have a suggestion. Take the director's chair out and put it on the curb for trash day. Then take all of the camera equipment to the pawn shop and help everyone responsible for this film to find new hobbies.

    Awful shots. Awful acting. Someone that I was watching with literally left the room because they were laughing so hard when they first saw the supposedly rough around the edges deputy with his shotgun. I was hoping the entire cast dies and the movie ended abruptly early.

    They didn't even spell check the text at the beginning of the movie. I briefly thought that it was just a quote and they left it. After seeing the lack of attention to detail and nonsense in the movie, I believe that no one involved with the movie can spell or pay attention to what they are putting on the screen.

    Please don't believe this is anywhere near a 10 of 10 movie.
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    This is a great independent movie, shot in Western PA. It has a story that moves that takes you to a thrilling climax. The acting in this production is top notch. I highly recommend people to watch this film.
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    Great movie. If you enjoy Indie/Horror you will enjoy this movie. It held my interest, had me rocking out to the awesome music of Craving Strange (huge added bonus), it made me smile, made me cringe and the suspense had my adrenaline pumping. What else could you ask for? The acting was great too! Loved Jimmy Gerovac (Jason) and Allie Marshall ( Stormy).
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    From Sumter Alabama we have those same. damn. problems. We got good people and bad people and no ones really welcome in our town. they hit the nail on the head with how deep hicks deal with their problems. Thats why im giving this 10 stars. You can tell its indie- kinda bad camerawork in someparts but aye, still interesting .
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    Its not anything id watch again but glad I saw it. It one of those movies you like you or you just hate
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    I don't understand calling this film a turd? Terrible acting? What movie where you watching? The Brokedown I watched was pretty damn awesome! Yeah it had a few weak spots as most indie films have, but this film was way above most indie movies I watched! Really kept me interested and I dug the soundtrack a lot! Maybe you and your daughter ought to make a film and call it "I have no clue" would really seem to fit..
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    Seeing some crap reviews here, I thought it was a pretty ok movie. nothing less than 5 stars. Its no CLOVERFEILD but its ok.
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    The creativity is the main problem, especially in modern culture product till 2000's. We always seen main concepts, same approaches and same faces on our TV's, and cinemas. Even trying something different and genius, has become very commonplace. But Brokedown is totally different. You need only ten minute watching to understand this. Different point of view, different stories, different but natural talented faces... Some ideas in this artwork could be disturb you, but this makes it consummate. It questions your life, routines, choices you made, the basic code of ethics you have... At the end, you only feel the happiness of awareness. Thank you for showing me something different than usual, thank you for make me more aware.
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    Brokedown is something getting close to that kind of mind twisting Show. Weird twists and turns, there is something new behind each corner- sometimes to jump you- sometimes to confuse you. What ever lurks behind these closed doors in that haunting, you want to open them or walk of right the way. Some People won't even make it through the door.(Like my boyfriend*smile*) I'm sure many will say- "What a crap!". Believe me- you need to be a little bit crazy to enjoy the ride. But be sure- you wont be disappointed at all! Lean back and let it creep upon you. Just a suggestion: Invite some crazy friends, pop some corn - get beers and watch the show together.
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    I watched this movie today and I was positively surprised. This movie was thriller packed, but still tasteful and fun to watch. I haven't seen the prequel and still enjoyed this movie a lot. If you want to see a good movie with action, this is a must watch.
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    I had to double-check for this movie, excellent, very charismatic.
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    Hǻrley Quinn

    For me, it was a great thriller movie and it did a perfect job of blowing up the fear. Easily one of my favorite movies of all time
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    Stunning visuals, excellent acting. Great, mysterious and original story. Very interesting plot with character development.
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    It's the first time that i want to write my opinion in a movie. When i started to watch the movie, i said to myself well,it's another great thiller movie. After i finished watching the movie, i didn't even dare to shutdown my lap before writing a review.